The State of the TEA Party- Part III

When the TEA Party arose in 2009, we predicted that it would turn its adherents into cynical, whipped puppies. Having ridden the dead horse of electoral politics for seven years does not mean they have to sit on the dead animal, world without end.

Growing up on the porous Mexico border in Laredo, I was well acquainted with cynicism. Like rust, it grows worse over time. By further atomizing America, cynicism supports our domestic enemy, Washington DC.

The TEA Party is over. Washington D.C. has beaten America by lying, cheating, and turning us against one another. The most powerful independent city-state in history got that way by being smarter than us. While we complain, march, and demonstrate like petulant children or powerless Mexicans, our ruthless, lawless hired help skims America’s payroll accounts to fund our own enslavement. Meanwhile, we fight one another and play electoral politics?

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This is insane. We The People need to grow up, get a clue, and get to work. Read the Constitution; We The People are the sovereigns over this republic. Surely there are more than 100 million productive Americans who claim to be Christians; we can win any war that we actually engage.

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Sending a few statesmen into the enemy camp in DC every two years, is not engaging. In the first place, profound corruption infects the politician almost immediately on taking office, given the present arrangements. We as the sovereigns can change those arrangements, of course; but not by being stuck on stupid.

There is something about working in a massive building topped by a limestone dome…moving into an office with 20-foot ceilings, marble floors, and a fawning staff…being visited by busloads of swooning schoolchildren and journalists and newscam crews…going to lunch with powerful people to decide the fates of millions…something in all of that just corrupts a soul.

Our Bring Congress Home Act will change all of that, at least for the members of Congress. State capitol complexes will still be opulent, 19th century palaces; but that’s a subject for another time. The mission of AmericaAgain! is to restore true popular sovereignty in five tactically sequential steps…

  1. Finally ratify the original First Amendment
  2. Bring Congress home forever
  3. AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to track them daily and enforce the Constitution
  4. Enact 21 reform laws over time, to take back all that D.C. stole from America
  5. Restore the Founding Fathers’ homeland security, constitutional Citizen Militia

But as we begin this transformation to a new way of life where We The People are truly in control as our authority and duty demand, we have to recognize the corruption that presently characterizes EVERY elected servant, with no exceptions.

TeenPact with The Devil

AmericaAgain! recently witnessed the epitome of such corruption, when we approached four alumni of a silly outfit called TeenPact. These four former homeschooled Christians took office in the Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma legislatures in the 2012 election. In office barely two years, Jennifer Sullivan, Sam Teasley, Josh Cockroft and Elise Hall already exhibit the arrogance and duplicity of lifelong unbelievers and career politicians. Power corrupts, and opulent surroundings make things worse.

Citizen Militia is Vital – But Cannot be the First Step

Our public servants have become our criminal masters: arrogant, dismissive, lawless, driven by corporate lobbyists. Arresting DC organized crime is a law enforcement job, not politics. The TEA Party was destined to fail because elections are not law enforcement.

In the long run, only Citizen Militia is designed for this job. Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution makes this clear; forget the last-ditch defense, the Second Amendment rights argument; We The People have authority and a DUTY to perform.

But we have Citizen Militia as step five because in this new way of life we cannot begin with Militia. Given the attitude of the average American, that is a recipe for disaster. Still, we need to graduate from little rallies and pointless meetings.

The Trump Card

There will be a time for Christians to dominate electoral politics, but presently Washington D.C. owns that table. Donald Trump is a hoot to listen to, but only a truly desperate human being would want a reality show carnival barker as president of this republic.

The main problem with those who put their hopes on presidents is that our Constitution does not provide for such national saviors. When Ben Franklin said, “A republic…if you can keep it,” he meant that We The People must always superintend our servants. Mr. Trump cannot perform our duty for us.

The Sheeple Meme

Patriots have one consistent complaint today: that today’s American is more lazy, apathetic or stupid than ever. That’s nonsense. In fact, the majority of humans are inert under any circumstances, in any historical period, under any form of government.  Even in our republic where We The People are the top sovereign, the ’80/20 Rule’ holds: 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work.

Good sense is not apathy! If Americans don’t fall for most politics pitches, it is because they witness countless appeals for donations from ‘we will save America!’ outfits that never do anything. Einstein said, “Insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing, and always expecting a different result.” The TEA Party, after three successive electoral landslides, has made the GOP more corrupt than ever; so I think the “ignorant, apathetic sheeple” that patriots complain about are actually just busy people with families to raise, awaiting a solution that is explained clearly enough to be compelling, and that appears likely to succeed. 

Repent Your Fear Porn Addiction

The Fear Porn industry was founded by Joe Farah and Rush Limbaugh. Farah has 32 million followers; Limbaugh, about 20 million. But the huge industry dominates every AM radio station in America; it includes such millionaire entertainers as Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, the NRA, Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Hillsdale College, Hugh Hewitt, Lars Larson, and countless others.

These radio talkers, news hawkers, and 501c3 ‘think tanks’ have one thing in common: they have never led an attempt at actual solutions. The Fear Porn industry swallowed conservative Christianity like a pig in a python, making billions in donations, ad revenues, book and product sales from millions of gullible conservatives. It makes its audience more inert by the day; the clinical psychology and marketing principles are explained in this article.

Freedom Outpost is a rare exception in alternative media, promoting and supporting real solutions.

This year will be no different than last, if you continue following those you followed before. Being an American involves duty and responsibility. AmericaAgain! is predicated on faith that the LORD will move at least a few hundred thousand Americans to that responsibility, away from futile politics and activities; to restore real life before our lawless servants transform us into a cheap imitation of Europe.

Every day this year, our enemies will seek to distract you with the latest antics of Obama, Putin, Ryan, Merkel, Hollande, the Shia, the Sunni, another lunatic mass shooter, another cop-killer or killer cop, another so-called ‘militia’ member…anything they can drum up to keep you from real solutions.

May the LORD grant you wisdom to repent and do your duty. When you do, we welcome you aboard.

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