Ukraine Protests Escalate – Lenin Statue Torn Down

While Americans pontificate, procrastinate and in general, focus on the “politics” fed to them by the lame stream enemedia and continue to regurgitate the atrocities of scandal after scandal that has rocked this nation, the bigger picture of what has happened is actually lost in the shuffle. At this point in time, America is a nation of meaningless laws. Obama disobeys the law by not faithfully executing the law equitably with impunity. The Democrats and Republicans, who make up Congress, are different sides of the same coin, instead of two different coins, making them irrelevant in the grand scheme of things as Obama has usurped power and installed himself as the Dictator in Chief, a tyrant spouting what is law on a whim. Regardless of the written law of the land, no one in Washington is following it.

A few days ago, the people of the Ukraine gathered in Kiev to protest the actions of their president, who turned from an alliance with Europe to embrace an allegiance with Russia. Based on one action, the Ukrainian people could see the bigger picture and moved against it. On Sunday, it was reported that Ukrainian protesters numbered around 500,000 and toppled the city’s landmark statue of Russian Bolshevik revolution leader Vladimir Lenin. During the process, the statue was decapitated. Watch as the protesters pull down the statue.

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According to The Blaze:

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As darkness fell, the conflict escalated further with protesters blockading key government buildings in Kiev with cars, barricades and tents. The state security service, meanwhile, announced an investigation into opposition leaders on suspicion of attempting to seize power.

The protests have had an anti-Russian component since Russia had worked aggressively to derail the EU deal with threats of trade retaliation against Ukraine.

Western nations called for an urgent political resolution to the crisis.

One opposition leader said the protest had fully matched its billing as “The March of a Million.” Video airing on local websites taken from high above the city’s main square showed streets jammed with crowds far into the distance.

The Associated Press could not immediately verify Oleksandr Turchynov’s count. But AP reporters on the ground estimated that well over 500,000 people had crammed into and around Kiev’s central square, waving European Union flags and singing the national anthem.

As the government threatened harsh measures against the demonstrators, the protests gained even more momentum.

Kostyantyn Meselyuk, one protester, said, “Ukraine is tired of Yanukovych, we need new rules, we need to completely change those in power. Europe can help us.” Meselyuk is 42.

Jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stated in a letter read by her daughter to the crowd, “Yanukovych has lost legitimacy as president … He is no longer the president of our state. He is a tyrant. Do not give in. Not a step back, don’t give up. The future of Ukraine is in your hands.”

One opposition leader called this “a revolution of dignity.”

As with any protest with multiple leaders, there are contradictory statements on how to proceed next. But, one thing is clear; hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens are braving the sub-zero temperatures, with no intention of leaving, to protest their current government in order to affect a change in policy and/or leadership.

Americans barely missed a beat when the truckers protested in Washington against a tyrannical government. The lame stream enemedia appeared the first day, saw it raining with only a few trucks in the caravan, then turned and left. The protest against the NSA spying didn’t even register on the radar for most Americans. It certainly didn’t even warrant a second of air time or one word of newspaper print. Many Americans laughed at the protest lead by Larry Klayman where a new Declaration of Independence on behalf of all Americans was delivered to Washington. Some scoffed at the number of people there and even had the nerve to denigrate Mr. Klayman, along with his supporters and those seeking an end to our tyrannical government, while laughing through numerous comments on alternate news and blog sites. To the delight of many, turn-out at Mr. Klayman’s event was minimal.

With all the boastful comments made by Americans indicating it’s time to reclaim our Constitutional government, not one person of any influence, military training or former Congressional official has stepped forward to join with Larry Klayman, the truckers, the anti-spying group or the other millions of Americans, in earnest, to say, “We need to descend upon Washington in force and be willing to remain there, regardless, until change is affected.” The “politicians” come out for the ever important photo-op, chance to appear on television to spout their empty words of support, and garner support for their campaign to get elected or re-elected. These media prostitutes then return to their hamster wheel doing the same old same old after calming the masses, receiving applause, and gaining an eye for their platform. They are different sides of the same coin. Nothing more.

Even if someone did come forward, Americans would simply laugh it off or make supportive comments then go about their business like mice in a scientific experiment running a maze directed by their handlers.

What has happened to America? Did the era of “free love,” feminism, and the plague of multiculturalism remove any semblance of patriotism from the majority of the masses? Is it no longer “in” to be considered a born free, liberty loving American? Have we descended into a mass of disdainful, mocking, tit for tat bunch of ignorant children instead of adults who are supposed to be able to direct our own lives and government?

There are millions of patriotic Americans, just like there are millions of Ukrainians. Yes, we have different views, religions and backgrounds; but, one thing we share is the desire to remain free, have individual liberty and to pursue our own happiness. In a country half a world away, these people have put aside their many differences to come together under one premise: to affect change in their government to prevent a tyrannical rule. They have committed themselves to this task, braving governmental retaliation, suffering inconvenience and increasing their resolve in the face of adversity.

The eyes of much of the world are focused on the Ukraine. If these protesters are successful, what does that say about the power of the people? Of course Europe and other governments want a peaceful resolution. It would not be in the best interest of the governments around the world for people to get the idea that change can be affected by a resolved citizenry: that people have the ability to govern themselves. But, that is the exact structure of the American government – a representative republic dedicated to the preservation of individual God-given rights and freedoms. The government structure of America has been admired and reviled throughout the world since its inception. Any citizen directed governance flies in the face of elitist rule, party rule or individual rule. Now, it seems America has fallen from its citizen governance to an elitist, dictatorial rule. Much of the world is pleased.

America has become paralyzed by fear: fear of retaliation by those in government if we dare to question their authority to lead this nation, enact legislation or make pseudo-laws affected the people while exempting themselves; fear of losing a paycheck; fear of looking foolish; fear of being labeled; fear of being injured or dying; fear, fear, fear. Whether you like it or not, America, this is tyranny, enacted upon you by a government with your blessing – a never ending tyranny unless it is moved against in earnest.

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