The Education Boomerang Theory: A False Flag of Dismantling the US Department of Education Is Raised

A False Flag of Dismantling the US Department of Education Is Raised.

Will Parents Across America Be Blindsided by the Bait?

It’s time—past time—to “send education home,” in Mr. [Lamar] Alexander’s phrase. The schools cannot be fixed in Washington. They are the proper work of states, localities, teachers and parents…. What should remain in Washington? Not a lot: statistics; perhaps a bit of research; the assessment of student performance at the international, national and state levels….
~Chester Finn discussing abolishing the U.S. Dept.of Ed.,
“A Primer for Education Reform,” Wall Street Journal, 1/13/95

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Since President Trump does not have ‘STOPPING Common Core’ on the top of his list, maybe parents can be snookered into thinking that abolishing the US Department of Education (DOE) will work. This ruse will effectually keep them happily preoccupied. For awhile. This tactic will shift their focus away from what’s really happening in the classroom. It’s the old “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” ploy. Therefore, knowing this whole agenda is an orchestrated sham, we must make sure we understand the illegal workings of former President OBAMA’s Equity Plan. Remember, if the OBAMA regulations for ESSA are rolled back, we simply revert back the illegal ESEA Flexibility Waivers, which is ESSA without legislative approval. Staunch RINO Republicans and DOE Secretary DeVos continue to push the “equity” agenda forward.

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Parents are being intentionally misled into thinking Common Core will stop when the Department of Education is abolished. Parents are also deceived into thinking Common Core will stop with so-called “CHOICE”. This is so wrong.

ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) in fact solidifies the 85% of Common Core content across the country. The abolishing the DOE pseudo-agenda will give parents a bone to chase in hopes they will ignore who is collecting the data on their children. But never forget: the DOE is evil. It has funded and promoted classroom abuses for decades. Unfortunately parents and citizens are not up to speed on the workings of the present legislation, especially in light of former President Obama’s scheme to aggressively nationalize education in our country. What will be President Trump’s next steps? We must wonder why President Trump hasn’t focused on the real problems in education instead of using the phony CHOICE to redistribute the wealth.

In 2014 Freedom Works, a Republican RINO-funded group on the extreme Right, set out an agenda that sounds pretty similar to the Trump/DeVos agenda:

“A draft action plan by the advocacy group FreedomWorks lays out the effort as a series of stepping stones: First, mobilize to strike down the Common Core. Then push to expand school choice by offering parents tax credits or vouchers to help pay tuition at private and religious schools. Next, rally the troops to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. Then it’s on to eliminating teacher tenure.” [Source]

Nationalizing Education

On the day that Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new U.S. Secretary of Education, Rep. Thomas Massie submitted a bill to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education. The bill reads that by December 31, 2018 there will no longer be a Department of Education. The bill, filed by Rep. Massie, said in a statement that “neither Congress nor the President, through his appointees, has the constitutional authority to dictate how and what our children must learn.”

What do I find disturbing about this action? Parents HATE the DOE, right? But is this action part and parcel to what was planned all along? All attention and all energy is being sidetracked to focus on the false bug-a-boo, exhausting parents via lobbying. But will they have enough facts at hand and energy for the real fight where it belongs? Don’t count on the “controlled Right” to feed you accurate facts. This is all about spinning the demise of the DOE. Meanwhile behind your backs the powers-that-be are pushing through their ultimate plan to nationalize education via datamining your child, their precious commodity.

It’s all about ESSA!

Common Core has NOT been struck down by ESSA as DeVos has been quoted as saying. [Source: Politico, 2/17/2017] The question that must be asked is: “Why haven’t any of our representatives promoted the elimination of ESSA?” The reauthorization of the federal education legislation, the Every Student Succeeds Act, places all of the power of education into the hands of state departments of education, i.e., the bureaucrats, but NOT your state legislatures. Simply put, ESSA sets the stage to mandate the total compliance of every state DOE, and every school district in the country. It requires that states mold students for the 21st century workforce. Make no mistake about it; this isn’t about academics.

Under this grandiose plan for control there is actually no need for the U.S. Department of Education. The assessment system with its the privacy-invading databanking, and with its built-in rewards and penalties, will enforce compliance. Without eliminating ESSA, Common Core is here to stay, DOE or not. Did you also notice how long it took former President OBAMA to sign ESSA into law? Don’t you find it interesting that the former President loved the Republican-sponsored education bill? Former Secretary of Education Duncan said it was a “gift” from Republicans. After all, ESSA primarily codifies the former President’s illegal ESEA Flexibility Waivers that continue Common Core and Common Core psychological manipulations on children in the classrooms across America.

Think of the ESSA as a Common Core net. It was cast to capture ALL children in EVERY single school. No school left behind. This is also why it is important that ALL children be lassoed into the Title I baggage under “SCHOOLWIDE”. This bogus “choice” is NOT a Civil Rights issue. It is a government-controlled ersatz “CHOICE” that will open the door for all children to come under the expansive federal arm of the U.S. Department of Education. The DOE, through its misleading banner of “choice,” will enter into the affairs of private schools and individual families.

State departments of education are the enforcement police that dole out ESSA commands to the local school districts. Regional centers crack the whip to get everyone in line. But everyone is bowing down to the Big Data. Big Data reigns over every child at every desk no matter where the classroom. It intrusively monitors, assesses and databanks little Johnny and Susie. Thus true freedom is extinguished and there is no genuine choice.

Datamining Replaces Teaching

The Institute for Educational Sciences (IES) is the data-hungry federal beast. It uses coercive and punitive government-sanctioned methods to control students and teachers in the classroom. The methods of control for compliance to this system can be psychological and invasive. We’ve known about this oppressive plan for decades, ever since education reformers have spelled out how it works in ominous detail. This is not about the ABCs. It is about control.

The IES was legislated as an independent body in 2002 so it would not be hampered by the dissolution of the Department of Education, thus making its position substantially UNTOUCHED. What is the IES? The Institute for Educational Sciences is in essence the national school board. IES is divided into four major research and statistic centers: National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (NCEE); National Center for Education Research (NCER); National Center For Education Statistics (NCES); and National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER).

All authority and mandates of the ESSA will be performed by the IES feudal lords. Yes, this is no exaggeration. The IES will fundamentally control and standardize what is happening in the classrooms across America. Everything from state longitudinal data systems, datamining, intervention techniques that work, evidence-based curricula aligned to Common Core standards, evaluating the impact of funding in Title I and IDEA, assessing and monitoring individual students and teachers, evaluating equitable per pupil expenditures for “CHOICE”, and working a recycling system developed with sophisticated algorithms to be sure interventions are working to enforce meeting Common Core standards. The IES will monitor the citizenry “womb to workplace.”

Your Child, the Commodity

The IES oversees the NAEP, the national assessment test. The National Assessment Governing Board for NAEP resolved that measuring affective domain (psychological) “soft” skills would insure that the NAEP would become the new census mechanism – psychometrics, attitudes and values are included. [Source:]  Do you realize that the IES will now have a complete psychological dossier on every person in the United States? Minority Report comes to mind. Our children are no different than a commodity to sell on the DOW. Plus this Stasi-like data collection continues to swell. Private and sensitive information is being collected on American families. We can predict that this intel will be used for ominous future action by the government.

The IES is the Global Data Brain

Regardless of what happens to the federal Department of Education, the state longitudinal data systems will continue sending personally identifiable information using a national unique ID to the IES federal data warehouse. Teachers will continue to input social, emotional, and behavioral data into their state longitudinal system. States will continue to flagrantly exhaust this privacy treasure, especially by allowing outside vendors to access your child’s personally identifiable information in order to develop curricula and software aligned to Common Core. Classroom manipulation accesses free data. Thus BIG DATA translates into BIG MONEY for BIG BUSINESS – all done with a handshake and a wink. [Source] [Source]

The psychological manipulations and interventions named in ESSA will continue even though the US Department of Education would be dismantled. IDEA/Special Education teachers are continuously coaching classroom teachers in “CHILD FIND” and “fidelity” which are psychological conditioning techniques to change children’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions. Teachers will be constantly evaluated and reprimanded via cross-referencing algorithms called VAM (Value Added Measurements) if they are not teaching Common Core and Common Core psych techniques. And the IES will remind the local district, with prescriptive data, that these teachers must invariably tow the line and teach the Common Core social, emotional, and behavioral standards… like it, get out, or be fired. [Source: page 434]

ESSA Codified Abusive Experimental Tyranny

ESSA is the first federal legislation in history to mandate SPECIFIC psychological techniques hijacked from techniques in Applied Behavior Analysis, named in the legislation, to be used in everyday classrooms of America on normal children. The following are psych techniques in the legislation. They are given soft-sounding vague phrases so parents will be more prone to agree: Response to Intervention; Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports; Multi-Tiered System of Supports; Universal Design For Learning; Early Intervening Services; Specialized Student Support Services.

Parents Beware: Techniques promoting artificial stress, anxiety, and unnatural manipulation of your child, by changing their beliefs and attitudes, values, and dispositions, translates into experimental psychological forced behavior change. Be watching your child for signs of personality changes!

Has Congress passed a law that conflicts with the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment? Are these psychological techniques illegal, without informed parental consent? When the psych intervention outcomes are applied, and data is collected and dumped into the state longitudinal data systems that standardized all data collected in 50 states, what do the Feds do with this personality dossier on your child? Parents should demand to know! When Mrs. DeVos states that Common Core was eliminated with ESSA, CAN SHE EXPLAIN THE PHENOMENA OF THIS DATA COLLECTION? Not a word from any legislator. No one is gutsy enough to report that the current legislation is fraught with illegalities that push the nationalizing of dossiers on children in this Common Core era.

So, how will the new Secretary of Education oversee this operation since she is secretary of a department that will be dismantled? Betsy had no real plans of staying. Her job is to transform the republic, or what’s left of it. She will continue to expand her charter schools empire with the public money she helps legislate or mandate. This activity will devastate neighborhood public schools, but it will profitably expand her NeuroCore business. [Source]

DeVos’s NeuroCore works hand-in-glove with Common Core psychological manipulations and billing Medicaid at school. Her business can easily be an outside mental health contractor allowed in the ESSA legislation or the Cures Bill. Her setup could lead into milking Medicaid in school based mental health clinics and Promise Neighborhoods, which allow schools to apply for a partial hospitalization license to bill Medicaid for Common Core Mental Health interventions at school. What a lady.

Parents must demand that President Trump investigate the datamining and the state longitudinal data systems. They must ask President Trump to rescind former President Obama’s Executive Order 12866. ESSA must be repealed completely. And every parent must demand that their child be exempted from the requirement of a unique national ID. If every parent did this it would stop their school from tracking and trafficking the personal data that is transferred to the Feds. It would shut down the system.

Now is the time to act. Information on your child is being collected on the LOCAL LEVEL. STOP the data bleed now. Forget about the Department of Education. ESSA and the IES are your targets.

Protect your kids.

The Education Boomerang Theory: Part 2

The Second False Flag: The Rise Of CHOICE Legislation Immediately After The DeVos Confirmation.

Let’s count the legislation in the hopper ready to make many business and investment people very rich on taxpayer dollars through so-called CHOICE: vouchers or tax credits and the expansion of charter schools. Private, religious, and homeschools should be fighting these proposed pieces of legislation. (See Senator Ted Cruz’s proposed S 306 that would have accomplished the same agenda: Federal Education CHOICE Kills The American Dream; S 306)

Here’s the run-down:

  • HR 610 Choices in Education Act 2017: To distribute Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in the form of vouchers for eligible students and to repeal a certain rule relating to nutrition standards in schools. Sense of Congress—It is the sense of Congress that States should distribute non-Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in a manner that promotes competition and choices in education. (Feds telling states what to do?)
  • HR 675 Empowering Parents to Invest in Choice Act of 2017: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to expand the coverage of qualified tuition programs and increase the limitation on contributions to Coverdell education savings accounts.
  • HR 716 Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act: Encourage the use of 529 plans and Coverdell education savings accounts, and for other purposes.
  • HR 529 -529 and ABLE Account Improvement Act of 2017: (Achieving a Better Life Experience) Employer contributions to qualified tuition programs and qualified ABLE programs. Tax credit for small employer costs of establishing direct payroll deduction into qualified tuition programs and qualified ABLE programs. Public/Private Partnerships.
  • S 148 Educational Opportunities Act: Tax Credit for Contributions to Scholarship Granting Organizations: Public/Private Partnerships.
  • S 235 CHOICE (Creating Hope and Opportunity for Individuals and Communities through Education) Act: The purpose of this title is to provide options to States to innovate and improve the education of children with disabilities by expanding the choices for students and parents under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. See “direct student services” in ESSA.
  • S 221 A PLUS (Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success) Act: Removing fiscal and accounting barriers to consolidate funding. (A perfect plan to consolidate all funding into Title I for vouchers to be used for all children.)

The Choice, Charter and Corporate Tax Credit Scholarships—

Globalism Achieved

CHOICE and charter schools will expedite the continued crashing of representative government in America. When voucher/CHOICE legislation is passed, that will begin the demise of your local neighborhood. Public schools will falter as the exodus of students will strain budgets and curriculum offerings at school. Teachers will be dismissed. Your neighborhood school will fail. Your elected school board members will be dismissed. Your taxes must be sent elsewhere.  

Who will oversee tax collection where previously your elected local board members used to? They were primarily interested in educating the children in their own community. But now your community will be lost with “CHOICE”. But wait! Charter schools will come to the rescue! Corporations will purchase your school building or, if they wait long enough, get it for free. They will start a profit-making charter school using your tax dollars. They will be accountable to no locally elected boards. You parents and the citizens of your local community are obsolete. Public/Private Partnerships (3 P’s) will take shape with no accountability, bypassing the tax paying community and parents. Bye-bye quiet local neighborhoods. Hello Big Business Brother.

Realtors normally used school districts to market property based on selling an area known for superior schools in a particular zip code. That marketing agenda totally disappears with fake “CHOICE” and ESSA. Boards of Realtors across the country need to wake up and start lobbying against this! Secretary DeVos constantly reports that zip codes will be “equitable”. Ask her to define “equitable”! It is the same definition used by former President Obama.

CHOICE/Vouchers will no longer require local residency because the money goes with the child. Until now parents could choose with their feet. Many generations of parents have sacrificed greatly to make sure their children attended good schools. But neighborhood schools will no longer be local schools you share with your neighbors. Nor does any charter, private, religious, or homeschool require residency. The money will “follow the child” into any school. And we must remember that the former president changed Title I for ALL children not just poor children. So we must question if President Trump will use his Tax CREDIT Corporate agenda for just poor children, as he has announced. Or will Trump use the illegal “schoolwide” agenda that was imposed by the former president WHEN HE DROPPED POVERTY GUIDELINES so ALL children are deemed “Title I disadvantaged” for not meeting Common Core? Oh what webs we weave when trying to deceive.

If “equity” is the goal, how will the gap be closed in superior wealthy school districts and that of the inner city school? Where does “ACCOUNTABILITY” come into play for money being spent on these “CHOICE” children crossing district or state lines? ESSA demands an ombudsman (yet another bureaucrat) to be sure that all private schools are complying with COMMON CORE regulations. The IES national school board will set the agenda of forcing private and religious schools to teach Common Core and buckling under to data collection mandates. Money tied to students’ future economic impact as “human capital” will determine if these kids will be trained for a skill or promoted to higher ed. That decision WILL NOT be the choice of parents, but government. Exactly what I have meant by the word “CHOICE” not being real CHOICE, and parents NOT being given genuine choices.

This is the dim future under Betsy DeVos’s “CHOICE”. All schools MUST be chartered by an authorized charter organization. This means private, Christian, Catholic, and – don’t miss this! – homeschools. (See diagram from a pilot project in the early 1990s roping in homeschools.) All will be chartered. Charter schools by definition are public schools that use taxpayer money and have no elected boards. Common Core will be taught in every charter school. Many are for profit, run by huge corporate organizations. “CHOICE” reorganizes every neighborhood by fiscal smoothing, otherwise known as the forced redistribution of wealth. This means former President Obama’s plan for equalizing funding for every child will work in DeVos’s “CHOICE” agenda. Republicans as well as Betsy DeVos seem to want this ominous plan to work. After all, it is lucrative for the corporate profiteers, who then turn around their proceeds into lobbying Congress or funding future campaigns. Plus it will retain all power with the Feds.

So searching for a better school district in a wealthier zipcode does not apply anymore. All schools will be chartered, and all schools will teach Common Core. All children will meet Common Core standards, all curricula will be aligned to Common Core, and all teachers will teach Common Core. All by necessity for compliance. The 85% quota for Common Core substance only leaves 15% for religious teachings, extracurricular activities, and the humanities. The IES overseer will see to it that everyone bows to the master plan.

Once CHOICE/Vouchers/scholarships/education savings accounts are dispersed by a per pupil expenditure that was analyzed by the IES (or whatever creative name is aligned with federal money) parents and voters are locked out. The funding bypasses the state legislature when “CHOICE” money is deposited into Education Savings Accounts that follows a child but issued in a parent’s name. Private and religious schools must accept “CHOICE” children that apply. The federal financial assistance in the form of payment ensures that ESSA federal guidelines, testing, assessment, and interventions are abided by. Taxes are collected and sent regionally to industry clusters or directly to the state. Paradise Lost.

  • Representative government is bypassed;
  • Citizens and parents are locked out;
  • ALL CHILDREN are taught Common Core;
  • Education is nationalized;
  • Freedom dies;


  • Globalism is achieved.
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