The Obama Deception – Perception Is Everything

We’ve been here before. We watched a left-wing President swing merrily to the center after his socialist policies were repudiated in a mid-term election. The charming and clever Bill Clinton realized that to save his skin for a second term he was going to have to play the game with Republicans, whether he liked it or not. He theatrically moved to the center. Hilary’s health care take-over was rejected and the Clinton’s discovered that their political aspirations were down the tubes unless the public perceived them as centrists, rather than the far left socialists that they are. I say this with the caveat that, while the Clintons are socialists, they are pragmatists. And so is Obama.

Obama has learned his lesson well. He is both Marxist and pragmatist. While he was out there greasing the skids with speeches which were supposed to mask the true nature of his take-over of health care, he worked behind the scenes with a, near communist, democrat congress to destroy the health care system in America. But nevermind that. Now we see the polls returning to more approval of the Obama presidency. One speech in Tucson and the whole nation goes gaga?

Two Democrat presidencies. Both carrying the methods of Saul Alinsky to maintain power. Both saying whatever it takes to fool the American public.

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Hillary took on health care. While Barack has temporarily destroyed the health care system, Michelle takes on food. While her husband is telling everyone to chill out and relax, that he will work with Republicans and get those jobs back, Michelle is announcing a deal with Walmart to reduce salt and sugar in the foods they put on the shelves for public consumption. What is the quid pro quo? Call me skeptical, but I have no doubt that Michelle promised Walmart something in return for that cute little PR moment. Would it be that Walmart will remain exempt from the health care mandates? Would it be that Michelle will call off the union dogs from Walmart’s front door? You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

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All outrageous abuses of power. How best to control a population of people? Medical care and food, among others. Michelle Obama went to Walmart and made a deal on the content of food. This is no different than the federal government / Obama going to the car manufacturers and telling them how to produce what kind of cars. Just as some leftists in the legislature decided what light bulbs you will use. Our federal government, with a huge boost from this leftist president, has decided to get in bed with corporations and manipulate our choices on everything we do. Is there anything you are doing or purchasing that is now not controlled in some measure by the long arm of the federal government?

Obama cannot continue the Global Socialist transformation of America if he is voted out in 2012. So he’ll make some speeches and pretend in public that he is moving to the center until then. He has already figured out that he can make rhetorical orations full of innuendo and vague meanings that the public responds to favorably. That is probably his sharpest tool in his tool chest. His rhetoric does not match his actions. Is the public smart enough to notice that? Are we willing to sit back and watch as the Obama marxist machine, complete with unconstitutional czars, marches forward on the basis of some flowery speeches that seem to turn the heads of a fickle public? Once re-elected in 2012, do you honestly think Obama will be content to allow Americans to return to their rightful Constitutional government? He has already advised us all that he doesn’t adhere to the United States Constitution.

Watch the Kabuki theatre and hope people are smart enough to realize it is just that, Kabuki theatre.

Will Obama Move to the Center?

“The president wants a monument for achievement in office. He doesn’t want that to come by taking the torch and carrying it in the war on terror. Who on the left would? It won’t come from righting our free economy. Mr. Obama is proving he doesn’t give a fig about free enterprise.”

“The president expects his monument to be built on comprehensive systemic change. Change that wins the plaudits of the left elite in academia, the media, and the arts.”

“Given his track record so far, it is clear that Mr. Obama sees himself as a change agent of the profoundest sort. Aside from a little nod to the nation’s values and traditions, he intends to re-chart its course, recasting the United States in a corporatist/socialist mold.”

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