The Obama Way: Socialists In Congress & Their Attacks On IRS Victims

We begin to wonder about just what is going on in Washington, D.C. when we begin to see what has now amounted to at least 3 huge scandals with possibly more to come. However, if we take a quick step back and look at what our Congress has evolved into, we can begin to see just why it seems that a totally different ideology is emerging from the politicians in Washington, D.C. We, as a people, have to take a very deep look into the backgrounds of those running. We must also be cautious any time that they use words such as, but not limited to, “Progressive,” “Black Progressive Caucus,” “Radical Progressive,” or words which seem to indicate certain style of group being pushed to the forefront. These words are nothing more than cover for the true meaning of what the people in these groups actually represent, the Socialists/Communists/Marxists of our nation.

We can go to sites such as and find out that many of the people now serving in the United States Congress, approximately 70 of them, are quite proud of being a part of the Socialist Democratic Party. These elected representatives do not have the freedom of the people at heart. As a matter of fact, their main objective is to destroy the United States so they can turn it into a Socialist regime, run by the elite where only two classes of people are remaining and that would be the elite and the poor. If you do not believe that they have such a group or that they are so deeply involved in how our nation is run, go to their web site and check it out. It will surprise you as to just who their members are and what they really wish to do. One look at their site and you’ll learn just how they plan on taking over the United States. I am sure that if you love the Constitution and the freedoms the forefathers of this great nation sought to ensure, you will see that site for what it is: A way to enslave the poor people of the United States to do the bidding of the Socialists/Communists/and Marxists.

Why is it that we can find all these so-called Democrats listed as members of Socialist organizations, but we can’t find a single Republican on any of these lists? It’s because some big names in the Democratic Party are also big names in the Socialist Party! Yet, not a single Republican can be found on such lists. The Democratic Party at one time had made bold statements that they were the party of the average man in America. However, if we dig into the present ideology of the Democratic Party, we can find ties with groups such as the Progressive caucus which is of itself a code name for socialists.

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Recently, Representative Jim McDermott criticized people who were literally attacked by the IRS. McDermott’s words should be taken with a grain of salt and then forgotten, since he is one of the members of the Socialist Democratic Party, as are several of those who made, in some cases, very close to obscene charges about the people the IRS harassed.

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If we go down the list of those who are aligned with the socialistic ideology of the Socialist Party, we find that nearly everyone who had anything bad to say to those people before Congress on June 4, 2013 were either a member of the Socialist Democratic Party or very friendly towards their ideals. Here is a list of the members of the House Oversight Committee who are proud members of the Socialist Democratic Party.

Is it any wonder that some of these people actually tried to make the victims of the IRS attack look like they were the ones that should be questioned? That is the way these people work. They shift blame away from themselves and make as many others look as bad as possible. If they are really good at shifting blame, they can actually make it look like the victims were the people that started the problem in the first place. They are very good at misdirection. If you go to the Socialist Democratic Party site, and read what is there, you can see just how they do what they do and how they have plans to make what is wrong seem right and what is right seem wrong. It is all out in the open on their site and they are unashamed about it since they have one of their own in the White House.

Yes, Barack Obama has been linked to most of these groups in one way or another and his wife and many of his advisors are also aligned with these groups. It is not what they want people to read, but just take a look at the information on Barack Obama and what you will find there will blow your mind. Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself so you will know what is going on and then you can pass it on. But just look at this one path that Obama has on this network.

While you are looking into this, go to Michelle Obama’s page and find out her connections, you may be surprised at what you find there.

If you dig deep enough, you may find the trail with all the characters mentioned, all lined up and spewing their socialist ideology out.

This is the United States, not the United Socialist States. Let us work to make sure our children’s children will be able to know just what the United States and Freedom are all about.

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