The Government Just Wants What is Best For You: To Know Your HIV status

In another blatant in-your-face violation of personal liberty, the “U.S. Preventive Service Task Force” is calling for doctors to test people ages 15-64 for HIV, whether you fall into a “risk group” or not.

Karin Klein, from the uber-liberal and ignorant LA Times has this incredibly offensive morsel to add:

Admittedly, it’s in more recent years that medicine has learned that treatment for HIV is more successful when it starts earlier rather than later. But long before we had any effective treatments for HIV infection, it was clear that if people knew they had AIDS, they could and usually would take steps to avoid infecting others, through safer-sex measures and the like.

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For a long time, society’s distaste for the factors most commonly associated with infection — sex among gay males, sex with multiple partners and intravenous drug use — kept people from seeking out testing, fearing they would be seen as immoral. Doctors didn’t dare even suggest it in many cases.

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Time to get over that. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly a fifth of people in the United States who have HIV don’t know it. It doesn’t matter whether they fall into the traditional high-risk groups or not, whether parents think their children are staying away from sexual intercourse or whether the person is a grandmother or grandfather. They all should be treated, and they all should learn to protect others from being infected. Think of the suffering that could have been avoided, and the lives (and money) that would have been saved, if we’d gotten over prudish attitudes a long time ago.

Hmm..let me see. I love being told things like, “time to get over that”. Second, as far as I can tell, whether or not a person chooses to get testing for ANY disease is still their right. Choosing to get stuck with a needle for a vaccination is still a right. Though the CDC likes to perpetuate the myth that those who choose not to vaccinate are ignorant, most who do not choose to vaccinate, or delay vaccinating or selectively vaccinate, do so under extreme research and it is still a personal choice on whether or not a person gets injected, or in this case, gets tested for something that is likely to become part of a data base; in my estimation, along with your DNA that can be retrieved at the same time.

My children will not be submitting to this test, and neither will my husband or myself. Please stop assuming, U.S. government, that we all want you to parent our children or us.

This is the kind of garbage that folks loving socialized medicine will be partaking in; Not me. Not my family. No one is telling my children they need to be worried about dying from a disease that they’ve told us you can only contract (unless you are the innocent infant of an HIV positive mother) by your behavior. That behavior is a choice, and whether or not people get tested for the disease is a choice. It is also a choice I don’t want to pay for in Obamacare.

I recommend people start to become very aware of how to become healthy through diet and supplements and how to treat things at home with natural medicine. Our family visits the doctor in extremely rare instances, and it’s only for things I cannot treat at home, and only to a physician with whom we share beliefs. The good doctors that aren’t interested in having his or her patients hooked on drugs rather than being healthy, are being systematically eliminated by our socialist system, entitlements, over use of the ER, and insurance fraud. Many of them, who used to be “partners in health” with their patients are now being forced to comply with socialized rules for health care-an oxymoron.

Soon we will all be standing in line for hours and hours to get treatment, while the health care industry has a massive shortage and tries to decipher if the people lined up for care are really in need, or just need another fix. Since many in America have bought the lie that healthcare is a Constitutional right, they no longer take personal responsibility for their health or their bills. Now they will get just what they want: forced testing in order to get their handouts. Did they really think Obamacare would come without a price to the taxpayer or their liberties?

Stop trying to pressure people to rely more upon doctors and testing and government!

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