The United States Of America Is Being Hijacked And Invaded By Communist Agents And Violent Mob Rule

“When legislature is corrupted, the people are undone.”

– John Adams

For those that know their history of the formation of the United States, the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770, six years before the revolution, in a riot by a mob in which British soldiers opened fire, which was initially claimed as a brutal assault by the tyrannical British, but when the evidence was produced, John Adams (later became the second president of the United States) defended the soldiers in court, exposing the fact that stones were thrown at the soldiers and they were trying to defend themselves from the mob. Five died in the incident which was a major media story just as it is today in Baltimore; however, today, the local government establishment in Baltimore is siding with the mob instead of the institutions of justice, which is tragic for the present and future of our country. Our country is rapidly moving to mimic the corrupt governments of Africa where populous rebel rousing by the institutions of government along with rampant corruption instead of upholding the law of constitutional statutes.

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“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.”

– John Adams

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It is blatantly obvious America has been hijacked by communist agitators trying to hide as liberal democrats and using the mob and black poverty which has created by decades of lousy policies of political corruption and wasted opportunities. When failure is apparent they blame Republicans or Conservatives. The sad situation is that there are still too many Americans that are not knowledgeable or engaged enough to understand what is happening.

The Baltimore mayor and her Attorney General have taken upon themselves to play to the mob than to the appropriate wheels of justice. This is a dangerous precedent which flies in the face of the basic freedoms our country. The police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray have been rail roaded, bypassing the grand jury system for the purpose of the Mayor’s own biased political motives.

This is deeply troubling for the freedom we cherish. The black liberal establishment has now decided to subvert justice and to attempt to enslave us in way that they were during their tragedy of slavery. They choose to impose both poverty and dependence with policies that have failed over and over. This enhances continual poverty passed on from generation to generation. Rather than fix the problems with proven policies that work in states like Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Florida, and South Carolina (Republican controlled), which has given more opportunity to all citizens of their respective states as well as brought fiscal sanity. Having welfare recipients receiving $300 a week as an income along with a part-time job as a drug dealer is indirectly why Freddie Gray died. While his death is a tragedy and the real circumstances of his death have yet to be established, the one real fact is he was one of those welfare recipients and a notorious drug dealer with a long criminal record. There is no doubt that he was a victim of Democrat polices that have enhanced the power of poverty politics which is keep them poor, keep them victims, give them a few bucks and tell them that if they dare vote for those evil conservatives they will take away their welfare. Sadly this type of propaganda works for two reasons, the Democrats are good at propaganda and the second reason is that Republicans are lousy at getting their message out in Democrat strongholds, or they just do not bother.

We have watched the Ferguson riots, and now the Baltimore riots. Justice is meant to blind, but when black liberal Democrats are the arbiters of our justice system, it seems they continually play the race card. In reality, they are no better than the white supremacist racists that predominated the very party they now seem to control. So we have gone from white racism in the Democrat party to black racism against whites—it is ironic, but that is what we have seen in the last six years of the Obama administration. There is your “Hope and Change.”

With still twenty months left of the Obama administration and the prospect of a potential presidency bought and paid for by the Muslim brotherhood and special interests, i.e. Hilary Clinton, it will be the last chance to save America from its deep decline as a beacon of freedom and the strength of the Judea Christian world. It is imperative we elect a leader who can unite our country and bring us policies of strength and opportunity.

John Adams was a strong opponent of the British, but he was a man of deep integrity. His heart was with the mob, but the facts and evidence were with the innocence of the British soldiers. Despite his dislike for British rule, he defended his clients and acquired their acquittal, yet the political leaders of Baltimore have chosen to side with the mob and bypass the Grand jury because the facts of the case would obviously not warrant a full court hearing, which would not be politically favorable to the mob. The Black liberal establishment might as well be the mob, and your President, along with his administration, are also people of mob rule—that is where America is today.


*Article by Keith Davies

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