Fighting For Those That Fought For Us: Park Police Turned Traitors

It seems to me many people have forgotten, or truly do not understand just what our military veterans have gone through in order to assure our freedoms. I say this because of the actions of park rangers as of late. They are violating their oath and spitting in the faces of our country’s “protectors“. They are betraying our people and our country all because they are “told” to do so.

I wonder if Obama told you to set yourself on fire would you do it? If he told you to kill someone for no reason would you do it? All of you who are following these illegal orders are feeding into a beast that you will not be able to tame. This beast is destroying America and targeting her people. All the while you’re failing to realize you’re targeting yourselves as well. See my Open Letter To Government Employees here.

Every right you deny others you in turn deny to yourselves, while establishing a precedent of acceptability to treason, slavery, and a communist form of government. Make no mistake you will reap what you sow. You are enforcing illegal actions and therefore you should be stripped of your “badge” and NEVER allowed to work for any government agency, nor within law enforcement ever again. You have proven you will not stand for your oath, but only follow the orders of a puppet master pulling your strings instead of thinking for yourselves. Therefore you are not worthy of your badge.

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Let’s look back, rewind time, and see what kind of things these veterans have done for YOU and I! You have the audacity to treat our veterans like dogs, violate their rights, while expecting them to fight for and respect yours? Oh, you hypocrites! You want our active military to continue to fight in wars to protect you while you turn your back on them, attack their rights and freedoms all in the name of obedience? Just how far are you willing to bow to your king (the government)? Will you turn on your family too?

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Two Bus Loads Of Texas Veterans Blocked By Park Rangers:

You are a disgrace to your uniform and to America! You’re what we call “yes men/women” when they tell you to jump, you say how high? All in the name of a paycheck you have become their slave and useful slavemaster. You have no loyalty except to yourself and your elitist group of traitorous Obama puppets. God forbid you stand up for what is right and refuse to follow illegal orders. Then you just may make a difference in the world, instead of following along like lambs to the slaughter. Thank GOD Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks didn’t just follow the crowd Lord knows where this country would be today if they had.

Hamburger Hill Sign

Some have forgotten the battle of Hamburger Hill, others do not know, others can’t erase it from their memory due to the permanent scaring of this very fateful day that served as the beginning of a massacre that would last for ten days. Whichever the case is for you, it is important to remember, to know and to honor our fallen or they died in vain. It is important know and understand what our men have been through for America. We must honor the living as well as the dead, and start showing them the respect they have earned and deserve.

Live Footage of the Battle of Hamburger Hill:

The date is May 10, 1969 it’s hot, muggy, you’re dirty, feet are sore, you and your men are exhausted, and you have no idea what this day in Vietnam is going to bring. You get a message that orders have just been given to take hill 937 which was of little strategic value. In your mind, you wonder why this hill? Yet, faithful to America you follow your orders to take the hill even though stratigically it makes no sense. Reality sets in, you look around at your long time brothers in arms. You realize many of your military brothers, as well as you may not make it out alive. You look up at the hill you are about to engage knowing this will be close quarter combat due to the unforgiving terrain.

Wikipedia: The entire mountain is a rugged, uninviting wilderness blanketed in double- and triple-canopy jungle, dense thickets of bamboo, and waist-high elephant grass that in some cases was taller than an M113 Armored Personnel Carrier. Local Montagnard tribesmen called Ap Bia “the mountain of the crouching beast”. Official histories of the engagement refer to it as Hill 937 after the elevation displayed on U.S. Army maps, but the American soldiers who fought there dubbed it “Hamburger Hill”, suggesting that those who fought on the hill were “chewed up like a hamburger”

They had made no significant contacts in its area of operations, and at midday on May 13, the brigade commander, Colonel Conmy, decided it would move to cut off North Vietnamese reinforcement from Laos and to assist Honeycutt by attacking Hill 937 from the south. Its Bravo company was heli-lifted to Hill 916, but the remainder of the battalion made the movement on foot, from an area 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) from Hill 937, and both Conmy and Honeycutt expected the 1/506th to be ready to provide support no later than the morning of May 15. Although Bravo Company seized Hill 916 on May 15, it was not until May 19 that the battalion as a whole was in position to conduct a final assault, primarily because of nearly impenetrable jungle.

The 3/187 conducted multi-company assaults on May 14 and May 15, incurring heavy casualties, to the 1/506th, made probing attacks on the south slopes of the mountain on May 16 and May 17. The difficult terrain and well organized North Vietnamese forces continually disrupted the tempo of U.S. tactical operations on Hills 916, 900, and 937. Steep gradients and dense vegetation provided few natural LZs in the vicinity of the mountain and made helicopter redeployments impractical. The terrain also masked the positions of the NVA 29th Regiment, making it nearly impossible to suppress anti-aircraft fire, while the jungle covered the movement of North Vietnamese units so completely that it created a nonlinear battlefield. NVA soldiers, able to maneuver freely around the LZs, shot down or damaged numerous helicopters with small arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades, and crew-served weapons. The North Vietnamese also assaulted nearby logistical support LZs and command posts at least four times, forcing deployment of units for security that might otherwise have been employed in assaults. Attacking companies had to provide for 360-degree security as they maneuvered, since the terrain largely prevented them from mutually supporting one another. NVA platoon- and company-sized elements repeatedly struck maneuvering U.S. forces from the flanks and rear.

The effectiveness of U.S. maneuver forces was limited by narrow trails that funneled attacking companies into squad or platoon points of attack, where they encountered PAVN platoons and companies with prepared fields of fire. With most small arms engagements thus conducted at close range, U.S. fire support was also severely restricted. Units frequently pulled back and called in artillery fire, close air support, and ARA, but the North Vietnamese bunkers were well-sited and constructed with overhead cover to withstand bombardment. During the course of the battle the foliage was eventually stripped away and the bunkers exposed, but they were so numerous and well constructed that many could not be destroyed by indirect fire. Napalm, recoilless rifle fire, and dogged squad and platoon-level actions eventually accounted for the reduction of most fortifications, though at a pace and price thoroughly unanticipated by American forces.

U.S. battle command of small units was essentially decentralized. Though Honeycutt constantly prodded his company commanders to push on, he could do little to coordinate mutual support until the final assaults, when the companies maneuvered in close proximity over the barren mountain top. Fire support for units in contact was also decentralized. Supporting fires, including those controlled by airborne forward air controllers, were often directed at the platoon level. Eventually human error led to five attacks by supporting aircraft on the 3/187th, killing seven and wounding 53. Four of the incidents involved Cobra gunship helicopters, which in one case were more than 1 kilometer (0.62 mi) away from their intended target.

On May 16, Associated Press correspondent Jay Sharbutt learned of the ongoing battle on Hill 937, traveled to the area and interviewed Zais, in particular asking why infantry, rather than firepower, was used as the primary offensive tool on Hill 937. More reporters followed to cover the battle, and the term “Hamburger Hill” became widely used. The U.S. brigade commander ordered a coordinated two-battalion assault for May 18, 1/506th attacking from the south and 3/187th attacking from the north, trying to keep the 29th NVA Regiment from concentrating on either battalion. Fighting to within 75 meters (246 ft) of the summit, Delta Company 3/187th nearly carried the hill but experienced severe casualties, including all of its officers. The battle was one of close combat, with the two sides exchanging small arms and grenade fire within 20 meters (66 ft) of one another. From a light observation helicopter, the battalion commander attempted to coordinate the movements of the other companies into a final assault, but an exceptionally intense thunderstorm reduced visibility to zero and ended the fighting. Unable to advance, 3/187 again withdrew down the mountain. The three converging companies of 1/506th struggled to take Hill 900, the southern crest of the mountain, encountering heavy opposition for the first time in the battle. Because of the heavy casualties already sustained by his units and under pressure from the unwanted attention of the press, Zais seriously considered discontinuing the attack but decided otherwise. Both the corps commander and the MACV commander, General Creighton W. Abrams, publicly supported the decision. Zais decided to commit three fresh battalions to the battle and to have one of them relieve the 3/187th in place. The 3/187th’s losses had been severe, with approximately 320 killed and wounded, including more than sixty percent of the 450 experienced troops who had assaulted into the valley. Two of its four company commanders and eight of twelve platoon leaders had become casualties. The battalion commander of the 2/506th, Lt. Col. Gene Sherron, arrived at Honeycutt’s CP on the afternoon of May 18 to coordinate the relief. 3/187th was flying out its latest casualties, and its commander had not yet been informed of the relief. Before any arrangements were made, Zais landed and was confronted by Honeycutt, who argued that his battalion was still combat effective. After a sharp confrontation, Zais relented, although he assigned one of Sherron’s companies to Honeycutt as reinforcement for the assault.

U.S. losses during the ten-day battle totaled 72 KIA and 372 WIA. To take the position, the 101st Airborne Division eventually committed five infantry battalions and ten batteries of artillery. In addition, the U.S. Air Force flew 272 missions and expended more than 500 tons of ordnance.
U.S. claimed the 7th and 8th Battalions of the 29th NVA Regiment suffered 630 dead (discovered on and around the battlefield); including many found in makeshift mortuaries within the tunnel complex.

This is only one of many brutal and unforgiving battles our military fought in Vietnam as well as other wars. It was considered to be one of the most brutal due to the massive loss of life in such a short period of time. Ten days they fought unwavering to take a hill of little significance. Those men that died during the “Battle of Hamburger Hill” are to be respected, honored, and remembered. Yet our surviving veterans that were lucky enough to make it out of Vietnam alive, are now being told they are not allowed into their memorials honor their fallen brothers or they will be arrested. “Park rangers” are following illegal orders and refusing to let veterans in to remember, respect, and honor our fallen that bled and died for our country. “Park rangers”not only have threatened veterans with arrest, but some veterans have been arrested as well for simply honoring the fallen.

NYPD Arrests Veterans Reciting Names Of The Fallen:

My message to the park rangers going along with these horrendous diabolical orders: Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself “Who will stand for me when I am targeted?” Do you expect your “traitorous superiors” or “Obama” to come to your aide? Think again. Do you think that our veterans, or any true American will come to your aide once they know you are a traitor to our veterans and our country? If you do not stop now and stand on your oath, or refuse to disobey illegal orders, then do not expect help from those you choose to attack. Your oath is to the constitution of the United States NOT to any man. You know right from wrong, and you will be held accountable for your actions. We the people need you to follow your oath. When you follow your oath tyranny can not reign.

America will not stand for you using the excuse “I was just following orders”. We will not stand by watching as you attack our veterans and military, whom have fought, died, and been dismembered to keep us safe and free. WE THE PEOPLE will come after your jobs, and press charges against you. We will make your faces known throughout the world exposing you for who you are, traitors to our country and our people.

Park Ranger admits she is not ashamed about not allowing access.

I have noticed in several videos “park rangers” need to get “permission” in order to use their own brain to decide right from wrong. I wonder, must you call your boss and get “permission” on what socks you can wear that day? I will say not all park rangers are traitors some have chosen to expose this tyranny. To those that abide by their oath and refuse illegal orders this message is not for you, and I salute you. I am only referring to the traitors to this country that are playing a very detrimental and dangerous game of being an “accessory” in the destruction of our constitution, our country, attacking our veterans, and our people.

To all our veterans, military, police, park rangers, etc… that follow your oath. I stand side by side with you fighting for truth, justice, freedom, the constitution, and our country. I rejoice in the day America is loosed from the bondage of tyranny, oppression, and slavery. When we unite as ONE people and stand against this corruption WE THE PEOPLE can and will win and become a free nation once again. God Bless You All. Semper Fi

UPDATE: A Powerful message from Ronald Regan “A Soldiers Pledge”.:

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