The Shemitah Myths Exposed

Editor's Note: At Freedom Outpost, we have carried at least one author who will reference the Shemitah. For the most part, that is not why I carry the articles, but because of the content of things that we know will happen in September of this year. Often, because I don't buy into "last days madness" stuff, I will edit certain portions to allow for the truth of what is certain, should God allow the time frame to continue on course. In other words, there are thing that have been scheduled in the month of September. In keeping with how we have done things concerning an Article V convention, I wanted to share this article with you about the Shemitah. Take a look at the material and then see if it is real or fantasy.

They’re saying we can expect “something big,” a financial meltdown, social chaos, perhaps even the return of Christ—and the keep saying “September 2015″! They sound very persuasive, and even Christians with sound doctrine are asking me if there’s anything to it. Since there is so much alarm and confusion (and so little time!), I have decided to put together this free report on the subject in collaboration with some well-informed friends of American Vision. Settle the issue for yourself, your family, and your friends with our FREE report today.

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From the Foreword:

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There is currently an explosion of interest in the Old Testament religious law of “Shemitah” thanks to books like Jonathan Cahn’s
The Harbinger
. This wildly popular book makes startling claims about catastrophic judgments and financial chaos allegedly backed by convincing historical evidences. Coupled with the alleged coincidence of the Jewish Shemitah years as well as the alleged “Blood Moon” phenomena which have also recently been hyped, this message has unnecessarily confused and alarmed even many level-headed Christians. In fact, with the inclusion of historical evidences, even non-religious forecasters are joining the prediction circuit, resulting in the shock and alarm of many in the secular world as well, especially the financial industry.

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