Turning The Tables To Beat Liberals At Their Own Game

I have been doing some thinking. Obsessed with the way that the left effortlessly uses our own values against us in order to institutionalize political correctness, I realize this is really the only hope we have of fighting back, by doing the same thing. It’s not that it wouldn’t be hard to do, it’s just that many of us on the right find us lacking in the area of “lacking morality” if you will. In other words we can’t see ourselves sinking that low to engage in this intellectual combat. For instance, conservatives are not going to resort to excessive name calling as the left does just because we lost a battle of facts. The left on the other hand has no problem resorting to this kind of behavior and will generally have the full array of media commentary giving a series of ridiculous excuses why such behavior is excusable. The best recent example that comes to mind is the abrupt way that Michelle Obama went off on the lesbian woman who paid $700 to see her speak. It really showed her true character because her husband’s constant campaigning leaves one to believe that they are doing everything within the realm of possibility to secure “homosexual rights.” The protesting of this woman says otherwise and in true liberal fashion Michelle was not going to be disagreed with. The media praised her for her response by calling it brilliant. That is a typical display of liberal hypocrisy because I tell the truth in a liberal university and I get called rude and unapproachable, Michelle shows her true colors and is called brilliant. Such is the way I suppose.

I used to think that simply being there with the truth would be all it would take to fight this infectious disease called Cultural Marxism, I was wrong. People do not want to hear the truth, and in fact, it might be safe to say we have reached a point where speaking it may be hazardous to your health. People in America have accepted what is going on around them because we have too much to lose. We have houses, boats, savings accounts, promotions, raises and a bunch of bills as a result that keeps us busy frantically working our butts off just to stay caught up. I have come to the conclusion that this is the ultimate example of taking our values of hard work and individual responsibility and using it against us. Let me explain a bit more in detail. I believe the people that devised this little “ponzi” scheme of a fiat paper currency that is now devoid of value, and the credit system that enables one who has next to nothing to buy a $200,000 house knew exactly what they were doing. They created a system that not only keeps us working to increase their wealth, (while keeping us happy to do so with the instant gratification of the credit card,) but a system they knew would collapse as well. The evidence speaks for itself really; I mean most of us are far too busy to care about what goes on in politics. What I am telling you, and I have been for quite some time, is that fear of stepping beyond your comfort zone and breaking free from the reigns of Marxist thought control is what is keeping you, me and the country where it is; on the verge of total chaos.

So what do you do? I don’t know. I am certainly not an advocate of violence but a revolution needs not be violent. What we have witnessed over the past century was nothing short of a socialist revolution and it wasn’t violent. Not in America anyway. It was very gradual and incremental. Needless to say it is, in fact, another cultural revolution that is needed but the propaganda machine has been successful in silencing you with multiculturalism, accusations of racism, white privilege, class warfare, wealth envy, gay rights and the fermentation of nothing less than hate and discontent brought about by the tactics of a master community organizer trained in the ways of none other than Saul Alinsky. I am of the opinion at this point America, that we have had our butts whooped by a guy trained in how to get you to lose hope. If you remember, I have made a point of describing the radical mindset through some of the rules laid out in “Rules for Radicals” and one point that must be remembered is that these people have fun destroying us and our country.

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The reason why simply telling the truth is not an effective tactic is because these people have no truth. To them the truth is fluid, ever changing and can be shaped and molded to fit whatever situation they may be in at the moment. You can’t fight that kind of moral depravity fairly people, you just can’t. Somehow we are going to have to find it within ourselves to drop to their level in some shape or form.

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I personally believe the answer lies in attempting to make them look foolish based on the position they take on any given issue. It’s difficult because the mainstream media controls the illusion of a liberal majority and popular liberal opinion. It also requires a tremendous amount of courage because you will not be popular and in fact you could lose a great deal, like a master’s degree for instance. I think we have to challenge what is at the heart of what liberals believe. The reason being is because most liberals are not diehard communists, just the useful idiots programmed to regurgitate what they have been inundated with since kindergarten. A good example is when a professor at the University of Oklahoma taught the lesson that suggested black people, who were successful, had sold themselves out to the white man’s ways and in an effort to alleviate depression they should look at themselves as oppressed victims instead of successful Americans. Of course this came from the text book and the professor was simply regurgitating; however I put it on her by suggesting that because she is teaching it she believes it. I did this by asking questions she could not answer and the end result of course was being called names by other students but I guarantee you it made someone else think, and that’s what we need to do to wake people up. Make them think! We don’t do this by being afraid to speak. Look at that kid who recited the Lord’s Prayer at his high school graduation after ripping up his approved speech. That’s leading by example and it’s an example we all need to follow.

Another good situation to look to is the Benghazi incident. Our administration, after years of preaching tolerance and understanding towards those that are different wanted us to accept that it was o.k. for Muslims to throw a little tantrum and attack and kill our ambassador because their feelings were hurt over a video. What kind of tolerance is that? Is that really the impression they want to give? A reporter that is worth anything would have said, “So you are suggesting that Muslims can’t control themselves whenever they get offended?” That’s the truth and it would have made anyone pushing that crap look like an idiot. Every single day any number of television shows portray Christianity in a negative light and I believe there has been, uhm, how many Christian motivated terror attacks? Oh yeah, zero. All it takes is not being afraid to be called an Islamophobe.

The good news is all of this writing just might be for naught because people are waking up and taking a stand. I think the current powers that don’t intend to give up any are seeing that we have been pushed as far as we can be on many issues. They will not stop unfortunately, because much of what they are doing has been written and planned for decades. I believe that the more people we educate the better chance we have and all it takes sometimes is a conversation with the guy who bags your groceries or the girl at the bank that pretends she’s happy to see you every day. One way that I have approached this with the grocery baggers is connecting the cost of food with the insane amounts of money that are currently being printed. I don’t even mention presidents because I want them to listen. If you say its Obama’s fault they shut right off and it’s just an opportunity wasted. My personal goal is always to get someone to listen, even if it’s not the person I am talking to. I am not quiet about it neither. I approach the situation and I deliberately speak so I know others can hear me. It’s what has to be done in order to influence those you don’t know.

To conclude, I just want to remind you that the left has a vested interest in keeping you feeling hopeless and helpless. Much of their agenda can be thwarted simply by showing them you are not shaken by what they are doing. It comes down to being a battle of influence on the micro level folks. If you hear a liberal telling lies or sounding like an uneducated automaton step in and be the educator. I hope this was a helpful commentary America.

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