U.S. Homosexual Soldiers Caught Dancing in Drag At Okinawa For “Fundraiser”

In a disgusting and embarrassing display of debauchery, U.S. homosexual soldiers danced in drag at Okinawa’s Kadena Air Base this weekend. Okinawa was the sight of one of the most horrific battles during World War II. While Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces brazenly invade the Ukraine, American forces are dancing in drag. The United States military has become a pack of hapless queens. Is there any wonder why Putin thumbs his nose at Obama? America has lost its strength and fortitude. President Obama has purged the military of all that it once stood for, creating an emasculated bunch of weak men and women. Free from brute strength and resolve, soon all that will be left is the reckless forces dancing at Okinawa. With this, America will no longer be able to defend itself, much less help allies.

For all the brave men and women who served and continue to serve the United States military, this has to be humiliating. U.S. homosexual soldiers cavorting around like they are in a gay bar somewhere in West Hollywood. On Sunday, it was reported that openly homosexual soldiers put on a show, portraying “drag kings” and “drag queens” at Okinawa’s Kadena Air Base in Japan. This is not just any site. Okinawa was the site of an 82 day long battle in 1945. In English this conflict is referred to the “typhoon of steel.” This singular battle resulted in the most casualties in the entire Pacific Theater during World War II, at or around 65,000.

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It is safe to say another death occurred Sunday, as U.S. homosexual soldiers further eroded the memories of what true heroism stands for. Serving in the military has turned into theater, to drag homosexual romps.

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The soldiers performing were raising money for LGBT causes in the military. On one of the most infamous war sites in the history of time, these heathens chose to cavort like animals.

Six servicemembers — gay, lesbian and straight — donned heavy makeup to dance and lip sync songs such as “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” for a raucous capacity crowd at the Rocker NCO Club at Kadena Air Base. The event was a fundraiser for the recently formed Okinawa chapter of OutServe-SLDN, which is the largest nonprofit advocate for the military’s LGBT community.

We didn’t think there was much of a desire for an event like this on the island but it has actually blown up,” said Navy Lt. Marissa Greene, co-chapter leader of OutServe Okinawa.

The thought of military personnel in any shape or form putting on a drag show of this nature is appalling. With war breaking out in the Ukraine, not to mention the pressure cooker that is the entire Middle East, homosexual soldiers have made Okinawa Kadena Air Force Base into a RuPaul drag show. If this is what America has as its defense forces, nothing will stand. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing, namely Vladimir Putin.

But this isn’t funny for those who served valiantly. For them, one can only imagine that this is a travesty that cannot be undone. It’s a sick perversion, one that President Obama and his hapless Administration created and fashioned. Repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” has created a military of emasculated queens, with the best servicemen being forced to vacate the service. With them, America’s military might has disappeared. As it is in the rest of the culture, the homosexual agenda has invaded the military with a vengeance.

Amid the unexpected success, OutServe carefully avoided any mention of politics, but its variety show comes at a pivotal time for gay civil rights in the United States, with many states passing laws dealing with marriage or debating individual liberties.

It is also a sign of the times within the military; just a few years ago, gay and lesbian drag performances on a military base would have been unthinkable and potentially a cause for dismissal from the service.

The repeals of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, as well as the Defense of Marriage Act — the law barring the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages — have allowed gays and lesbians in the military to be open with their sexuality for the first time.

The advocacy group agreed to avoid using the term “drag show” as part of its on-base fundraiser effort.

Tech. Sgt. Kristen Baker, who was among the crowd, said the show got a warm reception and would leave a mark for civil rights.

Everything is just accepted. It makes me really proud to watch it,” Baker said. In the military, “we are all brothers and sisters no matter what.”

Undoubtedly, the soldiers who fought in World War II are rolling in their graves, not to mention all the other servicemen who fought in more recent wars. The homosexual agenda is poison to everything it touches. It aims to kill a Judeo-Christian nation, one gaping slice at a time. The United States is dying a death by a thousand cuts. With the Obama Administration at the helm, America is turning into a depraved nation of degenerates. This disease is taking hold in our military, and forcing this country into an indefensible position. God help us.

According to the story by Stars and Stripes, which has published news for the military community continuously since WWII, “six servicemembers – gay, lesbian and straight – donned heavy makeup to dance and lip sync songs such as ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ for a raucous capacity crowd at the Rocker NCO Club at Kadena Air Base. The event was a fundraiser for the recently formed Okinawa chapter of OutServe-SLDN, which is the largest nonprofit advocate for the military’s LGBT community.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/03/gay-u-s-soldiers-sing-dance-in-drag/#1HVEizzgpdwruvuF.99
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