The truth about Education – A Truth We have to Accept

As The New Common Core curriculum is slowly and steadily implemented across the country, it is a good time to discuss Outcome and Competency Based education. Outcome based education is the method we are all familiar with where the main focus is preparing for a state standardized test. Most people have come to realize that a system such as this does little else but fail our children and limit their abilities to live up to their fullest potential. It makes sense when you understand that common core is designed to create good little global socialists ready to subjugate themselves to a world government. By moving away from the classic liberal arts education, we have failed to teach our children the arts of logic deduction and reasoning. If you were seeking to dominate society, these are abilities you would want to eliminate among the population because they may be able to figure out they are being enslaved. Outcome based education is a perfect program to implement in a world where our students, our children are increasingly being defined as nothing more than “human capital.”

Outcome based education is only one portion of the whole fundamental transformation. There is also something called competency based education. Almost the same as the former except that it focuses more on developing certain competencies related to job skills and career development. Most people won’t see a problem with this, which is indicative of the efforts to standardize education across the board. However, I will tell you; it is alarming. Competency based education is modeled after the old Soviet Union model of education where the government decided what job they would train you in based on what they thought you were good at. This was highly praised by John Dewey whose efforts can be recognized as directing American education in this direction, as well as Ronald Reagan, who signed education agreements with the Soviet Union, as demonstrated by Charlotte Iserbyt in her book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” I believe this is why the common core curriculum is drawing attention and is increasingly being referred to as a communist system of education. It seeks to standardize the human being if you will, make us all the same, which has been the goal of the Fabian socialists for nearly 150 years.

There is an article entitled “What is Competency Based Education?” written by one of its proponents, Dr. Robert Mendenhall. Dr. Mendenhall is apparently one of those elite who think he knows better than the rest of us concerning our education and abilities to learn. Arguing for competency based education he says,

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“The fundamental premise of competency based education is that we define what students should know and be able to do, and they graduate when they have demonstrated their competency. This means we have to define the competency very clearly. Getting industry input is essential to ensure we have identified relevant competencies.” (Dr. Robert Mendenhall)

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That last sentence is pretty telling in that the overall goal of this effort is the creation of an obedient work force that is simply able to perform the necessary functions of a “job” as dictated by their masters. It is getting people to accept servitude folks, period. Training your children and mine to accept that someone else knows what is best for them.

There are several problems with competency based education that I think are pretty relevant here. One is the removal of honest standards and the fact that letting industry define competency means there is no set standard on what defines competency. It is different based on whatever job training program your children may be involved in. Who decides which children are competent for what programs? Who decides, and based on what criteria, which children are demonstrating leadership competencies? This is one of those programs doomed for failure, but already praised for being a great success.

To understand this further you have to realize that much of this effort is being driven by the Marxist/Humanist forces that believe man, in essence, is no different from any other animal, and his actions are merely preprogrammed reactions to any given set of stimuli. Outcome and competency based education are both by products of the Skinnerian and Pavlonian methods of conditioning, in which animals were conditioned to behave in a certain way based on a system of reward and punishment. In the case of your children, these humanists essentially believe that values are not universal, and the Judeo-Christian world view is oppressive. In order to peacefully transition from a world of independent, sovereign, “nation states,” to world government, children would have to be “socialized” into accepting a new order. Social psychology and socialist propaganda have played a huge role in defining what direction education would take. Let’s examine the original definition of education, as opposed to the “social psychologist” reformers definition. These definitions go back to the early twentieth century, when European Socialism first made its ways to our shores.

The New Century Dictionary of the English Language, Published in New York in 1927 defines education as follows- “The drawing out of a person’s innate talents and abilities by imparting the knowledge of languages, scientific reasoning, history, literature, rhetoric, etc.—the channels through which those abilities would flourish and serve.” (Iserbyt) This sounds like education was originally intended to create free independent thinkers of human beings and allow them to use their own talents and merits to strive for achievement.

The definition of education was radically altered as the influences of Marxist/Humanist social science became more relevant. Viewing the learning process from the narrow lens of “physiological processes” it became very dehumanizing as people came to be viewed as simply a body and nervous system devoid of a soul. Social Psychologist Rudolph Pintner, wrote in his book in 1934 “An Outline Of Educational Psychology” the new “revised” definition of education. – “Learning is the result of modifiability in the paths of neural conduction. Explanations of even such forms of learning as abstraction, and generalization demand of the neurons only growth, excitability, conductivity, and modifiability. The mind is the connection-system of man; and learning is the process of connecting. The situation-response formula is adequate to cover learning of any sort, and the really influential factors in learning are readiness of the neurons, sequence in time, belongingness, and satisfying consequences.” (Iserbyt) To these social scientists, mankind is nothing but a programmable animal that can be conditioned at their will.

To demonstrate the dangers of this a bit further, I would encourage you to watch the film “The Bloody History of Communism” that can be viewed on YouTube or at The Radical Conservative website. The film does a great job relating communism to the advent of the social sciences and the effects of viewing man as a “perfectible” species of animal.

In the mid 1800’s, Darwin, Marx and Hegel were coming in their own roughly at the same time. This is also the same time where many people like Ivan Pavlov were conducting social experiments trying to learn about Human Behavior. Communism came into being by essentially combining the philosophies and ideas of all these elements. It was said that Marx and Hegel actually looked to Darwin’s theory of evolution as the scientific basis that gave credibility to their economic theories on socialism/communism. Another significant event, highlighted in the film, is the fact that Vladimir Lenin actually approached Ivan Pavlov and asked him to apply his conditioning methods to the Russian people for the purpose of forcing them to accept communism. Lenin wanted these people to respond in a communistic fashion to every given stimulus.

America, this Godless, social science approach to conditioning is what essentially drives our education system today, and it goes a long way in explaining why we have so many people conditioned to hate this country.

In the second paragraph of this article, I made a claim that many people may have a hard time accepting. Ronald Reagan is known as one of Americas most conservative presidents, and I am claiming that he signed an educational agreement with the Soviet Union that gave them a tremendous amount of influence over our education system. Many will be asking how this makes any sense because Reagan will always be remembered as the one who “tore down the iron curtain.” The truth is that these agreements have been being signed for decades and in fact, Dwight Eisenhower, another conservative icon, also signed agreements with Russians. This started back in 1958 with something called the “Reese Committee” in which it was agreed that tax payer dollars of patriotic American citizens would be paid to research and implement a peaceful merging of the Soviet Union and the United States, for the purpose of establishing world government. I will also leave you with a document written by Charlotte Iserbyt, in which she discusses and puts into chronological order, the agreement signed between Reagan and Gorbachev.

I know it’s a hard truth to face up to America, but a failure to do so will only lead us further down the road that has been pre-paved for us.

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