The Top Joe Biden Gaffes since January

“Stupid is as stupid does.” One would say that anyone who voted for Obama the first time made a bad choice due to “having the wool pulled over their eyes.” Those same individuals, who voted for Obama a second time, would be considered stupid since Obama exposed his total incompetence to hold the office of the President. Everyone, who is anyone, is throwing their hat into the ring for the 2016 Presidential election, including none other than Vice-President Joe Biden. And, it seems Biden will say anything and support any and every group that has the potential to place him in the People’s House.

Since January, Joe “off the wall” Biden has issued one grandiose statement after another to ingratiate himself with every conceivable constituency, every donor he can find and every ethnic group in order to garner votes to win. Joe has really embraced “the ends justifies the means” mentality. In celebration of Joe’s tossing his hat into the ring, the Daily Caller has compiled a list of Gaffe Joe’s top ten statements since January 2014.

In August of 2012, Biden brazenly told black Americans, “the GOP policies are going to put y’all back in chains.” This was in response to the GOP deregulatory stance of 2012 candidate Mitt Romney. Biden has since perfected his “slinging of the manure” manner of statements and will even miss-speak history.

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Before a group of American employers, who Biden thought would “empathize with unknown, low skilled foreigners because they share the same ethnicity,” he said, “Eleven million undocumented aliens are already Americans, in my view. They just want … a chance to put down roots and help build the next great American century.” These statements were issued before the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event in Washington, DC. To reiterate his stance, Biden stated, “I really believe that.”

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Eleven million individuals broke the law, the US immigration law, and Biden considers them “already Americans.” I guess it doesn’t matter that illegal immigrants take jobs away from American citizens, especially black males whose unemployment rate is approximately 25%, or that these individuals are criminals. So, shame on those awful Republicans who want to put Americans in chains.

At the March 23 dinner by Human Rights Campaign, Biden told homosexual donors, “It shocks the conscience that at this very moment in American history, in some states, an employer can fire you just because of who you are or who you love.”

Really, Joe? The federal law regarding employment, adopted by all states, prohibits employers from firing individuals because of race, creed, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. It’s called discrimination and is against the employment laws.

Joe wasn’t finished either. He spread that manure even thicker when he stated, “It’s close to barbaric … think about this – no, I really mean this, imagine, imagine 20 years from now, as America looks back and says, how in the hell could that have ever been allowed?”

Hey Joe, the 1960s called and they want their civil rights movement back.

Joe followed up his “senior moment” by saying, “Your actions not only liberated millions, millions in the LGBT community, but here’s the point I don’t think you fully understand, you liberated millions of straight guys and straight women. No, no, you have.”

First of all, who knew that all of us were oppressed or in some “make shift” sexual orientation prison and needed to be liberated. And exactly what was anyone liberated from? What people do in the privacy of their home and behind closed doors needs to stay there. Maybe being able to have your sexual activities on display in public is some sort of act of liberation – I don’t know. What I do know is any type of sexual activity needs to be done behind closed doors in private and away from public scrutiny. According to Joe, we have been liberated so I guess all of us “straights” can come out of the closet now.

Of the 1989 demolition of the Berlin Wall, Joe said, “I watched personally that it was Poland’s courage that unleashed forces that brought down the Berlin Wall.” – March 18 speech that could possibly be heard by Polish donors and voters in the upper Midwest.

Huh? Joe needs to check his history better as the wall was between East Berlin and West Berlin, so I’m pretty sure those on both sides of the wall, with the aid from some Americans, helped topple that eyesore to freedom. It was Ronald Reagan who said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

To favor Irish-Americans at a St. Patrick’s Day effort, Biden proclaimed, “My mom, who passed away a couple of years ago, Catherine Eugenia Finnigan Biden – used to say – and I mean this sincerely – her notion was, she said, ‘Joey, to be Irish is about family, it’s about faith, but most of all, it’s about courage.’ Without courage, you cannot love with abandon. I think that’s one of the defining … passion(s) that built both our nations and continues to run through the bloodstream of all Irish Americans.”

Aren’t Italians more known for their zest for “love and passion” more so than the Irish? I don’t know, and it appears Joe doesn’t either but thinks he does.

“President [Shimon] Peres, you and Prime Minister [Ariel] Sharon are part of one of the most remarkable founding generations in the history, not of this nation, but of any nation.” – January 13 at memorial ceremony for Sharon, who celebrated Hanukkah, and who had passed.

Let’s all take a moment to shake our head.

“We have never stepped away [from Israel] We have never diminished our support. We have never failed to make Israel’s case around the world.”

One word fits these statements – lies.

“Hey folks, look, there’s a reason the President and I like talking to mayors. You’re the one group of elected officials that get things done … Most of the innovation is coming from you all.” – January 23 at a meeting of mayors.

Biden was speaking in reference to Obamacare, which he “once described Obama’s one-size-fits-all and now unpopular Obamacare network as a “big f**king deal.” It seems our politicians and leaders enjoy using the F-bomb in their professional capacity. Amazing this is what the American people elected.

Last, but certainly not least, is Biden’s comments to the House Democratic Caucus Retreat on February 14; “On every major issue the American people agree with the Democratic party. They are with us.”

Joe is short on facts, short on memory and long in wind. Obama has his lowest approval rating to date and the approval rating of Congress is in the toilet. This is the man who is throwing his hat into the bid to run on the ballot for the 2016 Presidential election. Of course, Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton may still be in the wings.

If America follows the “stupid is as stupid does” motto exhibited in the 2012 election, Joe “off the wall” Biden or Hellary (yes, the spelling is intentional) will possibly be the next holder of the office of the President. These statements are just a few of what can be expected from shillelagh Joe in the coming years leading into 2016; one can imagine the manure Hellary will sling.

Biden is a man who stands for nothing, supports whatever is necessary to get votes and donors and who loves the sound of his own voice regardless if what he says is factual or not.

America, the choice is yours: Wake up now or Blundering Biden may be the next face of the idiocy of America. Imagine how the rest of the world will view us then. If you have any doubt, Putin is already making his moves.

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