The Record Of Obama’s Socialistic Environmental Director

We left off stating that we were going to expose the Obama administration and the tactics and radical plans they have. In this article we will show just two of the most radical people in the administration, the two people whom may well be the very people that have kept the price at the pump high to get their “Green Agenda” going! This will begin with Carol Browner, so let us dig into her very radical ideology and in some cases violations of the very laws she was supposed to uphold.

In 2009 Carol Browner was named the assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, (there is the problem in full display, the world wide scam of “Global Warming, or Climate Change), both by the way do not create any sort of air pollution problems at this time in our world. Now Browner knew about this “Global Warming” ideology from none other than Al Gore since she worked for him as a legislative director. Now that gave her the insight as to what this scam was really about and she knew it was nothing more than a huge money making scam for Al Gore, Barack Hussein Obama and a few of his friends in Chicago where they had set up the Chicago Climate exchange where had the Cap and Trade bill passed, all the paperwork involved in that would have been handled.

Browner also worked as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton, so it can be seen here that her involvement in the “global warming” scam had a long history with the ideology. Now here she has been listed as a “commissioner” of the Socialist International, just one more of the Obama Administration that either has ties to or are members of either the Socialist Party, or the Communist party! Browner has stated, “Global Warming” is the greatest challenge ever faced by the human race.” Now this is due to the fact that she also stood to make a ton of money on this huge scam!

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Browner had a long history of placing bans on oil drilling and when she started this was from her duty as chief legislative assistant to Democrat Senator Lawton Chiles of Florida. While in this position Browner worked hard to ban offshore oil drilling near the Florida Keys, where vast amounts of oil lie untouched. It HAS to be noted that now the Chinese have begun drilling for the very oil that Browner had set out to ban from drilling, how ironic that the oil our nation could have obtained is now being obtained by China companies and sold to Cuba where they may in turn sell back to the United States! How ironic is that for an action that should NEVER had been allowed to happen?

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From 1988 to 1991 Browner worked as the Legislative Director for Senator Al Gore, now we must wonder how much influence did Al Gore give her about the so-called “Global Warming” ideology? After Bill Clinton got elected he went out and named Carol Browner to the position of Head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a job that no pure environmentalist should have due to the fact that such an individual does not concern themselves with facts, only theories as to what harm is done to the environment!

It was in this position that Browner had made a move that violated criminal law by faxing out documents condemning the GOP’s regulatory initiatives. Both Republicans and Democrats alike impugned Browner, accusing her of violating the Anti-Lobbying Act. A letter to Browner from a bipartisan subcommittee of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee stated: “The concerted EPA actions appear to fit the definition of prohibited grass-roots lobbying… The prima facie case is strong that some EPA officials may have violated the criminal law.” This was the first of many questionable actions by Carol Browner.

Best-selling author and political analyst Michelle Malkin reports that Browner, on her final day as Clinton EPA chief in 2001, ordered a computer technician to delete all her computer files, in direct violation of a federal judge’s order requiring the agency to preserve those files. When questioned about her actions, Browner claimed that her computer had contained no work-related material, and that she had merely purged the hard drive of such innocuous items as computer games — as a courtesy to incoming staffers of the Bush administration.[1]

It was later learned that three additional high-ranking EPA officials had also violated the court order and erased their hard drives. Because of this, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth held the EPA in contempt of court.[2]

According to Manhattan Institute scholar Max Schulz, Browner “was the driving force behind the federal government’s effort to force General Electric Co. to spend $490 million to dredge New York’s Hudson River to rid it of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that — because they were buried under layers of silt — posed no environmental harm.” Some of Browner’s employees ultimately faced criminal charges for falsifying evidence and tampering with lab results.[3]

Browner also served as a “commissioner” of the Socialist International (SI), the umbrella group for 170 “social democratic, socialist and labor parties” in 55 countries. SI’s “organizing document” cites capitalism as the cause of “devastating crises,” “mass unemployment,” “imperialist expansion,” and “colonial exploitation” worldwide. Browner worked on SI’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which contends that “the developed world must reduce consumption and commit to binding and punitive limits on greenhouse gas emissions.”

Here is the first mention of a “Sustainable World Society” a phrase that the Obama administration yells out at nearly every junction of their campaign and the phrase itself is based upon a so-called “New World Order” where a one world government has control over all the world governments and no one can own land or have private ownership of their land! This phrase is used a lot by Obama in all of his speeches and it is the one thing that take our Constitution away from our nation and gives the sovereignty of our nation to the United Nations where they write up all the rules and the people of the United States must abide by them or face long prison terms without trail! It is through the ideology of this Socialist group that the Cap and Trade ideas came about so they could impose limits of electrical; usage by the individual homes and place fines for over usage of the limits the EPA set! This was Carol Browner’s one goal to achieve and she has not been able to get it done much to the delight of all the people that could face fines of thousands of dollars for using more than their “allowed” usage of electricity!

Browner, who has said that global warming is “the greatest challenge ever faced,” calls herself a “strong backer” of “utility decoupling.” Under “decoupling” policies, utility companies will be required to provide less energy, while the government guarantees the companies steady or increased profits through “taxpayer subsidies” and “voluntary” conservation measures. As author Kathy Shaidle puts it:

“In other words, taxpayers will be given grim Carter-era exhortations to put on sweaters rather than turn up the thermostat and be forced to pick up the tab for utility companies’ reduced earnings, while getting less energy in return.”

Browner also served as the chair of the National Audubon Society. She is currently a Board member of the Alliance for Climate Protection (an organization founded by Al Gore in 2006); APX, Inc. (which specializes in environmental commodities markets); the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress; and the League of Conservation Voters. Now take a look, a name that goes with Socialism very deeply and also with Communism, appears here as it does when one digs deep into Barack Husein Obama’s background, a man named George Soros, a man that has no problem with causing havoc anywhere he goes just so he can make more money on the backs of the poor people!

On January 22, 2009, President Obama named Browner as his choice for the post of Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, popularly known as “Environment Czar.” Now here is a new post awarded to an individual that has no real intention to save the environment. Her only real objection is to get the Cap and Trade going so that Obama, Al Gore and numerous others can make millions, if not billions of dollars, from the very people they state they wish to help by forcing them to pay for a program that does nothing to help an environment that is doing just fine even with our small contribution to the carbon dioxide levels! Australia has the Cap and Trade ideology going full force and the total affect upon the environment comes to some .000006 parts per million in real capture, costing Billions of dollars to obtain, an amount so infinitesimal, that it does nothing to the environment at all!

Obama wants to say that it was due to the depression that has caused gas prices to go up, but it seems to be otherwise and this clearly shows that Obama and Browner have devised a plan to force the people to buy the “green energy” ideology or they will be seeing more and more problems with gas prices at the pump.

In her book Culture of Corruption, Michelle Malkin writes:

“By February 2009, [Browner] had already announced radical plans to declare carbon-dioxide emissions a danger to the public — a move that could potentially subject not just power and chemical plants, refineries, and vehicles, but also schools, hospitals, and any other emitters of carbon dioxide to costly new regulations and litigation.[5]

Once again, Carol Browner has gone to the extremes to force people to pay higher prices due to her ideology that is given the okay by the Obama administration just so they can slow down the use of oil and Force the people to use their “Green” energy ideas, of which are not even close to cost effective as oil, coal, or natural gas!”

Now according to Discover The Networks, “Following the disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the spring of 2010, the White House commissioned the Secretary of the Interior, Kenneth Salazar, to issue a safety report as well as recommendations vis a vis future offshore oil drilling. A panel of seven outside advisors assisted Salazar in preparing this report, the final draft of which was sent directly to Carol Browner’s office before being forwarded to President Obama. Browner’s staff promptly edited the Salazar document to imply, falsely, that the outside advisors had recommended a drilling moratorium. The tailored draft was then given to the President, who subsequently announced a moratorium on offshore oil drilling.”

Now this is bad when the woman trusted to run your energy policies comes out with these types of problematic ideas! It should also be noted that she was, or seemed, complicit in a few cases that were never brought forward where she possibly could have been in a jail rather than in an office advising the President on Energy policies that have no real basis in facts at all. This is just Carol Browner. We have not opened the door on the head of the energy department, Stephen Chu, yet. But have no fear, that will be out very soon! Placing all these Obama appointees and Czars together and one could easily hold a conference for the Socialist or Communist parties!!


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Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series. Read the first article here.

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