The ENLIST Act Is More than Just Amnesty

Around this time last year, members of Congress from both parties began pushing the ENLIST Act. Heritage wrote at the time that the act “would give illegal immigrants near instant citizenship if they volunteer for military service.”

ENLIST stands for “Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training.” I’ve heard some lame acronyms, but that’s a whopper. I wonder who was charged with crafting the name and what he or she was told it must invoke. Maybe it went something like: “We want to find a backdoor amnesty program and thought we could use (or abuse) the military, but we have to lie about what our true intentions are. So we need you to come up with a clever, yet patriotic acronym.” Something like that.

As Heritage writes: “it provides virtually instant backdoor citizenship. The proposed ENLIST Act encourages more illegal immigration, flouts the rule of law, and has the potential to harm national security. Thus, if the ENLIST Act were passed in its current form, illegal immigrants who signed up for military service would obtain LPR [Lawful Permanent Resident] status immediately and, after one day of service during conflict, could apply for expedited citizenship. That process takes only a matter of months.”

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In other words, one could be illegal today and be a citizen by Christmas. Ridiculous!

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Thankfully, at the time, ENLIST could not garner enough support, but as progressives do, they stuck with it. And in April of this year, it was reintroduced with several cosponsors, both Democrat and Republican, including Trey Gowdy and Darrell Issa.

It’s bad enough that both parties wish to use our military as a backdoor amnesty program, but there’s another component to consider – employment.

How often have we on the right been harping on the fact that we already have staggering unemployment in this country and that allowing more and more illegals in will further exacerbate the problem. Too often to count.

And now, the idiots in Washington appear to have the same plan for the military. The Obama administration is determined to shrink the military and the plan is to trim our fighting force down below pre-World War II levels.

Reuters reported: “A reduction to 450,000 would be the Army’s smallest size since 1940, before the United States entered World War II, when it counted a troop strength of 267,767, according to Army figures. The Army’s previous post-World War II low was 479,426 in 1999.” And reports: “The Army alone would lose 15,000 soldiers…”

Many servicemen and women are quite worried that the military career they chose could be in jeopardy as they are forced out, right into the unemployment line where “recent data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows unemployment among young veterans is over 13%.”

But why should our elected representatives care about their legal constituents? Why should they care that patriotic Americans, who volunteer to fight on our behalf, will have to compete with illegal aliens who will no doubt be advised by advocacy groups to join up just to get on the citizenship fast track? But I’m sure they love America too. Right!

I’m also sure any proud American would happily accept being refused enlistment because so many slots of the shrinking armed forces are reserved for DREAMers. I’m sure that will be just fine. “No hard feelings, but your slot was given to an illegal alien. Better luck next time.” No doubt the same goes for a current member being forcibly retired to make way for an aspiring undocumented Democrat.

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