The Zimmerman Trial Was Ultimately About Going After Guns & Self-Defense Laws

If you haven’t been able to put two and two together yet, the spectacle we just witnessed as the George Zimmerman trial wasn’t really about George Zimmerman at all. It wasn’t a trial to find real justice and it wasn’t even a trial where George Zimmerman was the accused. It wasn’t about Trayvon Martin or the perceived injustice of a white guy who wasn’t white being racist against a poor, oppressed black kid. Nope, this was a trial where the nation’s self-defense laws were the accused and it was designed explicitly to get the new generation of ding dongs educated in social change and social justice to believe that drastic steps need to be taken to change our nations out dated gun laws. Ding dongs incidentally, that haven’t had an honest discussion about liberty and the constitution since the third grade.

The thing is my friends; there is a reason I have spent so much time focusing on subjects like Alinsky, communism, The Hegelian Dialectic and any other topic the left embraces. Understanding the philosophies of the left makes it very easy to predict their next move. By understanding all of their individual objectives, which in many cases may seem unrelated, are meant to psychologically pacify you it becomes blatantly obvious what their true objectives are. In the case of the George Zimmerman trial it didn’t matter if there was a guilty or not guilty verdict. The only difference it made was the approach they took with their next move. A guilty verdict would only have made it more confident as they would have felt emboldened by the jury’s decision. Having a not guilty verdict just means they need to twist it up a bit and connect the need for gun control to the injustice rendered by a racist court system. They would have gone after the nation’s self-defense laws either way because as Eric Holder once said, “We have to brainwash people into thinking differently about guns.” America, everything the communists are up to is about taking your right to self-defense and your right to the means of self-defense from you.

At the time of this writing, we have news breaking of Jesse Jackson calling for a boycott against Florida, the Republicans caving on Obama’s radical nominations to the EPA and the Department of Labor, and the State of New York gearing up to use more tax dollars to fund a renewed gun control effort. If you haven’t noticed they really don’t care about what you have to say, do they? If the Republicans are caving on the nomination of these questionable characters, what makes you think they won’t cave over some back room deal when it comes to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty? We currently have a government who has been caught red handed lying, cheating, sending weapons to our enemies, spying on American citizens while leaving mosques alone, inciting racial violence while ignoring the fact that black on white crime far surpasses white on black crime. The people we voted for to save us from this have done nothing but cower to the radical threats and cries of racism, as well as fall for the lie of compromise. The communists keep taking and taking and the Republicans keep caving and caving, and our voices are becoming weaker and weaker.

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Where’s the line America? The left is kicking our rear ends because they can mobilize a bunch of useful idiots, pay them ten dollars an hour to protest, and they just march right in step, likely without even realizing the heart of the issue they are protesting. You are supposedly a freedom loving American who is intelligent enough to know you are being lied to and many of you didn’t even vote because you didn’t like Mitt Romney. America, we aren’t losing because America has been taken over by radical leftists, we are losing because we have done nothing about it. You don’t need to see this as a call to violence, you just have to realize the persistence and commitment the left has to fundamental change. Folks they really believe in communism and they are willing to do anything for it. They know that your morality will prevent you from adapting such tactics and they despise you for it. It’s impossible to use truth as a weapon when the left believes in moral relativism my friends. There is no truth to these people, the only truths they see are the ones that help them achieve their objective, a totalitarian dictatorship that the sheep have been trained to believe will make everything fair. The George Zimmerman trial was just a show to put the “unjust laws of a racist society” on trial in the court of public opinion. As long as they are able to muster the automatons to their cause our voices will go unheard. Sleep on it America, tomorrow promises to be a rough day.

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