Trayvon Martin – Racism Personified

On the Justice for Trayvon Martin page on Facebook, I have been arguing with the racist pigs there about some of the details of the case. One of the racists, one Crystal Alston, claimed that because Trayvon had never been arrested that he was not a criminal. I related to her how in my pot-smoking youth, I got caught with marijuana about 6 times, and never got arrested, and that just because one has not been arrested does not mean one has not committed a crime. In response Alston summoned her two neurons and babbled that,

“As for your personal experiences and run ins with the law I wonder if your tan was as dark as Trayvon’s if you would have been given those many chances?”

Ah, this was exactly the response this story was designed to illicit! If I was Alston I’d be concerned that I could be maneuvered so easily! It is obvious that she does not play chess.

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Three of those times I was in the company of one of my best friends, Waldon Green – a black man. Each time we both had weed on us, neither of us went to jail. Waldon didn’t go to jail likely because he was not a gangsta thug with an adversarial attitude toward authority. It’s not the color of one’s skin that gets you thrown in jail, but ones attitude and behavior. I met him in high school, when busing first started in our high school. Waldon was one of the rare black youths, respectable, a thirst for learning and knowledge, a respect for authority, and lacking a victim attitude – and poor as a church mouse. He sat at the front of the class as did most of the black girls – the other blacks bussed in sat at the back of the classes, being disruptive, causing trouble, rejecting authority, having no respect for others or having any clue how to behave in a social environment, and being general animals. He and I became fast friends. This was the late 70’s. We both then went on to get degrees in electronics engineering, and soon after Waldon got married – I was his best man. He graduated with a 3.96 GPA.

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Soon after graduation we were both recruited by the FBI but both went on to work at the NSA (not as agents but as electronics communications and cryptology specialists). In 1991 Waldon was murdered outside a McDonalds, killed by three black gangsta hood thugs while they were trying to rob him, but not before he killed one and put another in a wheel chair for the rest of his life (in prison). These animals killed him and Waldon left behind a wife and two beautiful children, husband and fatherless. Waldon survived for three days before he died – I was by his side, with his wife and family, holding his hand while my friend died. I have missed him every day since. While pursuing our degrees I dated his sister for three years, and had she not moved to Rennes-le-Château in France to pursue her interests in archaeology, we would probably have been married.

The ignorant racist called me a racist, because I do not subscribe to the gangsta/hood Blacks insistence that Trayvon was an angelic innocent kid. She then repeats the lie that Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon.

The audio tape of that conversation clearly says that he was told “we don’t need you to do that.” A 911 operator nor a dispatcher is a cop or law enforcement, they are civilians just like a Wal-Mart employee. No citizen is bound by law to listen to or obey them.

She then brings up, like many misguided people, he was just a poor kid on his way home, and all he had was skittles and tea. Well, having skittles and an iced tea does not mean he was not up to no good. If that’s all it takes to establish you were innocent, every criminal in the country will now carry skittles and a tea while out doing nefarious things. This means nothing what-so-ever. It is silly to think a person cannot be contemplating breaking into a house simply because they have skittles and tea, and he had been caught before with stolen jewelry and burglary tools, although it is true Zimmerman did not know this. However, Zimmerman did know he did not belong there. This was a gated incorporated community (that means a governing body called a HOA – Home Owners Association).

Any HOA I have ever had anything to do with, and I have sat on three different HOA boards, require that any guest, family or not, in a gated community, report all visitors who will be staying longer than 24 hours; they have a right to know who is in their incorporated neighborhood, and who is being given the gate codes. The names and pictures of guests are then given to the watch groups, so they know who should be there and who should not. This was not done, his parents were nowhere to be found for days. Had his parents followed the HOA rules, Zimmerman would have known who he was and this would never have happened. Zimmerman was not a self-appointed watchman as the liars there claim – the HOA board elects the watchmen (there were 8 in that HOA). In a HOA, the police do not patrol the streets as they are privately maintained roads – the county does not maintain them so the cops can’t patrol there unless called. This being the case the neighborhood watchmen are the authority there as the reps of the HOA Board. She then bemoans that if Zimmerman had not followed Trayvon that this would never have happened. I am sure every criminal in the world wishes that neighborhood watchmen, or anyone, would just look the other way and not intervene or question them. Zimmerman followed him in order to keep track of him until the police arrived – that’s what they do.

Additionally, consider that the 911 tape clearly indicates that well after he was told “we don’t need you to do that’, that he continued to do that – nothing wrong there as the dispatcher is a civilian and cannot issue orders to anyone. But what is most telling is that after the dispatcher initially told him “we don’t need you to do that”, he did anyway and the dispatcher never said anything else about it -in fact the dispatcher then used the fact that Zimmerman was still following him to ask further questions about Trayvon. But most important, the audio clearly shows that Zimmerman, a couple minutes later, tells the operator that Trayvon has turned around and was coming toward him – this is not the actions of an afraid child, but of a thug who has no respect for authority, who instead of running home (he had plenty of time to do so), instead turned and confronted Z. He was not afraid of anything. A scared ‘kid’ would have bolted like a jackrabbit, and could have easily outrun Zimmerman.

We do not know what happened that night, but beings it has now been proven by Trayvon’s own text and phone records that he was a ‘gangsta’ thug, with no respect for the law, especially non-black authority, this lends great weight to Zimmerman’s story that he was the aggressor; doesn’t prove it, but sure bends the tree in that direction.

And why was the little punk not on lockdown and restriction for being suspended? He had a 2.0. GPA, indicating he had no respect for school or learning, along with his constant tardiness (I am sure he was not tardy because he was at a Bible study), and if his parents had been correctly and properly parenting him, he would have been on restriction and lockdown, piled up with school work, no TV, no leaving the house. If I had been suspended, for any reason when I was that age, my father would have planted me in a wall, and if I had a 2.0 GPA I would not have seen outside until I was 30. If I had been suspended for being unable to manage the arduous task of being on time for class, I also would have been severely punished and surely not allowed to roam the streets as if I had done nothing wrong. Lack of parenting is as much to blame for this as anything else. He was an undisciplined gangsta thug (by his own admission), so why would anyone think on that night he had a change of heart and was being angelic?

My issue with this case has nothing to do with Trayvon being black; I would hold the same opinion (frankly I have none, I was not there) if he was a white gang-banger, an Asian, or a Martian. There are just as many white trash as there is black trash as there is Asian trash, etc., ad-nauseam. The criminal mindset knows no boundaries of race or of age.

But in true racist fashion, if you do not agree with the opinions of people who were not even there about who is at fault, you are called a racist. It has been suggested that Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon; to suggest he was racially profiled is in itself racist, as it implies only a black man can confront or follow another black man and that the only reason a white or Hispanic man would do so is for racist reasons.


Authors note:  The name of the players, including the victim of the McDonalds shooting, have been changed to protect the innocent and out of respect for the victims family.

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