The 'Racists' Were Right About Obamacare

The one card you can always count Democrats to play is the race card. There is not a year that passes by where they aren't claiming that. Even as Barack Obama has been in office they claim that people that oppose him are racists, rather than considering the fact that people do not like his policies. It wasn't too long ago that they tried to say that Tea Party members were hurling racist slurs around at black members of Congress as they marched through a crowd of anti-Obamacare protestors in March of 2010. The media even jumped in on it and blew the story up. But it wasn't true.

Joel Pollak, editor for gives the real story behind the malignment of the Tea Party's protest of Obamacare,

I was there that weekend, and after wandering through the crowd for several hours, I had not seen any evidence of racism. Nor had Pelosi or her colleagues, who made up the “N-word” story to complete their false conceit that health care was a civil right. But the mainstream media faithfully repeated their claims, and the Republican leadership dutifully distanced itself from the protests over something that had never happened.

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Today, more than two years later, Obamacare is failing to live up to its own deadlines, and the Supreme Court is widely expected to strike down the so-called “Affordable Care Act” this coming week, in whole or in part. Pelosi has since been stripped of the gavel she brandished through the Tea Party demonstration that day as a symbol of power--dethroned by the very people she mocked, ridiculed, taunted and attempted to provoke.

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Thanks to Andrew, the “N-word” story is considered debunked--though the left and the mainstream media occasionally resurrect it--and even some of President Obama’s most outspoken supporters have been forced to concede that his critics might be motivated by something other than racism. If nothing else, the oral arguments on Obamacare this past March opened their eyes to the fact that Tea Party objections to the law were real.

What's great is when Joel speaks about these things, no one can seriously refer to him as a racist or they would just be laughed at. Joel is married to a beautiful black woman. One thing he is clear on as a result of this, the 'racists', as the Tea Party protestors were called, were actually the ones right on the issue of Obamacare. It was the ones that claimed they were championing civil rights that were and still are the true racists.

We are now eagerly waiting to see if the Supreme Court will come under the racist charge once they give their ruling this week.

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