The United States Today: The Land of Assigning Guilt to Anything But Sin

In the grief stricken wake of the evil massacre at Sandy Hook elementary, the liberals, the historically ignorant and the administration are on a rampage of their own.  How many lives their cause may claim is yet to be determined.

On Friday, the media swooned over a “tear filled” Obama during his speech in the aftermath of the tragedy.  While he so “very honorably” identified it as not being the proper time to address gun control, his colleagues in corruption used it as the launching pad for the most aggressive assault on the 2nd amendment in our nation’s history.

While Obama sheds not a tear for the millions of babies systematically torn from their mother’s wombs, he whips up some timely ones for the souls lost on Friday.  Hypocritical actions were applauded as sympathetic, and he postponed the “not right time” only until Sunday evening, when he made his first mention of the need for increased gun control.

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Within minutes of the massacre, the media was reporting on speculations over what weapons were used, how it could have been stopped, and how the young man must have mood disorders.  I heard no mention, even the next day, at how this was a result of sin.  Even after they reported what he did to his mother, no one seemed the least bit angry at him at all-only the gun that sat inanimately until it’s unlawful and sinful use.

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I saw no writing from the media, that this would have been carried out only by someone demonically controlled. In an era gone by, we would have demanded to see the the body or proof of the one they say executed himself with an AR-15 (??) or handgun “owned by his mother”.  The nation and leaders instead use the “family weapon” in an attempt to demonize owning guns.  “If we cause folks to question the safety and need for their own right to bear arms, they’ll go more quietly.” In an era gone by, we would have called the media on the discrepancies in stories and demanded truth. If they intentionally or unintentionally mislead the facts of the story, how do we believe any of the details?

In an era gone by in the US, it wouldn’t have been the remnant alone who were crying out to God for His comfort and justice for the slain, but a collective nation.  Rather, vile anger, ignorance, hate and attacks on people, organizations and liberty itself have been orchestrated against those who believe and uphold the 2nd amendment right to own firearms.  The remnant does not ignore the truth of gun laws creating increased crime.  The remnant does not excuse sin in favor of assigning blame on anyone and anything else besides the evil actions of a Satan led conspiracy.

The remnant questions the facts, understanding things in our nation today are not fully disclosed in an accurate fashion, but rather are perpetrated fabrications to develop a means to an end that the powers in charge see benefits them.  “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”, means just that.  Utilize tragedy in any way or form to develop a “need” for rescue from that tragedy, and the “prevention of more”.

In our era of flooding the neuro-system of little boys as young as two and three full of psychotropic drugs designed to induce emotionless little zombies; to keep them under control when they have absentee mothers and no fathers to lead them, we can expect more of the same.  We can even expect escalation of true crimes against innocents.

A nation that excuses the murder of the pre-born has no conscience.  They have only hypocritical outpourings of “care” when the lives lost are visible to them.  In an era gone by, we would persecute murderers of children, but now we sacrifice them on an altar of mental health excuses, and in the case of abortion, selfish pursuit.

In our nation of blaming anyone but sin, we excuse the breakdown of the family as a “blessing” of feminism.  We cover up the sins of the fathers and mothers as not having impact on the children beyond a small inconvenience and temporary upset.  More children today are shuffled between two different homes, than those who go to sleep in the same bed each night.  Men are despised as leaders, and discipline, responsibility, and the reality of sin are no longer taught as important guideposts to raising children who object to violent assault.

Unless the United States stops sacrificing their children on the altar of self, and raising what children they don’t murder with a denial that sin and evil exists, our nation will continue to break apart at the seams.  Brick by brick, a foundation which contains mortar of faith, responsibility, the 2nd amendment, hard work, and liberty; by forefathers who predicted such a crumbling if the precepts were abandoned, this nation is all but dismantled.  It is not dismantled by guns, but rather by a rise in evil, due to a lack of salvation, a lack of character, responsibility, and a lack of parenting that once produced some of the greatest in character in all of the world.

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