The State of the TEA Party- Part II

When Ron Paul‘s team ran a money bomb campaign on the 2007 anniversary of the original Boston demonstration, the TEA Party movement was born, finally going to scale in early 2009 – eventually leading to three consecutive landslide electoral victories for the GOP, and we find ourselves worse off today than ever.

The TEA Party movement is made of the most patriotic, productive, active Americans. But the movement is grounded on a fatally narrow plan of action – electoral politics, played on the field of our enemy. This plan will never substitute for popular sovereignty.

On a blustery December 16, 1773, in Boston, a group of American colonists, some dressed as Mohawk Indians, marched out of a meeting at Old South Meeting House where about 7,000 colonists had assembled to demonstrate against Britain’s parliament taxing goods without the colonists’ input.

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The cry, “No taxation without representation!” had first arisen after the Sugar Act of 1764, the first in a series of draconian taxes imposed by Parliament on the Americans without giving the colonists any voice in the matter. The Townshend Acts era was punctuated by the Boston Massacre in 1770 and culminated with the Tea Act that sparked the Boston action.

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Over nine years, the colonists had pleaded with governors, sent letters of appeal across the Atlantic, and finally took to this major act of vandalism. The group, variously cited as between 30 and 130 men – marched to Griffin’s Wharf, boarded the HMS Dartmouth, HMS Eleanor, and HMS Beaver, and, over a three-hour period, dumped 342 crates of British tea into the frigid water. The cargo’s value was more than $1.7 million in today’s dollars.

The uprising was not called ‘Boston Tea Party’ until 60 years later. That one event decided nothing; but, like the Boston Massacre three years earlier, it added to the fire of righteous anger that finally led to armed action at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge in April 1775.

Our Founding Fathers entrusted us with true popular sovereignty–rule of law clearly stipulated in the Constitution. Our public servants grossly violate it every day, and thus are in high rebellion. Lawless rebellion of our servants can never be addressed by counter-rebellion by their sovereigns; we must act as true sovereigns, enforcing America’s highest law.

At this point, that certainly does not begin with unconstitutional armed uprising by the sovereigns against our lawless servants! Those who call for arms in the streets are unwittingly on the side of our enemy, for such action would lead to police state ratcheting from bad to worse.

Our AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ effort will launch in the constitutional, tactical, and public relations order explained in Chapter 13 of my latest book, FEAR The People (3rd Edition). It must begin in the state legislatures; thus, we must first learn to bring our arrogant minor-league servants to heel, before taking on our lawless, arrogant servants in Congress. If we jump the gun, we ruin our chances.

Washington D.C. and its media lapdogs will attempt to keep us distracted again in 2016, week after week, with the latest antics of Obama, Putin, Ryan, Merkel, Pelosi, Hollande, Sunni, Shia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan…whoever and whatever they can use to raise as a weekly crisis. Their goal: keep their enemy (America) from taking time to think, plan, and execute as sovereigns.

As I wrote in the first installment, the war between Washington D.C. and America has been raging since Lincoln ruled. Patriotic citizens must get over their childish penchant for quick fixes! Restoring rule of law will not be an ‘event’ and will not primarily result from elections.

As the Progressives have done for generations – we must take the long view, stay on offense, and never, ever give up. AmericaAgain! is a new way of life, introduced in this free PDF book.

However invulnerable you may think it is, D.C. organized crime is actually on its last legs, and millions of us know it. We can make history in 2016, with just a small remnant. We can turn the tables, but not unless you join us and spread the good news.

For seven years under the TEA Party label, the patriot community has wasted its talents and energies playing on the enemy’s field. We must not waste another year falling for partisan politics; and that includes praying for Donald Trump to be America’s savior in January 2017.

No president can stop Washington D.C. organized crime. That is always the exclusive power and duty of We The People. AmericaAgain! is the only full-spectrum, long-term solution, and Freedom Outpost is our exclusive media outlet for up-to-the-minute reporting on this new way of life.

This 5-minute video explains the first field action in 33 capital cities this year…


‘AmericaAgain!- The Movie’ explains the seven major ongoing crimes of Congress, explaining the ruthless nature of our enemy:


As I will explain in the final article in this series, our most nefarious enemy is the Fear Porn industry. From within our own camp, it has kept Americans in chains more than anything Washington DC or the progressives have done. All the while, it makes millions per week in profits, hoping that no real solutions ever arrive.

Stay tuned for Part III. Repent, fellow Christian; and prepare to go on offense this year against all enemies, domestic.

[This is the second in a 3-part series explaining how those of us who love Christ and the Constitution can graduate from the TEA Party to popular sovereignty as a way of life.]

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