This Guy Completely Destroys A Gun-Control Fanatic

Anthony Gucciardi is the creator of Storyleak, accomplished writer and producer. He recently ran into a gun-control fanatic, who was also a knife-control fanatic…..who was also a "ban anything that can hurt anyone" fanatic. Because the content of the 5 minute video is an absolute demolishing of that gentleman's presuppositions, I highly recommend it to readers of Freedom Outpost, knowing that we do encounter such individuals in our world. Enjoy!


For more on the statistics of gun violence in America, take a look at the recent article on how Barack Obama's executive ordered CDC study report on gun violence corrected allegations and the real numbers on gun violence in America and how anti-gun advocates are attempting to demonize the AR-15.

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I also recommend listening to this inspiring speech before gun grabbing legislators from a US soldier who fought for the right to keep and bear arms and openly declared that rights trump those who have died due to the use of an inanimate object by criminals.

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