For a decade or so, we conservatives had been like the town criers. Every time new employment numbers emerged we would cry out that despite what we all see, read and hear from the left wing media, all was not well. Throughout the entirety of the Obama reign, virtually everyone right of center – yes, even those establishment Republicans, would rightly claim that Obama’s unemployment figures were bogus.

And they were. Despite all other dreadful economic indicators, save for the phony Wall Street numbers, the unemployment rate continued to drop throughout Obama’s time. We on the right knew these numbers did not tell the true story, as the government was using the “official” unemployment calculator known as U-3.

This, as many know, does not give an accurate picture of real unemployment in this country. For years we have insisted that the more accurate U-6 data be used, as it takes into account not only short-term unemployed, but also long-termed unemployed, discouraged workers who have just given up, and the underemployed, who wish to work full time yet can only find part-time employment. This is the number conservatives insisted be reflected during the Obama years.

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But then something odd happened after President Trump took office.

To be sure, the President has done an outstanding job in the course of just his first year. Far better than most on the right predicted - me included. He’s made a believer of me thus far. However, one thing is bothersome – unemployment.

The damage Obama had caused to employment in this country can’t be undone overnight. We all know this. It will take years to undo his disastrous policies.

Yet, as the unemployment rate continues to drop during Trump’s first year, are some on the right being consistent? It’s kinda looking like no – no they’re not.

IBD, who I often quote as being consistently on the right side of logic, recently touted the latest unemployment figures in a piece entitled, “Don't Look Now, But Minority Unemployment Is At Record Lows Under Trump.”

They got the information from the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data released Friday, January 5, 2018.