The First Thing The Devil Wants Us to Do Is the Last Thing The Devil Needs Us to Do

Let’s keep this simple, short, and sweet: Jesus Christ is the personal Source, Creator, Definer and Sustainer of everything in His creation. (See: Colossians 1:15-20.)

And “everything” means everything, which certainly and obviously includes law, logic, art, economics, technology, civil government and everything else.

So it is that the Person of Jesus Christ is the essential foundation upon Whom we must explicitly pursueour understanding and application of everything in His creation.

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That everything-touching, everything-defining truth is at the heart of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission. (See: Matthew 28:18-20.)

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When we refuse to pursue that Gospel and that Great Commission, darkness persists or advances. When we do pursue it, darkness recedes and is driven away, all by God’s, all for His glory, and all to the benefit of His (supernaturally empowered to be) obedient people, who literally have His Spirit (the third Person of the Trinity) living within them.

So it is that the Person of Christ is everything.

…which is why all enemies of Christ will always encourage others to take that one, first critical step away from His Nature as revealed in His Word as the standard by which a thing  – like law or politics – is to be understood and pursued here in “the real world.”

In this context, the enemies of Christ are more than happy to claim and work through things like “Christian values,” “Christian morals,” “Christian ethics,” and “Christian tradition.”

The enemies of Christ are more than pleased to use the things most closely associated with Christ while denying the Person of Christ (as revealed in His Word) and encouraging others to do the same. We see this in churches and in politics all the time: Endless appeals to the fruits of Christ – morality, ethics, logic, and the like – while refusing to subject entire realms of life to the Word of Christ (education, economics, business, law, politics, etc.).

If the enemy can get us to assume Christ is in a thing and thereby move us away from feeling compelled to explicitly define and perpetually test that thing by the light of His Nature as revealed in His Word, then the enemy has won the thing in question.

Anything in Christ’s creation severed from explicit connection and subjugation to Him personally becomes an instrument of corruption. It may take a long time – hundreds of years, even – for this to be made plain, as has been the case in America, but it will always be so. The Nature of Christ as revealed in His Word is the unbreakable, binding reality of everything in His creation…’Merica included.

This is why our approach to law, economics, business, freedom, liberty and everything else is rotting and leading our culture to its grave before our eyes. Once “We the people” became proud enough to craft, cherish, and exalt the “right” to openly worship false godsthe “right” to produce and consume pornthe “right” to sacrifice our own children for convenience, the “right” to other people’s property, the “right” to divorce on demand and the “right” to “gay marriage,” we were doomed to arrive at our present destination.

Once we became enamored with the idea of law, liberty, and freedom apart from explicit submission to the Nature of God as its sustaining foundation, we chose death.

The death of law.

The death of liberty.

And the death of freedom.

This is what will and must always happen each and every time the Person of Christ is not explicitly pursued and proclaimed as the basis upon which law, liberty, and freedom are to be understood and pursued anywhere in His creation.

Once The Devil get’s us to set aside the Person of Christ as the basis for anything, the game is over. The enemy has won. It’s just a matter of watching the inevitable end unfold in time…as it is now in America.

The first thing The Devil got us to do was the last thing that he needed us to do.

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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