The Liberal Hypocrisy of The Obama's Massive Wealth Increase

Life certainly has been good to the Obama's. For a couple of individuals who have made a political career out of slamming America, they most certainly have prospered from the "American Dream." Ah's good to be the king! In 2005, the Obama's income grew from around $200,000 to a combined $1.7 million! In 2006 the Obamas reported income of $916,000. Barack's second book "Audacity of Hope", released in October 2006, was a massive hit, selling millions of copies and rocketing the Obama's income to $4.2 million in 2007! Their income continued to swell in the following years thanks to Barack's 2008 successful campaign and election.

It's good to be the king

Over the years the Barack Hussein Obama Jr.'s Income has grown quite a bit, wouldn't you say?

Total Today: $12.2 Million

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Barack Obama's base salary is $400,000 a year. He also has access to a $150,000 expense account as well as a $100,000 tax free travel account and $20,000 entertainment budget and let's not forget his book sales . Now as First lady Michelle Obama is not too far behind her dear hubby with a net worth of : $11.8 Million. Maybe Michelle wasn't proud of her country before her husband was President but she most certainly has every right to be proud now, wouldn't you say ?

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And it doesn't end there.

Barack Obama and his wife closed on a mansion in Hawaii and planned to make the move back in January 2013!

They purchased an estate in close proximity to land owned by the University of Hawaii, where the Obama presidential library and “political center” will be located. The estate is valued at $40 million. WOW! Now that's "Movin on up"!

Meanwhile, back in the real world,the number of people using food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) increased by an average of 13 percent a year from 2008 to 2012. That is currently over 46.6 Million Americans, chances are you know someone on this program. It is a slap in the face to regular hard working Americans that the Obama's could spend $40 Million on a new home.

Let's not forget about the $100 Million dollar family vacation to Africa a short time back ,just after the Sequester kicked in . Becoming President is almost as good as winning the lottery!

Barack Obama is an elitist hypocrite who is so completely out of touch with working class Americans, it actually boggles the mind .

And those White House tours that were closed to the public because the government couldn't afford due to the Sequester.....are still UN-available.

Does anybody else smell a rat ?


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