Yesterday, the news cycle was abuzz with the news of investigators who claimed that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich had sent more than 44,000 emails and more than 17,000 attachments to now deceased Gavin MacFadyen of Wikileaks.   While Rich's family denies that he was the Wikileaks informant, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange implied that he was and that the stakes in the 2016 election were high.  However, the bigger question in all of this is, who murdered Seth Rich?

We know that surveillance video captured some of what took place during Rich's murder.  Yet, we also know that one of the investigators claims that DC police were told to stand down in the investigation, causing some of us to question who gave that order and why?

Rich was in charge of voter expansion in DC at the time of his murder.  In reporting on his death, I wrote:

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One has to question the time of Rich's murder. Here is a DNC staffer in charge of voter expansion data and yet, he is murdered in the middle of the night, just months before the election?

If you think these are inappropriate questions, consider the 2008 death of Republican Michael Connell, who was killed in a plane crash. Connell was an IT specialist who understood completely how electronic voting machines functioned, something that Clinton Eugene Curtis demonstrated could easily be manipulated.

The emails that were released by Wikileaks made waves across the nation and in the Democratic Party itself. The DNC emails were released just 12 days after Rich was murdered, which led to then DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning only to be hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and a flood of questions being asked regarding Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's shady dealings.

Consider that those in the DNC are a murderous bunch of people in their bloodthirsty cries for the murder of the unborn.  However, I'm not saying that either Clinton nor the DNC had anything to do with Rich's death, but honestly, one must consider that in light of such things as the evidence surrounding the Clinton Chronicles and this latest video here.

Watch and you judge for yourself whether or not you think someone in the DNC or the Clinton campaign had anything to do with Rich's death or was it just another random robbery gone bad.

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