The Presidential Reality Show

It is all theater. This is what Trends researcher Gerald Celente calls the Presidential Reality Show.

Keith Koffler at that does a great expose on the censored White House press corps. He mentions that there have only been two press conferences done by BHO all year and that his handlers are choosing the interviewer and the topic that will be discussed when there is a scheduled interview.

The political theater show business in the 21st century is getting great ratings and both the Republican and Democrat parties have a great fall lineup for you this fall. First at their perspective National Conventions and then the presidential debates.

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Does the average "Joe the Plumber" know that it is all scripted? Yes, my brother and I have had first hand experience and was part of the "cast" and had a televised role last year at the first ever CNN Tea Party Debate in September. Of course, there is nothing "new under the sun" but it was quite interesting how the process works. My "Audit the Fed" question was chosen over several hundred questions that were submitted. The vetting process on how these questions are chosen is quite interesting. The CNN representative phoned me and told me that my question was being considered by the producers and the host Wolf Blitzer. We practiced on the phone the exact question submitted and did a role play to make sure I would not veer "off the script" or change up the question during our phone conversation. When my brother and I arrived at the Tampa Fairgrounds where the live broadcast took place, a sound and video stage was set up and our chairs were strategically placed where the cameras were located. Our names were on the chairs and the CNN handler rehearsed with me the question and told me I would be the 5th person asking my question. She prompted me again to stay on topic and not veer off script.

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The presidential candidates are given the questions by the time the makeup is applied the day before or on one of the several walk-thru rehearsals as their handlers practice the best answers well before the lights and cameras are turned on. As best that we can remember, we were on the 5th row and at the televised breaks the candidates would come and talk with some of the audience. We do remember Mitt Romney had on a considerable amount of hair gel that darkened the grey on the sides of his hair and none of the audience really approached him as early on he was not the "reality candidate of the month."

Finally the time had come for the 15 seconds of my speaking role well rehearsed, not using a TelePrompter or a cue card, I had memorized my question and it went seamless. Check it out below.

Of course Rick Santorum got to shine and everyone else deferred or deflected the question and made sure those talking points that were brought up on their "hot button" issues were covered when they only had their two minutes of camera time. Perhaps some day you will have the opportunity to be on one of these Presidential Reality Shows. Maybe you will be braver than myself and veer off the script and "ad lib a bit." It would make it so much more interesting and not so predictable programming, don't you think?

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