Treason – Plain and Simple

It has been said that people must get angry before they get moving. As our recent elections seem to indicate, more and more Americans are getting more and more angry at the Obama Regime and its supporters.

As a combat veteran, I know full well that anger, or any emotion whatsoever, only interferes with one’s ability to maintain focus on target:

“Aim with the hand, shoot with the mind, kill with a heart like Arctic Ice”
The Warrior Song

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And, to a greater extent, it is emotion that is tearing this nation apart, and it is emotion that is allowing the Obama Regime to  push this once great nation into the back pages of history.  Anger and frustration and partisan “gamesmanship” rule the day to such an extent that our so-called “representatives” can no longer identify the direction of “the target,” much less clearly see the target that must be taken.

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Let me be clear, a “target” may be “taken out” as in “eliminated,” or a “target” may be an objective to be recaptured and or extracted as in retrieving a captive or hostage.  For the purposes of this discussion, I am referring the latter.

So let me help shed some light on “the target” for those so busy and so frightened and so gutless as to be as useless as a child’s cap gun in an Afghani fire fight.

“The Target” that you were elected to take, the “hostage” you were selected to extract from enemy hands and return to safety is our nation—a nation whose character and core values, as stated by our founding fathers in the documents that are the framework of this nation, allowed the greatest nation in the history of mankind to blossom and flourish.

As most know via my occasional references, I am second generation Military Intelligence, following the footsteps of my father and my older sister. From 1967 to 1970, I worked with a “non-standard” military organization called CORDS. Initial military training taught me the mechanics of war and the true meaning of the word “trust.” My experiences in CORDS taught me where “standard military” operations were necessary to achieve and control geography, that the ability to actually “win” a conflict, more often than not, rests in the hands of those that “civilians” are totally unaware of – mostly by choice.

In the story of the fall of Troy, the “Trojan Horse” was the mechanism that allowed the Greeks to put a select few of their warriors inside the walls of Troy, whose function it was to open the gates of the city.  Those carefully selected warriors knew full well that, were they discovered, they would be killed.

Such has been the case since The Trojan War (1260 – 1240 BC) and throughout history. Brian Kilmeade’s book: George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution gives credence to the fact that were it not for such “secret warriors” this nation may well have never been born.

Today, Dianne Feinstein
– Senior Democratic Senator from the State of California and Chairwoman of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – will release a comprehensive report on the activities of our intelligence community since 9/11.


And it is an effort of “poisoning the well“; a favorite tactic of retreating armies. If one “poisons the well” as an army retreats, then the pursuing forces will be denied a crucial support element; laying the groundwork for the failure of those who follow and providing a potential for the return of those being defeated.

The propaganda being put out is that certain things should not be done. I beg to differ.

Let us put her fat butt in the middle of a rice paddy with a half dozen young teenagers armed with AK-47s lined up at about 25 yards out and see if she makes it to the next rice paddy dike.  When she has sat on that same rice paddy dike and her nose can tell the difference between a gut-shot and a sucking chest wound… THEN let her re-evaluate what means and methods are justified to defend this country.

The United States is the only nation that has ever adhered to the Geneva Convention of 1949. The most important aspect of that convention is the protection of innocent civilians which every American can and does support whole heartedly.

Military combatants are just that; they are the enemy – NOT civilian “criminals” to be tried in civilian courts.

When you are attacked, you have no choice but to fight on the terms of the aggressor. Simply put, you do not take a knife to a gunfight if your goal is to win, or even survive.

Every nation in the world has its spies deployed in Washington, D.C. – not counting all the members of the Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama Regime has appointed to critical national security positions. Our enemies and our allies have eyes and ears in every nook and cranny of our government and our industry; industrial spying pays better than government spying.

“The Secret Soldier” has long been the most crucial weapon a nation can have in defending itself.

Today, Dianne Feinstein, with the support or possibly at the direction of the president, will expose many of those brave souls; American citizens and American allies.

Some will die as a result of this ACT OF TREASON.

Some will simply disappear, voluntarily or otherwise. But much more importantly is the effect of this regime’s very serious efforts to “Poison the Well” as their strangle hold on this nation is beginning to slip away. “Secret Soldiers” of any persuasion will not be so willing to help us in the future.

And because of all the emotion and partisan “gamesmanship” awash in our halls of government, neither We The People nor those whom we elected to represent us can see the “target” clearly: Saving our nation from oblivion.

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