The Black Mob Minneapolis Violence Videos That Will Shock Viewers

The black mob Minneapolis violence has gotten out of control. It’s not an adult mob doing the taunting and abusing. This time, children are the props, the ones doing the abusing. They are the new black mob in training. And what viewers will see in this video is shocking.

Is anyone believing what they are seeing? This is the black mob in action. And this is surely the most traumatizing video because it involves children. Black children taunting a three year old white girl. They’re the militia in training, the ones waiting in the wings to start the cycle of violence that is taking over every major city in this country. But no one is talking about it. To speak of the black mob is to speak of racism.

Chicago is ablaze with black mob violence. A police officer had his skull bashed in with a baseball bat on Saturday by a black mob in Chicago. Right now, he’s lying in a hospital bed. Will he survive? Hopefully. Will he regain normalcy? It is too early to tell.

But the black mob Minneapolis tale is more sinister. Children in training, following the lead of adults. In this video, four black children surround a white girl and taunt and slap her. If she had been seriously hurt by one of the children, no one would come to her rescue. And she could easily have been severely hurt.

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This is the new America. This video was posted on Facebook this weekend under the title, “When white people piss black people off.”

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No the title is not a misprint. It’s the real deal. This title in reference to a three year old toddler on a tricycle.

There is no question this is youth indoctrination. In many ways this akin to Hitler youth indoctrination. Teach young Aryans to hate Jews. In this case, teach black toddlers and pre-teens to hate little white children who are barely old enough to go to preschool.

Domestic-violence-ChildrenThe black girls, who are twice as big as the white child, say to her, “Stop spying on us,” shouts one. “You ugly.” And then the two girls proceed to grab her wrists to slap herself in the face with her own hands. As if this isn’t cruel enough. And naturally she cries because it hurts and she’s only three years old. She’s surrounded by older girls and they are twice her size.

But it doesn’t stop there. Older boys enter the picture, clearly knowing they are being filmed. The boy filming yells, “Stop hitting yourself.” This doesn’t stop the girls from taunting her. Then a ten year old boy says he’s going to beat the little girl up. He doesn’t, but instead asks to see the video.

After a cut in the action, the video picks up with the little white girl now standing on the lawn. The two black girls approach, with one instructing the other: “Hit her hard. Hit her in the head like this.” And the do just that.

After more taunting from the black girls, the video ended. But once it hit Facebook, the boy who filmed it, identified as 12 year old Ray Wright, wrote, “I (am going) to jail,” he wrote on his now deleted Facebook account, captured at “Somebody snitched. I’m (going) to kill them.”

These are children. And none of their identities are known, except for the boy filming or any other real information about them. Where exactly are they? They are in Minneapolis, but that’s about it.

However, another more sinister picture is presents itself when it is learned that the mother of the young man who filmed the incident, had a picture of himself on Facebook with a loaded gun. Ray Wright is a 12-year old child. His mother, Ranika Wills, denied her son’s involvement.

It’s a joke, he’s just a kid,” said the mother.

Except it isn’t a joke. This is real. Children as young as three years old are involved in black mob violence now. How young is too young and when will this senseless violence end? Our culture is dying for hate and for nothing. And white people can’t speak up because it’s racist. Our leaders say it’s so. This is indoctrination at it’s worst and most deadly. This is American white privilege in action. Hate breeds hate. And decades of dancing around the death trap of political correctness have brought us to where we are today. This is a video of a taped conversation with Ray Wright’s mother. Watch it and weep for the souls of young people.

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