The New Global Warming? – It’s Cold Outside!

Are you on board with the man-made global warming / climate change crowd? Are you questioning every kilowatt hour you use to light and heat your home and workplace? Are you buying compact fluorescent mercury light bulbs, thinking you are a good global citizen? Are you on board with Smart Growth and Greenways that regulate property out of the hands of private ownership for the sake of “saving the planet?” Are you wracking your brain to figure out how you can “save the planet” from yourself? Are you wondering why it’s so cold outside when they told us we are frying the planet with our cars and cow emissions?

Welcome to Dystopia, where clever corporate moguls and sly politicians have manufactured a premise to make you think you are a big problem to our environment. Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and all levels of government / central planners have figured out a way to capitalize on mass hysteria created by…..themselves.

While you are contemplating your sins against the earth, you might want to look at some actual data on carbon emissions to assuage your guilt.

Al Fin writes:

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“The primary greenhouse gases listed in order of their contribution to the effect are: Water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. There are others but their concentrations in the atmosphere are so small they don’t contribute much effect. Water vapor and clouds are about 93% of the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide about 5%, nitrous oxide about 0.95% and methane contributes about 0.36%. It’s the combined greenhouse warming from these gases that gives the earth its current average temperature. Making energy from fossil fuels is adding about 3% of the carbon dioxide added to the air each year. From that the total human component of the greenhouse effect is therefore about 3% of the total carbon dioxide component of the greenhouse effect which is 5%. That gives us a value of 0.1% from man made carbon dioxide.”

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Art Horn at Energy writes:

“The important question is how much effect does burning fossil fuels have on the temperature of the earth? The following is simplistic but makes a lot of sense to me. The average temperature of earth is 59 degrees. Carbon dioxide is 5% of the greenhouse effect so 5% of 59 degrees is 2.95 or about 3 degrees Fahrenheit. All of the carbon dioxide in the air keeps the earth 3 degrees warmer than if there were none (5% of 59 degrees). The human component of the greenhouse warming is 3 percent of 3 degrees or 0.1 degree Fahrenheit or one tenth of one degree. So our contribution to the total greenhouse effect is very small. The large exchanges of carbon that take place in nature dwarf the human contribution and will continue to do so in the future.”

Most of us in the developed world, who have heating and cooling systems in our homes and workplaces, try to keep our environments at a temperature that enhances our productivity. If it’s too cold, people tend to become uncomfortable and wrap up in bundles of clothing that impede their mobility and make them unproductive. If it’s too hot, people are drenched in sweat, collapse from the heat, or suffer from lethargy. Optimum temperatures for human productivity, depending on the activity, would seem to be between 64 degrees and 75 degrees. Keeping these temperatures reliable for our living and work environments requires burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuel burning has created the most productive civilization in the history of the earth.

As yet, solar and wind energies are methods that take more energy to create than they produce. They are inefficient and cost much more than the market will bear. They are cumbersome, expensive, and the return on investment is a negative.

For over one hundred years, there have been people publishing dire warnings about either global warming or the return of another ice age. These prophesies have been batted back and forth like a tennis ball. About every 10 to 30 to 50 years, someone comes up with a new doomsday climate scenario to make people think the end is near. The difference this time around is that powerful and wealthy players have discovered a way to soak the public on the premise and used our tax dollars to indoctrinate innocent school children into their scheme. The catastrophe we face this time around is not climate related, but from the economic disaster global warming promoters are using to redistribute wealth, wealth into their own pocketbooks.

The Obama administration is full of climate catastrophe enthusiasts who are busy in the EPA regulating higher energy costs to the public. More than that, they are implementing energy starvation policies which are making our energy more expensive. As demand goes up, Obama creates a scarcity of supply, which in turn makes our prices go up. The Obama campaign was financed by individuals, corporations, and investment banks who are counting on raking in billions from carbon offset trading and regulations. Back scratching seems to be one of Obama’s favorite pastimes…besides golf, that is.

As your energy costs at your home and business climb into the stratosphere, and the winter temperatures continue to slide down into the coldest winter we’ve seen in 100 years, you might want to ask yourself, “What was that global warming fee for reducing carbon emissions attached to my bill last month?” When you go to the gas station and find your wallet is five pounds lighter, you might ask yourself, “Why is the EPA shutting down Texas refineries to lower carbon emissions?” And when your eyesight fades from those dim and dangerous mercury bulbs you were told you must use to “save the planet,” you might want to send the ophthalmologist’s bill to the White House.

Baby, it’s cold outside. And if you still believe in man-caused global warming, you just might want to do some more research and relieve yourself of the sins you have not committed towards the planet. You might have a list of other sins, but ruining the planet from heating your home, driving your car, or using incandescent light bulbs are not included in that list. Take a hot bath, pour yourself a nice hot toddy, crank up the furnace, order a pizza delivery, turn on all of the incandescent lights, put a good movie in the DVD player, and relax. And when the bills come in for using all that nasty carbon energy, thank President Obama for increasing those bills in order to save 0.1% of carbon dioxide which will have little to no affect on the planet at all.

Addendum: Canadian Centre For Occupational Health and Safety

“To have “thermal comfort” means that a person wearing a normal amount of clothing feels neither too cold nor too warm. Thermal comfort is important both for one’s well-being and for productivity. It can be achieved only when the air temperature, humidity and air movement are within the specified range often referred to as the “comfort zone”.
“Maintaining constant thermal conditions in the offices is important. Even minor deviation from comfort may be stressful and affect performance and safety. Workers already under stress are less tolerant of uncomfortable conditions.”

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