“They’ll Take ‘Em Outta My Cold Dead Hands…”

I just finished reading Dave Hodges’s article “UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Just Took a Giant Step Forward-Thanks Congress!” As always, Dave succinctly states the facts, he backs up his source material, he does everything but actually read the information to you. He is clearly defining the problem facing the 300,000,000 legal gun owners in America. He does everything short of reaching through the wi-fi and slapping us.

49 comments. At the time that I read this article, there were 49 comments. Normally, I ignore the comments because I know that, if I read them, I am going to either laugh, cry, or have to purchase yet another laptop. I lose all hope for this country when I read the comments on articles concerning guns. The absolute enormity of what we are facing completely escapes all of you, even current and former military. Go to Google Maps, zoom all the way out. See that blue ball spinning in the middle of your screen? That is the earth. Now look at how small the United States looks in comparison to all of the other land masses combined. All of those other land masses combined are the United Nations. They have a big, beautiful building, conveniently located in New York City. I can promise you, hell will freeze over before it gets hit with a plane.

300,000,000 legal gun owners sounds like a lot. And, of course, our own military would never fire on the American population. When you answer your door with your empty hands and see the tanks coming down your street and 15 men standing there…what are you going to do? Run for your gun? Or, better yet, answer the door with your gun in your hands? Those members of the most well-trained forces on the face of the earth will see you as a threat and blow your insides all over your kitchen, take your gun, and either blow everyone else away that is in your home or frog-march them out into the street. Your grandkids will thank you later for that memory.

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See, this is what all of you seem to fail to understand: they have been training right in front of you, for years, in your country. They are organized, trained, prepared for every situation. Jade Helm—Mastering the Human Domain—they have been crawling up your butt all summer. You, on the other hand, have no idea who your neighbors are. Are they preppers? Are they armed? Could they organize themselves out of a port-a-potty? If they are organized in any meaningful way, what do you know about it? Do you trust them with the lives of your children? Can you trust them at all?

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Every time I hear the “cold dead heads” crap, I really just want to haul off and slap the person saying it. Because “cold dead hands” is exactly what is going to happen. I cannot wait to see you and your 12 gauge standing in front of that Howitzer that will momentarily be turning half of the people in your neighborhood into hamburger. Even the loyal, flag-burning, race-baiting sodomite couple that just got “married.” They are useful idiots that have outlasted their usefulness.


You may be a veteran and you may have fought in three armed conflicts, but those conflicts were one country at a time. You were the invading force, taking the citizens of each of those neighborhoods by surprise. If not by surprise, by brute force, with little blue helmets supporting you in one way, shape, or form. We should have never let the Federal Reserve form. That privately-owned, centralized bank signed our death warrants in 1913. With each decade that has passed since then, they have been planning, preparing, testing us, gauging our reactions (or lack thereof) to each little encroachment on our rights. Each right that got trampled—we protested a little less each time. We were fat and happy and believed everything the talking heads on TV told us.

Now, it is too late. It is not like we can organize. If you have a single voice-recognition item in your home, it is recording every sound you make. You cannot drive a mile without being on at least one camera. Not to mention that Google Earth shows your house, vehicles, and, on a good day, your wife, available for anyone and everyone to access. Even if you tried to organize, you cannot function without your phone, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, TV, computer, Facebook, Twitter, electricity, water… within three days the average American will be dead, whether that gun is in your hands or not. You signed your own death warranty with one word… Apathy.

If you are angry, good. You should have been angry a very long time ago. If you want to be angry with me, that’s fine—I’m just telling you God’s honest truth, and in your gut, you know it.

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