Trump Donated Thousands To Kamala Harris & Other Socialist California Democrats

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is about as crooked as they come.   From literally whoring her way to political power in California with Willie Brown to her being an accomplice to Planned Parenthood baby murders and body parts trafficking to her anti-American views that push socialism and gun confiscation, Kamala Harris rivals the corruption of notable Democrats in DC.  This brings up the question, why would then-citizen Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, be providing one dollar to her re-election as California’s attorney general?  Yet, that’s exactly what the father and daughter did between 2011 and 2014, and it wasn’t just Harris that Trump supported.

However, Harris was not the only Socialist in California to whom the Trump’s donated.

First, Javier Panzar of the LA Times tweeted out the following donations from Donald Trump to the Harris campaign in 2011 and 2013 that totaled $6,000.

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Panzar followed up to show that Trump also donated to Governor Jerry Brown a total of $3,500 in 2004 and 2006 and $2,500 to Gavin Newsom in 2009 for a gubernatorial campaign.

Ivanka Trump donated $2,000 in 2014 to Harris’ campaign.

However, in order to distance herself from Trump, Harris claims she didn’t use their money.  The Sacramento Bee reports:

Harris campaign spokesman Ian Sams told McClatchy that Harris donated the $6,000 Trump had contributed to a non-profit that advocates for civil and human rights for Central Americans. But that donation wasn’t made until 2015, a year after she won her reelection for attorney general and as she was launching her run for the Senate.

OK, but how do we know this?  How did she pull out the exact $6,000 Trump gave and donate it in 2015 when it was donate 2 and 4 years prior?  We don’t, and neither does Harris nor Sams.  It’s a cover like Planned Parenthood in saying they don’t use unconstitutionally provided federal funds for abortion.  They have absolutely no way to determine where that money goes and no one can actually verify it wasn’t used for abortions any more than Harris can document the money given to her by the Trumps was donated and not used for her campaign.

To be fair, this was emphasized by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), according to the LA Times, and Trump has donated to Republicans even more money in the state, even though former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can hardly be considered a real Republican.

He even gave to RINO Republican and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger a total of $12,000 in 2007 and 2008 and the California Republican Party $25,000 in 2006.

However, I realize there will be those who try and defend this money going to Harris, Brown and others, including anti-Americans in many states, as nothing more than “good business.”  They will say that Trump is a businessman and as such, he’s giving to both sides to sort of hedge his bets for possible political favors concerning his business.  OK, but isn’t that the very definition of corruption?  This writer believes it is, and those who may oppose me would call it exactly that if it were Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah or Hillary Clinton if they were doing it.  Why won’t we be consistent?

“I give to everybody,” he said in a debate in 2015. “They call, I give. And you know what, when I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me.”

See?  I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine, no matter whose rights are violated or what laws are broken.  And this includes donations to your favorite Socialists and Communists like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.


Notice, he called it a “broken system,” but he never answered the question about what they did for him.

No, the system isn’t broken. Trump and all men are broken. They are sinful and they will engage in this if given the opportunity and then seek to blame the system for their behavior rather than lead by example.

Supporting anti-Americans for business favors is corruption, no matter who does it.

I ask you, my fellow Americans, do you give your money to those hellbent on destroying your state, your country?  No, you don’t.

The interesting thing is that when it comes to each of the Democrats mentioned in California to which Trump donated, every single one of them has blasted him in public.

Just last month, Harris told The Root that she believes the president is a racist, saying, “When you talk about him calling African countries s—hole countries, when you talk about him referring to immigrants as rapists and murderers, I don’t think you can reach any other conclusion.”

When you support corruption, it makes you corrupt and in the end, it comes back to bite you.

If you want to know why corruption thrives in American government and politics, it’s because we allow it and seek to justify it when it come to “our team” doing it.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump. -Galatians 5:9

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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