The Real Civil Rights Violations Of Today Have Come From The Democrat Party

Do you know what is amazing to me? The fact that so many people; writers, radio commentators, different public officials and the general thinking public all see through this rampant race baiting, and yet the Obama regime and his media whores act is if the elephant isn’t even in the room. I think that is a common trait of liberals, a talent if you will, to ignore the facts and make it appear for all practical purpose that you are the one who is insane for believing in them. I have been telling you for a long time what was developing and it appears to be progressing at a rapid pace. Today, Iran weighed in on the Zimmerman verdict declaring that it is indicative of the racial oppression in the United States. Jesse Jackson is asking the U.N. to investigate human rights violations. This is related to an earlier article I wrote concerning the discrediting of the United States on the world stage so the global communists can come sweeping in and save us from ourselves. Like I have said many times before, it all revolves around White Privilege.

I remember hearing the term “white privilege” for the first time. I wasn’t quite convinced that it was a deliberate attempt to keep Americans divided and cause racial tension. I asked my professor if it wasn’t possible that teaching people that whites were unfairly privileged could possibly cause unneeded racial tension in a world where so much “supposed” progress had been made. That was the start of all my academic troubles. I was told explicitly by a professor at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma that I was unfit for the field of social work because I didn’t believe in white privilege and social justice. I was also told that she was the gatekeeper of the profession and that all social workers leaned to the left. While that is obviously not true, I can tell you much of what we are witnessing today originates in the realm of social work, social justice, white privilege and of course community organizing.

Do you know what the funny thing is? The term social justice is something that eludes a definitive definition. I was amazed when reading Jonah Goldberg’s new book, “The tyranny of clich├ęs” that he observed similar points about the term itself. Mainly if you ask a liberal to define what it is they are unable to do so. I asked my professor to describe to me what social justice is and her answer was simply stating that I should already know what it is. Essentially, social justice is anything that helps the liberals achieve and justify their goals of a total redistribution of the nation’s wealth from those who have “unfairly earned it” by working to those “who deserve it” by doing nothing. This is the heart of our education system today. Instead of being taught how to think and solve problems our children are being bombarded with social justice education and sensitivity training. They are going through training that challenges the values you as parents strive to instill in them and their being taught that our second amendment is a symbol of racial oppression. Never mind the fact that the NRA was an essential part of keeping freed blacks safe from the Democrat Party henchmen, the KKK. Who needs facts? There is a racial agenda here and they just get in the way.

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All this talk about civil rights is driving me crazy. The liberals have all but destroyed the will of black men by making them believe they are entitled to live on the government dole. Today’s blacks accept the fact that their Democrat plantation owners really believe they are not as capable as whites and Asians that they actually create lower educational standards for them. This is being done now in Alabama. This is so typical of liberals. They are the ones who engage in discriminatory behavior by treating blacks as they are inferior and blame us for being racist because we think they are capable of honestly competing and achieving on their own merits. Only in liberal lala land does that make sense, and yet, it is what it is. Such is the way I suppose.

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Do you know what would be real social justice? To hold every college professor, politician, social justice advocate and any other race hustler responsible for any injuries or damaged property that results from today’s planned riots. Anybody, in my opinion, that ever taught that white people are privileged and the oppressor of minorities in America should be arrested and tried for inciting racial tensions. Real social justice would be served by teaching young black men the truth about the plans by Lyndon Johnson, and I quote, “To get those ni**ers voting democratic for the next 200 years.”

This is the truth that is being denied our youth today. Historically speaking it was the Republican Party who championed civil rights; the Democrats hijacked the civil rights movement specifically to initiate their great society programs that left the black populations families destroyed and dependent upon the government. Now they act as if they are the great saviors of the blacks and that being on welfare is equivalent to the utopia promised by the Marxists. Blacks are being used and abused and the education they received from our substandard education system has them going along to get along. Any prominent black that speaks out against black liberalism is outright castrated by their so called “brothers.” Another point to take into consideration is that many blacks were starting to speak out against the Amnesty bill and this is the perfect distraction to keep whites and blacks from uniting on any attempt to stop this nightmare bill in its tracks.

America, these are the real civil rights violation of our day and those that stand guilty are those that so many foolishly admire. I pray that those who are aware try to educate the uninformed and that those who follow blindly will open their eyes. God Bless and no matter what hyphenated American you are, stay safe.

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