So former President and Republican icon George H.W. Bush is gonna vote for Hillary, huh?

What a stunner!

Or not.

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If you were actually stunned by the recent “revelation” that Republican Anti-Christ Statist GHW Bush was going to cast his vote for President in favor of Democrat Anti-Christ Statist Hillary Clinton, you really do need some help.

A lot of help.

And I mean that sincerely.

You need to put down whatever GOP supplied crack pipe you may have been regularly smoking and/or put down the Republican/Democrat, Left/Right paradigm tinted glasses you’ve been viewing the world through and just take a sec to look at the real world as it actually is.

A minute or two oughta do it.

Oh sure, it’s a hard first minute or two, what with your whole worldview likely to be rocked to its core as you come to realize that you’ve been embarassingly duped, played like a cheap violin, and spun like a top for years (likely decades for many of you) by your favorite talk show hosts, politicians, entertainers, and even many of your favorite pastors, but that’s how detox works. That’s what withdrawal feels like. It ain’t pretty for a short while, but if you can just stick to it – if you can just stick to reality and resist the urge to put the artificial lenses back on and dive back into the comfort of The Matrix – you really can emerge on the other side with a clear sense of reality as it actually exists – and a clear basis from which to operate against the forces that put the crack pipe in your hands in the first place.

No more America worship.

No more Statism as the answer.

No more anti-Christ approaches to economics, law, art, war, business, government, education or anything else.

It’s all coming down.

It’s all going away.

It’s all being swept up and into the fire by the judgment of God over His creation of time and in His creation of space.

That’s where true reality is heading by way of His Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

But in order to even begin to see that beautiful, glorious, inspiring and envigorating reality, we’re gonna have to give up the Left/Right paradigm. We’re gonna have to ditch the Republican/Democrat diversion. We’re gonna have to put down our favorite teddy bear and grow up.

We’re going to have to embrace Christ as King in political practice so that we can help slay – rather than keep coddling and enabling – the two headed anti-Christ dragon that’s trying its hardest to drag us and our children to hell.

So whaddaya say?

Can we stop pretending?

Can we stop playing along with those who are obviously conspiring together against the King and Kingdom of God?

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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