The Lord of the ends is the Lord of the means.

As fallen people, we like to imagine ourselves as being much more important than we really are.

Don’t get me wrong. As purposefully made image-bearers of God, each and every person is of great value and importance. It’s just that we’re nowhere near as important as we imagine ourselves to be in certain critical contexts.

We like to imagine ourselves as essential, which we are not. Only God is essential.

We like to imagine ourselves as autonomous, which we are not. We are completely dependent upon God.

As we entertain the twin delusions of ourselves as essential and autonomous beings, we in effect imagine ourselves to be God.

And it’s all downhill from there.

One reminder I’d like to share (as much for myself as for any reader) to help combat this inclination is that the Lord of the ends is the Lord of the means.

The same God who ordains and secures very grand and specific ends – such as the ultimate success of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission in every realm and area of life in His creation – that God also just as certainly, perfectly, and purposefully ordains the means by which those ends will be accomplished.

Our God has been pleased to choose the “foolishness” of preaching and applying the everything-touching Gospel as the means by which lives, families, culture and civilization will be saved.

Our God has been pleased to choose those people that He supernaturally saves so that, by His grace and for His glory, they might live in pursuit of holiness and make an impact for His Kingdom in every area of life that they touch.

God is no less purposefully, clearly, or personally accomplishing a thing when He chooses to employ what we see as dramatic demonstrations of the miraculous than He is purposefully, clearly, or personally accomplishing a thing when He chooses to work through a person – saved or unsaved – to accomplish His purposes on His schedule in accordance with His eternal decree.

Everything in His creation is His property, and He will use it all to accomplish His purposes.

The stark raving pagan billionaire atop some high tech, world-shaping business empire is no less a tool of God than a pillar of fire.

The pagan may indeed be a different sort of tool, but he is nonetheless 100% God’s property to use as He sees fit, and we may all rest assured in complete confidence that He will use each and every tool at His disposal perfectly and without reservation.

That’s just how God rolls in His creation.

And we shouldn’t want it any other way.

So don’t buy into the prevailing perversion of American Churchianity that would have you and me believe that doing things – real physical, political, economic, legal, artistic things – here and now is somehow “not spiritual” or not really to be associated with advancing the Kingdom of God.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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