Trump: I Have No Problem With A Man "Married" To Another Man Running For Office

And in that one line is exactly what is wrong with America and those who represent the people nowadays.  They not only know "the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them" (Romans 1:32).  This is apparently the position of President Donald Trump when asked about homosexual Mayor Pete Buttigieg running for the White House.

“I think it’s absolutely fine, I do. I think it’s great. I think it’s something that perhaps some people may have a problem with. I have no problem whatsoever, I think it’s good,” Trump told Steve Hilton, host of Fox News’ “The Next Revolution,” in an interview that will air Sunday at 9 p.m.

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The fact that Trump not only said he thinks "it's absolutely fine," but Hilton said it is "normal" for a man to have a "husband."

Now, lest you think this is Trump bashing, understand a few things.  The 45 goals of the Communists for America are extremely clear here.

Right smack dab in the middle at number 26 is this:

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

There is nothing "normal, natural or healthy" about sodomy.  It is unnatural, not normal and unhealthy.  It's even shameful to imagine what these men do with their privates and their orifices, especially the one designed to emit human waste.

Furthermore, the Bible is clear that engaging in this behavior is an abomination before God, a capital crime and demonstrates that such people are at war with their Creator (Romans 1:18ff) despite what their mouth says, including blaming God for their depraved lifestyles.  Additionally, just read Genesis 19 to discover what God did to entire cities that engaged in this behavior.

Finally, our founders, as I've pointed out over and over, along with our states' laws condemn the practice of sodomy.  Yet, apostates like President Trump, despite what he says on other occasions about loving God betrays those words with the ones above.

I don't know about you, but a man that sides with homosexuals and agrees it is not only normal but even the perversion of marriage to include such people is not a side I will be on.

The greatest enemy of America is God Himself.  We continue to thumb our noses in his face, and people will support it for a political jersey that their team wears!  Shame on us, and may God have mercy on such a foolish and stupid people, and may He turn us to Him that His anger may subside against us.

And would someone actually tell President Trump that he not only needs to ask forgiveness for this but also repent of promoting such behavior?

Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

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