U.S. Moves One Step Closer To Civil War – SCOTUS Strikes Down DOMA

In a victory for sexual perverts in States where it is legal for deviants to be “married,” the Supreme Court of the United States has spit in the face of Almighty God and every true Christian in this country, and ignored thousands of years of human history in which homosexual acts have been tolerated by some, but never have they allowed to “marry” on a de facto or de jure basis, by striking down the provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act that deny sexual deviants the same Federal benefits of marriage.

The Court reasoned that it is unconstitutional to deny marriage benefits to some married couples but allow them for others. On a strictly legal platform, this is not surprising, and frankly was expected. In effect, they are leaving it to the States to decide. States that do not recognize pervert “marriages” still are not required to do so, and do not have to provide State benefits to same-sex couples, nor recognize same-sex “marriages” of couples who move to their States, but were “married” in one that permits it, but are merely saying that the Federal government may not give to one group what it does not give to another.

The error in this reasoning is that homosexuals are not a federally recognized protected class, yet the majority court seems to have ignored this axiom. The really disturbing part of this ruling on DOMA is that it opens the door for States to permit incestuous, polygamous, and incestuous polygamous marriages; equal rights for all means all, right? It appears that the Court did not think this through to its logical conclusion.

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In regards to Proposition 8, the victory is far less celebratory for the perverts, and contrary to the spin being put on it by the media, there is not really a victory here on the merits of the case. Rather, the case was dismissed for being improperly before the Court. The majority ruled that private citizens do not have standing to argue before the Supreme Court a defense of a law, duly enacted by the voters of that State, which the State Government has then refused to defend. Yet the voters in California overwhelmingly voted to dis-allow same sex marriage, and with this ruling, the Court is giving the green light for State Governments to ignore the will of the people in a legal vote – this should send a chill down every Americans spine, and brings us one step closer to the loss of the democratic process in America; your vote now no longer means anything, and the State government can now choose to override a lawful vote by the people, in favor of its own agenda, so why have the voting process at all? The power of the vote of the citizenry has now, not been whittled away, it has been hacked apart by an axe.

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It cannot be stated enough that the Court did NOT strike down Prop 8. The opinion of the Court has not yet been published at Cornell, and so it is difficult to comment intelligently on the ruling, however several issues seem to remain unaddressed, for example what about States that do not permit same-sex “marriages” but allow civil unions? Strictly speaking, same-sex unions were not before the Court, and are therefore not covered by this ruling.

The specific language of the Court in this issue will hinge on whether they remanded the case back to the Ninth Circuit, or whether they affirmed the ruling of the Ninth Circuit in striking down Prop 8; if remanded it means it has been sent back to the Ninth Circuit for retrial and reconsideration, if affirmed, there can be no further legal challenges IN CALIFORNIA unless the issue is properly returned to the SCOTUS by persons “with standing”. The MSM is reporting that they remanded it, which means all the cheering about it is somewhat premature. It should also be noted that in refusing to hear the case, the Ninth Circuit’s ruling applies only to California, and the other 39 States with prohibitions against perverts “marrying” are in no way affected.

The Court, in skirting the primary issue, is there a constitutional right to ‘buggar’ or ‘scissor’ another human being and get “married” for it, has merely put off the inevitable. Sooner or later they must rule on the constitutionality of same-sex “marriage.” Being that the Constitution does not mention marriage at all, the logical person does not see how this could be held that homosexuals have a right to “marry.” The Tenth Amendment is clear, those powers not enumerated in the Constitution, like the regulation of marriage, belong to the States. It seems the Court is inviting a challenge by the States of the Constitutionality of the right to pervert “marriage,” so the matter can be settled once and for all.

Do not despair and believe that because, on a technical point of law in striking down DOMA, that the Court will affirm a Constitutional right to homosexual “marriage,” and in refusing to hear Prop 8, they are merely saying it was improperly before they court – the merits of the Prop 8 case were not reached nor discussed.

In light of the recent scandals of this Administration and the continued propensity of the Government to move toward a Totalitarian State by whittling away at our most basic rights, like the right to keep and bear arms without interference, amnesty for criminals invading our country and draining our economy, the destruction of our financial base and standing in the world through un-controlled spending, the NSA and IRS blatant violations of our most basic rights, the staged ‘shooting tragedies” like Aurora and Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings, the infiltration of the Administration by the Muslim Brotherhood and the governments embracing of Islam, and the horrific murder of the unborn, the U.S. with this ruling has moved one step closer to Civil War, a probability that has been simmering for quite a while now; A move to confiscate weapons will certainly precipitate it, as will an economic meltdown or continued federal abuses and power grabs. I believe we are at the ‘damp fuse point’….let the fuse dry a bit more and the existing sparks will be enough to set it off – increase the sparks or intensity, and waiting will not be required.

Arm yourselves, as the prospect of Civil War has now increased more than ever. Another tenderbox is fixing to be added to the mix, the Trayvon Martin shooting. Should Zimmerman go free, racist blacks have said in every venue I have seen, that they will riot and kill the whitey – such a comment was even posted to one of my more recent articles on that subject at Freedom Outpost and on Facebook, read it here.

If the racist blacks do riot, every citizen has the right to defend themselves with lethal force. The police will be overwhelmed and will not be able to protect you, you must be prepared to protect yourself and your family, and not shirk at the necessity of shooting down rioting animals in the streets. Obamler will likely use the rioting, or threats of such, as an excuse to declare martial law, and this could very well be the second shot heard ‘round the world’.

The America that our Founding Fathers fought and bled for is now gone my friends. It is high time to do something about it. When you get to Heaven and stand before Almighty God, and you are asked to account for all your deeds, or lack of them, and The Lord asks you, “why did you stand by and allow my children in the womb to be murdered in the most horrific ways, WHY did you allow perverts that I have deemed an abomination to over run the country I gave you, WHY did you sit in your home at your computer bellyaching about these things but did nothing…”, WHAT WILL YOU SAY?

Best think about that a bit.

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