Understanding the Fight for Liberty through Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu

I’ve spent the past twenty years (or better) of my life studying the martial arts, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, in particular, along with the Filipino Arts of Kali and Escrima.  In fact, I teach a very small group of people in my garage, free of charge. Often, I am awarded for my efforts with gifts from my students, as a way of them showing their appreciation. I make a real effort to make them realize that learning Martial Arts is an exercise in freeing the soul, connecting the physical with the spiritual.  This is particularly true in Jeet Kune Do, as Bruce Lee emphasized on a continual basis, the need to break away from the rigidity of traditional martial arts, and let the soul, or the individual be over the art, instead of the art being more important than the man.

Traditional martial arts have a way of imposing a spiritual tyranny over the individual, as the “way” of a particular style supersedes the needs of an individual trying to learn it. Bruce realized that a man is enslaving himself to a method of training with that ideology, and he sought to free men from it. In doing so, he coined the now infamous term “No Way as Way,” which to those of us in the Jeet Kune Do world means adopting what is useful from different styles and rejecting what is useless. It means letting our inner natures dictate what is right for us in learning, instead of forcing ourselves to adapt to something that may go against our own personal design, if you will. In other words, using “no way as way” means unrestricted freedom in the development of martial arts skill and athletic attributes.

America is the result of allowing the human potential to benefit from this unrestricted freedom. To put this into very simple terms, Jeet Kune Do is an American martial art developed by a skilled martial artist from China. It was successful because Bruce Lee understood the significance of the freedom he had to pursue his dreams as an American. Jeet Kune Do represents liberty, while the traditional styles of Kung Fu represent the tyranny of collectivism.

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Some people may be wondering what this has to do with anything or, perhaps, some are wondering why I haven’t brought up a communist conspiracy yet. Don’t worry, I will get there. I have been giving a lot of thought to how we have arrived at this point in America; this point where all we stand for, all we believe, everything that makes sense, is all hanging on the edge of a cliff. I believe it has to do with this very ideal that we hold so dear, our freedom. I believe, and this has been developing as I watch events unfold across the world and I gain an understanding of the lefts divisive tactics, that the left has learned to exploit our freedom and turn it against us. In order to understand this fully, you must first understand the left’s biggest attribute, collectivism.

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Yes, collectivism is the left’s biggest strength, while freedom is our biggest weakness. The left’s morality, as I explained in an article about Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, is based on the idea of having no morality at all. To the left, sacrificing their very souls in pursuit of the ideal government utopia, is the ultimate morality. They collectively work together in a very organized fashion, all of them dedicated to the one leader who will show them the way.

On the other hand, our belief in liberty, and the idea that people are able to govern themselves free from central authority, allows the left to effortlessly enter in any of our camps, cause chaos, make republicans think no one likes them, eat our cake and ice cream too, and go home laughing their collective butts off. People who claim to be leaders in the liberty movement forget that this is psychological warfare, and because we have an absolute morality, the left ensures we live up to it by making sure everyone knows when we don’t. When this happens, fingers start pointing, people abandon ship, and people who share the same ideals, but have different ideas on how to apply them, are forever split. Isn’t freedom worth fighting for?

What I learned in twenty plus years of martial arts training is that sometimes your biggest strength is your biggest weakness. This is certainly the case with the idea of freedom and how the left has exploited it.

The key now is to turn our biggest weakness into our biggest strength. It’s time to remember that there is nothing wrong with people having different ideas. It’s time we learn how to apply freedom in a way that allows us to adapt to the changing, unpredictable circumstances that represent the challenges we face. Instead of allowing the left to separate us because we disagree on the means to an end, let’s unite on the “end” for once!

It’s time to remember that freedom moves through our souls; it’s who we are. Freedom is what enabled people to create the highest standard of living on the planet, while it also allowed one man to create one of the most effective fighting methods of all time. The ideal we believe in is higher than ourselves, and we are blessed with the freedom of not having to rely on others telling us what to think. The vast array of ideas and beliefs that make up the liberty movement should represent “no way as way,” as it frees us from being followers and enables us to adopt what is useful and reject what is useless. Uniting on the principle of liberty, while accepting new ideas, is useful, while allowing ourselves to become divided because we have different ideas on applying the means, is useless. One of these can be rejected folks. What would Bruce Lee do?

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