The ‘Losers’ In Obamacare

With all the talk of ‘free riders’ and ‘losers’ in the Obamacare/ObamaTax controversy it seems clear that the real losers in the entire health care law are the hard working American people, specifically the middle class. However, everyone is affected, including those in upper incomes and those at the poverty level.

How can it affect each and every American you ask? It’s simple. Obamacare demands that you have health insurance from now on, or you are taxed (liberals claim you are penalized). It becomes an intrusion on your freedom to decide whether you want to cover your own health expenses, much like my family and I have done, out of pocket or whether you would like to pursue health insurance or even be a part of a Christian organization which people help each other instead of an insurance company. That last one is technically not insurance.

There are other reasons that there will be losers in Obamacare. Jonah Goldberg wrote specifically about such today. He said,

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For the record, there are losers under Obamacare. Here’s a short list: (1) taxpayers who will carry the load of what the Congressional Budget Office says will be a $2 trillion price tag when the law is fully implemented; (2) the millions of workers the CBO says will be pushed off their current insurance coverage, even though the president insists you can keep your existing insurance if you like it; (3) innumerable and unknowable numbers of sick people who will not be screened for various diseases because some bureaucrats’ protocol says it’s too expensive; (4) Roman Catholic and other religious institutions forced to violate their values; (5) a few million so-called freeloaders who don’t want to buy health insurance for perfectly rational reasons.

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“Only a third of Americans fully supported the law when it was signed, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll, and today that number stands essentially unchanged,” he continued. “In fairness, a fifth of the law’s opponents “are left-wing voters who would prefer a single-payer system that doesn’t involve incestuous collusion between government and big business. I don’t support socialized medicine, but I can respect this sort of principled objection.”

But why is the only legitimate opposition to the law one that creates “losers” in some actuarial or accounting sense?” Goldberg asks. “Even if I thought we could afford a vast new entitlement, I’d still be opposed to Obamacare.”

I tend to agree with him. The issue is not about affording something. It’s about what is and is not good law. It’s about what is and is not freedom. It’s about the federal government taking money from hard working Americans to fund a program that is specifically designed for control and to acquire votes, not to make healthcare more affordable. I challenge any supporter of Obamacare: Show me how the massive tax burden this will place on people will make healthcare affordable. On top of that, now the government will be forcing people to purchase it who didn’t want it in the first place, oh and guess what, the same entitlements for the so called ‘free riders’ are still in place. They didn’t take those things out.

So let’s be clear here, if you don’t want health insurance, pay the $695 tax for a couple of years as a family, and then after a couple of years pay the $2,085 and you will probably still be eligible for Medicaid. After all you are paying for it in your check. Since the bill was written by insurance companies for insurance companies, you know the entire thing is simply about transferring money from one set of people to another. It has nothing to do with making healthcare more affordable.

In the end it diminishes freedom, promotes socialism and continues to provide for the ‘free riders.’ The American people are the losers in Obamacare and the health insurance providers and the federal government are the winners. I think it’s time we turned the tables on both of them. Vote for representatives who will stay out of the healthcare issue at the federal level, except to simply allow free commerce across state lines for those who want to purchase health insurance.

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