TSA Blog Indirectly Admits Scanners $1 Billion Fraud

A video that has gone viral on the web where engineer Jon Corbett, of the popular blog TSA out of our pants, demonstrates just how easy it is to defeat the TSA scanners at the airport, is being met with ridicule by the TSA. The blog can only come out and attack Mr. Corbett rather than actually deal with the information presented. In doing so, they are admitting the flaw, and in essence admitting to the American public that they just wasted $1 Billion of YOUR money to “keep you safe” from the supposed boogeymen terrorists.

The blogger, one Bob Burns, says that Mr. Corbett is just “some guy” and that the video is a “crude attempt to allegedly show how to circumvent TSA screening procedures.” It was not an attempt to allegedly show anything. It was an ACTUAL demonstration of how to defeat,very simply I might add, the TSA screening process. Hey Bob! your pants are down!

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Bob then goes on to say, “For obvious security reasons, we can’t discuss our technology’s detection capability in detail.” Of course Bob. This sounds like the infamous “can’t disclose information due to national security” that always comes up when people demand answers from their government. The fact that the TSA would announce “obvious security reasons” is enough to make one fall from their chair hysterically laughing because it is obvious to anyone who watched the video that there is no security at all. There are perverts and theifs within the TSA. That is your security!

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Bob does want to try and reassure everyone though, “however TSA conducts extensive testing of all screening technologies in the laboratory and at airports prior to rolling them out to the entire field.” OK, so you guys did “extensive testing” and either you are incompetent regarding the very easy method that Mr. Corbett used to blow by your scanners, not once, but twice, or you knew it and let it go. Either way it demonstrates the TSA doesn’t know the first thing about security. They are simply a power grab, a jack booted organization that should be dismantled and the people of America given their liberties back while flying.

Blogger Bob writes, “Imaging technology has been extremely effective in the field and has found things artfully concealed on passengers as large as a gun or nonmetallic weapons, on down to a tiny pill or tiny baggies of drugs.” Oh Bob let’s not forget, it’s good for checking out hot chicks too! And those drugs you are finding, who is getting those? What about the cash being confiscated from citizens? Let’s go beyond that to the sexual assaults on people, the humiliation of nursing mothers and elderly women. Yeah, yeah keep trying to justify the perversion that is the TSA. We see right through it, unlike your scanners.

Bob ends his blog stating, “With all that said, it is one layer of our 20 layers of security (Behavior Detection, Explosives Detection Canines, Federal Air Marshals, , etc.) and is not a machine that has all the tools we need in one handy device. We’ve never claimed it’s the end all be all.” Then he immediately says, “However, our nation’s aviation system is much safer now with the deployment of 600 imaging technology units at 140 airports.” OK Bob? You just contradicted yourself. You claimed that you have never claimed it’s the end all be all and then right on top of that you said the airports are “much safer” with the deployment of the imaging technology. You can’t have it both ways. The real danger in all of this is the TSA criminally violating the American people’s 4th Amendment rights. BTW, Bob this is what that says:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Every TSA agent, because they are part of the federal government is knowingly violating this Constitutional right and those that employee them are violating this Constitutional right. Back in the 18th and 19th century this would be called treason against the people. Today it is called “keeping us safe”. When will Americans wake up from the fluoridated stupor and demand that the TSA be disbanded and vote out the same bureaucrats that continue to install such things? Furthermore when are we going to hold these people criminally responsible?

Bob and the TSA want us to think the machines are safe even though their radiation levels are extremely high, but they also want you to know that if the scanners don’t solve the problem, then there is always the latex glove inspection, hopefully sanitized for their pleasure. I mean for your protection.

In essence blogger Bob did nothing to refute Mr. Corbett’s demonstration of their asinine system. By replying the way he did, he demonstrated nothing of what the TSA affirms and gave a great amount of credit to Mr. Corbett’s video.

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