Allen West’s Congressional Letter That Pandered To Islam

Allen West has shown his traitorous colors as it relates to principles or belief in Liberty. Allen West also has lied to America and has made the false claim that Islam has been hijacked by radicals. Sorry Mr. West, Islam has not been hijacked, as it was and is founded by an illiterate, pedophile, terrorist, desert nomad.

Allen West also responded to two Rabbis and two preachers representing a Leftist group with a letter which included disgusting expressions of pandering cowardice to Islam.

See the proof from his own congressional letter which was removed from his website, prior to his leaving office, in an attempt to hide it from the public. But not before we saved a copy of it.

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Allen West’s can be seen here I offer responses to his comments below the letter.

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Allen West commentary below along with responses to various statements of his:

Let me start off by clarifying my position as it pertains to the Islamic faith. I am neither anti-Muslim nor anti-lslam. l respect every religion, and the Constitutionally·protected right to practice that faith in a peaceful manner.In a town hall meeting that I held in Boynton Beach, Florida on Monday, January 31, 2011, Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), asked me a question about my stance on Islam.1 told Mr. Hamze — in a room full of approximately 400 constituents – that “I will always defend your right to practice a free religion under the First Amendment.” I want you to know that I will always support religious freedom practiced in a way that is peaceful for all Americans. Throughout my more than 22 year career in the US Army and working for the government, including 43 months serving in the Middle East, I worked with and befriended many who practice the Islamic faith, and have known these people to be peaceful, patriotic Americans. Let me be clear. It is the extremist, radical element that has hijacked Islam that presents a dangerous threat to both our country and our allies throughout the world. This radical jihadist movement has no place in the United States of America or anywhere on earth. I’ve seen firsthand the vicious hatred that stems their radical interpretation of the Koran, and I condemn it fully.

Now lets look at key-points in Allen West’s letter.

“I am neither anti-Muslim nor anti-lslam.”

If any seeker or holder of high office is not against Islam, then I am against him. Once you know what it is, you must be opposed it if you have any morality.

“I respect every religion.”

Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life: intra-species predation. Respect is given where respect is due, Islam is not owed any.

“I will always support religious freedom practiced in a way that is peaceful for all Americans.”

Islam’s faith component serves as a troop motivator and camouflage. It promises Muslims eternity in a celestial bordello if they wage jihad and threatens them with eternal torment in the fire if they refuse. If it is a religion, it must be peaceful and beneficent.

War is a required part of Islam, ordained by 2:216. It is all or nothing. Then do you believe in a part of the Qu’ran and reject the rest? 2:85. Islamic law requires a minimum of one military expedition against disbelievers in every year, if it is not performed when possible, all who know of the obligation are in sin.

“Right to practice a free religion.”

Islam is slavery, not freedom. Believers are Allah’s slaves, purchased to fight his wars; 9:111. Is there a right to engage in world conquest? In 8:39, Allah orders Muslims to fight until only Allah is worshiped, “all together and everywhere.” 3:110 tells Muslims that they are “the best of peoples”. Bukhari’s collection of authentic hadith informs us that the expression means: “the best of peoples for the people, as you bring them with chains on their necks till they embrace Islam.”

Islamic law informs us that when women and children are captured by Muslims, “they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman’s previous marriage is immediately annulled”.

Is there a right to rape? The hadith also inform us that Moe gave tacit approval to the practice of raping captives and the Noble Qur’an has seven references to “right hands possess.”

“Religious freedom”

Religious freedom is for legitimate religions, not crime syndicates. Islam’s mission is mercenary and its method is martial. Islam does not reciprocate, it demands a monopoly.


The Qur’an contains eight verses which prohibit friendship with disbelievers. Tafsir Ibn Kathir sheds some light on this issue in “The Prohibition of Supporting the Disbelievers“; “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

“Radical element that has hijacked Islam”

Islam has not been hijacked, it is evil by design. Terrorism is not a modern innovation, it is a foundational sacrament in the core of Islam. I refer doubters and dissenters to a previous post: What’s Wrong With Islam/Muslims? for the disgusting details.

Also see more to back up our claim about how Islam was not hijacked.

“Their radical interpretation of the Koran”

The interpretation belongs to Islam’s founder; what he said and did while not engaged in revelation shows us how he interpreted what he revealed. In the last decade of his life, Moe started a war on the average of every six weeks. A glance at the table of contents of The Life of Muhammad will tell you what you need to know about Islam.

Most Americans don’t know that Mohammed dictated & dispatched extortion letters. Most of them were subject to some interpretation; the one quoted below stands out for its clarity.


In the name of ALLAH the compassionate, the Merciful From Muhammad, Prophet of Allah

To the People of Aqaba

May peace be on you. I praise Allah who is one and except whom there is nobody else to be worshiped.

I do not intend to wage war against you till you r receive my written reason for it. It is better for you, either to accept Islam or agree to pay Jiziya and consent to remain obedient to Allah, His prophet and his messengers. My messengers deserve honor Treat them with respect. Whatever pleases my messengers, will also please me.

These people have been informed of the orders about Jiziya. If you desire that there should be peace and security in the world, obey Allah and His Prophet. Thereafter none in Arabia and Ajam (Iran) shall dare cast an evil eye on you. But the rights of Allah and His Prophet can at no time be waived.

If you do not accept these terms and set them aside, I do not need your presents and gifts. In that case, I shall have to wage war (to establish peace and security). Its result would be that the big ones shall be killed in war and the commoners shall be taken prisoners.

I assure you that I am a true Prophet of Allah. I believe in Allah, and His Books, and His Prophets and am of the faith that Maseeh (Messiah) son of Mariam (Mary), is a Prophet of Allah and His word.

Hurmala (Raziallah AnhoA.) who brought to me 3 wasaq (about 6 quintals) of barley, recommended your case. Had it not been in compliance of the command of Allah and the good opinion of Hurmala for you, it would not have been necessary for me to correspond with you and instead of it, there would have been a war. If you will obey my messengers, you shall immediately have my support and the help and support of everyone who is attached to me.

My messengers are Shuraih-beel, Obaiy, Hurmala and Hurais (Raziallah AnhoA.) and whatever decision they take in respect of you, shall be acceptable to me.

Your people are under the protection and responsibility of Allah and His Prophet. Supply provisions to the Jews of Maqna, for their journey to their country. If you accept obedience, may peace be on you.’

Seal: Allah’s Prophet Muhammad.

I need to hear a candidate curse & condemn Islam and call for the emancipation of those enslaved to Allah. Allen West won’t do it. Instead, when assailed by bigots under color of clerical vestments, he pandered to bigotry.

Editor’s UPDATE: Because so many people think this is not capitulation on Allen West’s part, you really should hear what he said some time back about Islam the religion, not being hijacked, but it being a terrorist religion. Hear West’s own words and then look at the letter and tell me he is not capitulating.

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