What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The Syrian Civil War

The U.S. government continued to say until recently, that it is not willing to arm the so called rebels in Syria despite calls by high profile Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. However, there have been at least 300 marines stationed along the Syrian border with Jordan for quite some time.

The U.S. has located 300 Marines in northern Jordan near the border with Syria along with a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system. That report came from the Times of London.

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The U.S. military says those marines are only there as part of a military training exercise. Other than that, we know very little about the role of those marines other than the fact that they will remain there for at least several months.

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So the big question, how long before the United States is involved in Syria? The answer, we already are.

Last year when I talked one on one with President Obama, he told me that the United States was careful not to provide arms to these rebel groups. The President said that in response to a question I asked him about how the United States could support the Syrian rebels when so many of those so called rebels arent Syrian and many are al Qaeda fighters from Iraq.

In reality the United States has already provided millions in financial help to the FSA or the Free Syrian Army. We have also provided non-lethal assistance to the FSA, satellite radios, as well as body armor.

However, according to some like Republican Senator John McCain, that is not enough. On Memorial Day McCain made a secret trip to Syria to meet with the leader of the supreme military council of the Free Syrian Army, General Salem Idris.

Senator McCain was asked for the U.S. to take the lead in a quote “more serious manner”. More specifically, to provide heavy weapons directly to the FSA. He was asked for the U.S. to create a no fly zone for Syrian war planes and for strategic bombings by the U.S. on the Syrian government.

So whats the problem here? There is in fact, an enormous problem. This is the part of the story that so much of the media is just not telling you.

The war in Syria is not a true civil war. Two years ago, President Bashar al Assad was fairly unpopular with his people. Those I have talked to who are living in Syria today tell me that there was justified and growing anger against Assad.

When civil unrest started, it looked as if there would be a push for freedom but in a short time, the people fighting that war against the government became, not Syrian citizens but jihadists and al Qaeda fighters. There are multiple groups fighting to overthrow the Assad regime. The FSA or the Free Syrian Army, the ones making the requests for U.S. help are second largest opposition group. The largest is al Nusra Front.

Who is that? Al Nusra Front is the Syrian wing of al Qaeda in Iraq. In December of 2012, the United States officially designated al Nusra Front as a terror organization. Then in April of 2013, the head of al Qaeda in Iraq released an audio recording announcing al Nusra as its branch in Syria.

Ohio congressman Brad Wenstrup tells me that much of what he knows about the situation in Syria is classified but admits quote,

“You really have to take a close look at who are your friends and what will this do to us in the long term, and we have had some lessons learned on that in the past.”

The Congressman cant get into too many details about what he knows but there is a lot out there that is not classified about al Nusra Front.

About a month ago, the UK Guardian reported that the best financed, best equipped and best motivated force taking on the Syrian government is not the FSA but is al Nusra. Moreso, that the Free Syrian Army is losing thousands of fighters and capabilities to al Nusra.

If these guys are so bad, why arent we hearing more about it? I cant tell you that, but what I can tell you is what is happening in Syria today, should have the attention of every American and evidence of it is not that hard to find.

All over YouTube are videos posted by members of the Free Syrian Army, or al Nusra demonstrating what they are doing now and what they will do in Syria once they have control. Beheadings of anyone seen as a traitor or siding with the government and the slaughtering of many innocent people.

There is something else about the situation in Syria that American media is not telling you. Until this war started two years ago, Syria was one of the few places in the Middle East where Christians, Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Alawites, and Jews all lived in peace with each other.

Al Nusra is working to end that. Watch for a minute this YouTube video of members of al Nusra after they have taken a Syrian town. This video uploaded by Syrian Rebel Watch. There is a translation of the words at the bottom of the screen.

Those kinds of videos are hidden in plain sight all over the internet but the American people either dont know they are there or dont care.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is happening in Syria is an enormous problem for the United States. President al Assad may be a poor leader, but he at least allowed the people in Syria, regardless of their religious beliefs to live at peace.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has publicly stated that their goal is create an al Qaeda super state comprised of Iraq and Syria. By funding the so called rebels, the U.S. government is providing handing al Qaeda the keys to that super-state.

By the United States supporting the overthrow of Assad, without question, we will hand Syria over to al Qaeda and the slaughter of millions of Syrians including Syrian Christians, Jews, Alawites and Muslims will be on our hands.

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