In the ever-increasing big brother society, we all find ourselves attempting to hide from now a new camera system that's supposed to protect drunk people from being hit by transit trains at the station can "tell if you are drunk."

As if people aren't being watched enough by authorities these days, this system automatically scans all train passengers to look for signs of intoxication and alert station attendants. The new camera has been installed in Osaka's Kyobashi Station in Japan, but if all goes well and a bunch of people get saved by alerted attendants, these cameras will be going up all over the country which will then likely spread out to other countries.

According to reports, the camera is looking for signs like, "remaining on the platform for an extended time for no apparent reason, and sleeping on benches." Hm. Sounds like it could also be looking for bored people or sleepy people, too.

But don't worry, the website Munchies tell us, the transit authority there claims they do not use the system to personally identify anyone. And I'm sure it never will. Because we aren't living in an Orwellian nightmare where all the technology has been weaponized against us or anything like that.


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