The Ol’ Switcheroo: How We Use Counterfeits And Abuses Of God’s Law To Mock And Dismiss God’s Law

People have all kinds of motives and uses for the perversion of God’s Law.

American “conservative Christians” and atheists routinely unite around use of counterfeit law or abuses of law as cover for dismissing or even openly mocking God’s Law as a credible basis for law here and now in the real world.

One particularly clear example of this shared appreciation for false law as cover for dismissing God’s Law is the way that both “conservatives” and atheists emphatically point to “radical Muslims” with their devotion to law as understood through the lens of their false god and false religion as a way of saying, “Hey, see! You can’t advocate for law to be understood and applied based on the Bible! That’ll make you just like ISIS!”

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This pathetic – and I do mean pathetic – rational is now the default position of most self-identified politically active “conservative Christians” in America these days.

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Let that soak in.

Okay, assuming it’s soaked, let’s move on and clarify two important things about the nature of Law here in God’s creation:

  1. God’s Law is already in place, always has been in place, and shall forever be in place as the binding reality under which everything (and everyone) in His creation is created, defined, and held together. God’s Law is not waiting to be recognized. It is not waiting to be respected by men. It is not waiting to be voted in or liked or agreed to or made a part of anyone’s Constitution or party platform. His Law is Law. Right here and right now.
  2. God’s Law obligates us all to repent and submit to Christ as King right here and right now (which is precisely why the true Gospel command to repent is so unpopular). Put another, slightly more detailed way, we are lovingly commanded by Christ the King through His Gospel-fueled Great Commission to submit to His Nature as revealed in His Word as the actual basis upon which we understand and pursue law and everything else. Without this understood, there is no coherent Gospel command to repentin the first place.

So the fact of Islam or ISIS or some badly run, tyrannical church here or there does not justify rebellion against the Law of God in the least. Quite the contrary, every abuse and counterfeit of God’s Law will always reveal the unbreakable nature of God’s Law in that it will inevitably be broken upon it.

This is what we are seeing in America with its proud, unrepentant enabling and defense of openly illegal (as God has made plain) activities. This is why America is going down as surely as the Titanic barring supernatural intervention from God inspiring repentance and submission to His Word (which is His Law).

When “We the People” claim to have the “right” and celebrate as an American virtue the “freedom” to openly produce, market, and consume porn; the “freedom” to openly promote and build businesses upon adultery; the “right” to openly worship false gods; the “right” to divorce on demand for any reason (or no reason at all), the “liberty” to build our economics on the purposefully enslaving abomination of debt-fueled fiat currency, and the “freedom” to openly sacrifice our children on the altar of convenience,

The Law of God is not a problem to be avoided, no matter how many thoroughly paganized “conservative Christians” may claim otherwise in sweet tones that pay lip service to Jesus while refusing to have Him as King.

The Law of God is the only solution; the only true way to the things these “conservative Christians” claim to want. The Law of God the only path by which true life, liberty, freedom, prosperity and security can be rightly understood and pursued anywhere in His creation.


Because His Law is law. Always has been. Always will be.

And yes, my fellow Americans, that includes you and I right here and now in 2016 America. We are as surely bound by His Law as any other people living at any time in any other part of in His creation.

That reality is the very basis for the Gospel command to repent, after all.

If we understood that rightly, we’d celebrate and sing His praises over the beautiful fact of His Nature as revealed in His Law as the binding reality for all of His creation. But instead, we’re inclined (and led by most so-called “conservative Christian” leaders) to latch onto laughably lame excuses for doing anything but proclaiming His Law as law.

So instead of proclaiming and applying the everything-defining Gospel of Jesus Christ, we end up routinely falling for and repeating such stupid, destructive, and blasphemous idiocies as “if we define law by the Bible, we’ll be just like ISIS!”

Or “We have to understand that here in America the Constitution is the supreme authority and law of the land over and above the Word of God!”

Or “But this is America! We’re free to do all kinds of things God has explicitly forbidden because…we’re America!”

Our idolatry of the Constitution and Founding Fathers as the gold standards in law and law givers has led us to the brink of oblivion.

Rather than repent and submit to Christ as King in practice, testing even our beloved Founders and Constitution for deviation from Scripture so that we might correct any error in accordance with true love of Christ (which is validated by obedience, not slogans or platitudes), we are instead being encouraged by our “conservative Christian” leaders to cling even tighter to the very idols that are dragging us to our doom, all while maligning and avoiding the one and only King capable of saving us by drawing us toward actual, real world conformity with His Nature as revealed in His Word.

Abuses of law are commonplace.

So are counterfeits.

But none of them – not even all of them rolled up into one gigantic nightmare glob of abusive bad law and wicked false teachers – even begins to make the slightest little dent in the fact that God’s Law is law.

And we shouldn’t want it any other way.

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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