The New 10 Commandments

I always thought of Lehigh University as a fairly elite school. Friends and relatives of mine have attended. It’s not an Ivy League university, but it is right up there, so I was a bit surprised when I heard that Lehigh hosted a “hip-hop symposium.” Can anyone explain what a “hip-hop symposium” is? Because I can’t.

Since hip-hop is supposed to be a musical genre (I fail to see it), one would assume the symposium would have a musical theme. Well, if one assumed that, one would be wrong. It was actually, as one might guess, a string of lectures basically disparaging whites and talking up the new, leftist mantra of “white privilege.”

Campus Reform wrote of one visiting professor, Christopher Driscoll, who was so moved by “a lecture on the white appropriation of rap,” that he crafted his own version of the 10 Commandments. He entitled them the “10 Cracka Commandments for 2015.”

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If your first thought of Prof. Driscoll is – what an a**hole, I wouldn’t disagree. If your second thought was – this must be a joke – this must be tongue in cheek – you’d be wrong. He is serious.

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Anyway, his first commandment, and apparently his greatest, is that all lives “won’t matter until #BlackLivesMatter.” Wow – how profound, because we “crackas” don’t care about black lives, or any lives that aren’t white. But I didn’t have to tell you that, you racist.

I won’t bore you with all the other nine – just the ones which remind us racists of how good we whites have it and how little we care about “black lives.”

His second commandment: “Always remember that white privilege is real, even if you don’t understand it.” Of course liberals don’t have to explain or prove white privilege. You just have to trust that it’s real, no matter what. Just like everything liberal – it just has to feel right to be right.

4: “Always remember that ignorance is real and is a product of privilege.” Well, I have to agree with him on half. Ignorance is indeed real, and Mr. Driscoll is a shining example.

5: “Always remember that it is never a question of if violence, but whose violence are you going to defend. Unjust state-sanctioned and racist violence, or justified resistance; the choice is yours, the choice is ours.”

This is exactly what the pompous self-righteous mayor of Baltimore meant when she ordered the cops to stand down to give the protesters room to destroy their own city. That’s justified violence.

8: “Never quote black leaders like Dr. King in order to criticize protesters and activists.” We hear this nonsense quite often. If you’re white, never ever quote Dr. King, because, you know, he was black and you’re not. Blacks can quote anyone due to their lack of “white privilege,” but as a matter of course, no white, except for bona fide, self-hating white liberals, can ever quote any black, for we know not their struggle.

And number 10: “Never put white fragility ahead of justice.” Yes, but always put black fragility ahead of everything.

I have to wonder what happened to this weenie white professor to cause him to despise his own race so.

And really, who are the ones sounding the alarm regarding all the “black lives” being snuffed out daily by other people of color in every major city in the nation? It’s us – it’s conservatives who believe all lives matter—black, white, whomever – born and unborn.

What about all those black lives, Mr. Driscoll? Not one of you guilty white liberals seems to give a darn about them. And, of course, they don’t. They can’t, because it doesn’t fit the racism template.

To Driscoll and so many like him, the only thing that matters is the issue – the bumper sticker, or the hashtag.

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