Time Bomb Presidents

What good are Presidents? Not much, if you ask me. From both Roosevelts to Wilson to Johnson to Nixon to Carter to Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama…I’ve decided modern, corrupt, and Progressive Presidents are time bomb creators.

What made me think of this is Carter and the Community Reinvestment Act, the time bomb that set off a chain reaction, through decades of toxic loans and bad bank regulations, until….Wham, the 2008 banking crisis hits and our economy implodes. Supposed saviours step in to save the day with fiat money and big government handouts taking us further into the sewer of inflation and debt. One President set off that lethal time bomb and some thirty years later the entire country is in debt up to its eyeballs with little hope of ever getting past it. The sad fact is that the CRA, like Obama’s Health Care Bill, is an un-Constitutional redistribution (stealing) of other people’s money.

Bill Clinton set off his time bomb in 1992. His is called “The President’s Council on Sustainable Development.” (This one is based on the first Bush’s signing into the United Nations Agenda 21 Treaty which our congress never ratified.) Cute sounding name for destruction of private property rights, redistributing populations, and forcing regulations on energy, property, water, land, minerals, roads, and just about anything else that breathes or moves….or exists. We are nearly 20 years after that time bomb was detonated and now we are seeing the drastic devastation it is causing to every area of the country. In spite of the 14 trillion dollars of debt we are facing, the grant and subsidy money just keeps flowing out of the federal government in order to herd people into certain areas and regulate every breath taken.

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Then comes President Bush the second. He had five of them. First the Patriot Act, then came Homeland Security, then the Prescription Drug Bill, open borders with no security, and last but not least, the No Child Left Behind Act. You can throw in Iraq and Afghanistan, since we are still there for the foreseeable future. Now that the middle east is exploding, I can’t see us pulling out of there any time soon. So far we are rid of none of these huge problems and programs.

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Well, we can go back to FDR with Social Security. Since 1938 we’ve had the un-Constitutional, ponzi scheme, time bomb of Social Security ticking away, always threatening to explode, go broke, and break further the treasury of America.

And of course we have Wilson who set up the Federal Reserve and placed the solvency of the country into the hands of global financiers who rake in billions from doing our business. Inflation and yo yo economics, anyone??? Beuhler? Beuhler? See: The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

We can’t leave out Nixon who bombed the gold reserve standard out of existence…and we are still paying the price for having printed dollars worth less by the minute. (Not to mention kissing up to the Chinese with a trade debacle that is now killing us.)

Oh, and there was Johnson with the war on poverty (read welfare state) and Medicare and Medicaid. Now there are some mean bombs…still ticking, still doing lots of economic damage, and still exploding away, day after day.

I guess I should bring up Reagan’s war on drugs. That hasn’t worked out too well either, over forty years later. Still tick, tick, ticking away, costing us money and not doing a whole lot of good considering Mexican drug traffickers are pouring the stuff over the border by the ton.

I am not a Presidential historian and at the moment I can’t dredge up Eisenhour’s and Kennedy’s big bombs…although I do remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and the bimbo, Monroe, singing Happy Birthday. Eisenhour escapes me except for some rumor about a mistress, the military industrial complex, the interstate highway system (which is a good bomb), and the fact that he was a hero General in the big war.

Obama’s bombs….

Now we have Obama with his role in instigating the middle east to go up in flames, losing any ally we had there, and making chummy with the Muslim Brotherhood crowd. How long is that time bomb going to go on……don’t ask. We can only imagine. There is Obamacare, the take over of the car companies, the refusal to allow us to drill for oil, his thumbs on and in the banking industry, the disgusting fascism with GE, the justice department that doesn’t even know what justice is, two supreme court communist appointments, the continuation of Clinton’s PCSD and Carter’s CRA, a few dozen Czars who rule the country by fiat, tick, tick, tick.

At this point, I am not happy becoming a cynic and being jaded over electing a next President. After all, I cannot wait to rid the scourge of a Communist who now occupies the White House. But, today, I decided to look back over these many years of Presidents and ask myself, “What good are they?” For crying out loud, they’ve all been domestic terrorists, time bombing the country with damage greater than any human being would have thought possible. They set off these horrific, destructive, nation killing programs and policies, and then they walk off into the billionaires club with kudos and security blankets for which we are paying them for life.

There has to be someone better out there. Please let there be someone who knows how to dismantle these bombs. We definitely need a munitions expert who can clip the wires off of these things. Fast!

Otherwise…..KaBoom again and again. And again and again.

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