Is it Time for an Insurrection?

I can provide limitless references as to my considerable ignorance when it comes to “the finer points of politics,” whatever that means. I credit my ignorance due to the fact that my early years were spent in the U.S Army where politics are basically forbidden and I have spent several chapters of my life since then outside this country; due in no small part to the near impossibility of Vietnam Veterans ever getting hired for a job in the early 1970’s; even when they were well qualified.

adbusters_tb_may-2012-insurrection_4_sMy parents were Republicans so naturally I was raised in that frame of reference and registered and voted as a Republican until recent times.  In the 2010 midterm election I worked on the Sharron Angle campaign from beginning to end. During that election cycle it became obvious to the most casual of observers that We The People were fighting battles on TWO fronts: the Liberal / Democrat machine AND the Republican National Committee.

Having a military background I fully understand the need for a chain of command and unit cohesion and other wonderful theories. But I also recall one of the shortest lessons ever taught at the “Benning School for Boys”: aka. Infantry Officer Candidate School (OCS). It was the mid-1960’s as the buildup of American forces in Vietnam was approaching its peak. We were told of this brand new Lieutenant, an alumni, who was platoon leader of an infantry platoon in Vietnam. And his platoon found itself isolated in the jungle under intense fire from the enemy. And this young Lieutenant was “in over his head” and as the intensity of the engagement increased, the Lieutenant gave his last order: “Fix bayonets and Charge!”


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Attack an enemy who was unseen and firing automatic weapons from every direction with knives?

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There are two lessons in this tale. The first lesson is that when under intense fire you must do SOMETHING or you will be defeated and you will die. The second lesson is that just because someone has been appointed to a “leadership” position does not make their decisions rational or feasible.

These are lessons that those still foolish enough to support the Republican Party have yet to learn and learn they must or We The People will be the pall bearers of Freedom and Liberty in the world.

I cannot count the number of times I have seen Einstein’s definition of insanity in emails and postings on the web. But without counter ACTION We The People are like that platoon surrounded and under intense enemy fire in the jungles of Vietnam.

It is time for open and aggressive insurrection by We The People AGAINST the GOP.

I ride a motorcycle nearly every day of my life and have done so for more than a half century; which means I am in the “line of fire” and in danger of losing my life every time I get into traffic. Knowing this, I am always looking for a safe place to “lay it down”, i.e. “retreat” should that become necessary; a requisite strategy in all military tactics.

In the world of military tactics one of the most effective strategies is the “pincer attack” in which a force which may be equal or smaller than the opposing force will split at the point of engagement and sweep to either side of the front to close off any possibility of retreat. This tactic splits the enemy forces and renders them significantly less capable of defeating the attacking force.

Such are the tactics of the GOP against We The People who believe in the Constitution of the United States and a truly representative government.

The GOP is NOT our friend. The GOP does NOT represent us or our values. The GOP is more focused on destroying the Tea Party and its supporters than it is interested in defeating the Liberal / Progressive / So-Called-Democratic agenda.

Wake Up America! We The People are AT WAR with our government – ALL of our government. We have very few “friends” in Washington like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

And I give this advice to every candidate and would be candidate: If “Washington” in the form of the Republican National Committee (RNC) provides or even recommends one or more persons as “Campaign Managers” or “Campaign Consultants” and you accept them into your campaign then you will have proven yourself a damned fool who will never get elected.

Just take a look at who wields “power” in the so called “Republican” party. Karl Rove? Are you kidding me? What is this man’s claim to fame? He was Deputy Chief of Staff under a failed president; George W. Bush.  Anyone who knows the workings of corporate America knows that “deputies” are typically “friends” of the person who appointed them to the position and the appointment seldom has anything to do with qualifications or ability.

I ask you: Since he resigned from the Bush White House, what has this man actually done? Can anyone name just one election that he has guided to success?

And let me ask: Who the heck is Reinhold R. Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC)? What are his credentials? He is a lawyer with political ambition who could not even engineer a successful result for his own campaign for Wisconsin State Senate in 2004.  And based on that, he “guided” the Republicans in the 2008, 2010 and 20012 campaign seasons? At least his results are consistent: LOOSER!

I saw the effects of the RNC “leadership” in the 2010 mid-term elections. Elton John sang of “A Candle in the Wind,” and I saw Sharron Angle’s campaign as a “Candle in A Cat-5 Hurricane”…blowing directly from the RNC in the east.

America, we are at war with our government and we need to accept that fact and deal with this reality accordingly.

And how do we do that?

Accept the fact that there will be “casualties”; i.e.: races that simply cannot be won. Does that mean that we do not fight each and every battle? Absolutely not! It means that we deploy an attack force led by a true conservative candidate backed by our local Tea Party organizations. We must do this in order to draw as much of the opposition as is possible away from other fronts – both fronts, and when I speak of “the opposition” I mean ALL opposition to include ANY milk-sops hand-picked by the local Republican parties and the RNC.

When the primary election season is over, if OUR candidate does not emerge from the fog, not one dime in donations and not one pair of boots on the ground for any event for a candidate that We The People do not accept. We can no longer just shrug after the primary elections and say: “Oh well. That was not my candidate but I will vote for them because they are a Republican.” ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Am I suggesting that we just sit home and let the chips fall where they may? Exactly so!

It is no longer acceptable to run close (losing) races. If the GOP / RNC will not back our candidates with every dollar and resources available then they should get NO VOTES at all such that each and every election is an unmitigated disaster.

In the world of personal counselors it is called “Tough Love.”

In this case the addict is addicted to POWER and will say and do whatever is needed to keep and enhance that POWER induced “high.” This is the case with all addicts, those at the top of the RNC/GOP will chase their next fix to their own detriment up to and, in the case of the RNC HOPEFULLY, up to their own death as a political organization.

Am I worried that the Democrats will get “the upper hand”? I do not fear what I can see and understand. That might have something to do with my participating in “rattle snake roundups” when I was young and foolish. Why should one fear what simply IS? The Liberal / Progressive / Socialist / Communist / So-Called-Democrats have the upper hand and their position is greatly enhanced by those who are so willingly “going along to get along” in order to maintain their grasp on POWER and those who have willingly become addicted to “free stuff” from the government.

I believe strongly in the Constitution of the United States and I believe strongly in the human spirit and God given desire for freedom. I believe in the power of We The People.

At some point those who have grown accustomed to the velvet chains of government handouts will see the velvet ripped away and the harsh cold chains of slavery exposed to the light of day. At some point those political gad-flies who consistently hang their hats, hopes, and aspirations on the coat tails of perpetual losers will come to the realization that such behavior only leads to being losers themselves leaving them with nothing more than generations of reparations to be paid to our country.

I am a combat soldier and I do not use the words “treason” or “traitor” lightly and to the best of my recollection have never used them in any of my essays. I choose to use them now and do so with great prejudice.

Now is the time for an insurrection by We The People against the massive armada of mediocrity at all levels of the treasonous GOP. We The People stand for the Constitution and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with those willing to stand with us and let the rest of the political flotsam sink to the bottom of the cesspool from whence they came.

Now is the time for OUR “Battle of Thermopylae.

We may not have a “King Leonidas the Brave” to lead us but we do have brave patriots like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who are willing to stand boldly in the face of the enemy on both sides of the aisle and the traitor in the White House.

Most of us are familiar with the telling of the “Battle of Thermopylae”; the tale of “The 300”. The telling of the tale is more heroic if one focuses on just the 300 men under the command of King Leonidas but there were also 700 Thespians, 400 Thebans and perhaps a few hundred others – and most were killed.

We are all painfully aware that the illegal regime running our country today does not hesitate to use the power of government bureaucracies to harass and persecute those who would speak out against them. And as those being prosecuted fight for their survival their neighbors stand silently by, hunkered down in the hopes that they will not come to the attention of the henchmen of oppression.

And as America is becoming a modern day version of Nazi Germany or Joseph Stalin’s Russia, ruled by fear, We The People continue to look to a traitor to everything we hold dear for leadership out of the darkness that has befallen this land; the GOP.

No more!

Either we join together with others from every corner of our vastly diverse political landscape to reassert our Constitution or we hang our heads and go quietly into that dark night of subjugation and oppression until the torch of liberty is once again re-lit.

“If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘Freedom” out of your vocabulary.” – Malcolm X

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