Thad Cochran’s Dirty Deeds in Mississippi

So I guess conservative Chris McDaniel should just take his ball and go home. There was no foul play. Thad Cochran won fair and square, right?

Loser McDaniel’s complaining about how he lost the election is just sour grapes or according to Jamelle Bouie at, “McDaniel is saying, ‘I would have won if it weren’t for those meddling liberals.'” He described McDaniel as a “Scooby Doo villain.”

Bouie quotes McDaniel: “There is something a bit strange, there is something a bit unusual, about a Republican primary that’s decided by liberal Democrats,” that, “35,000 Democrats crossed over.”

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Well Jamelle, what I find a bit odd is all these liberal Democrats, of which you are undoubtedly one, coming to the defense of some old, white, southern Republican politician. To me, that’s more of an anomaly than black Democrats voting for Cochran.

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But Bouie isn’t the only one writing to Cochran’s aid. He also quotes Mississippi’s other senator: “As Sen. Roger Wicker, the junior senator from the state said to reporters on Wednesday, ‘Broadening the base of the party? Asking more Mississippians to participate in the ballot that’s going to determine the next Senator? No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.'”

Oh, so that’s what this sudden “outreach” to liberal black voters was.

Well, last week Rush Limbaugh discussed the pamphlet of this “legitimate outreach” by the establishment Republicans to the “liberal black community.” It read: “Tea Party intends to prevent blacks from voting on Tuesday – according to the Clarion Ledger, Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party plan to prevent Democrat voting in the Senate runoff on Tuesday between Thad Cochran and the tea party candidate Chris McDaniel. We know the Tea Party uses ‘Democrats’ as code for ‘African-Americans.’ Let’s turn out for all Mississippians and vote for Thad Cochran. Thad Cochran works for Mississippi. Mississippi cannot and will not return to the bygone era of intimidating black Mississippians from voting. We must rise up on Tuesday to have our voices heard on who will represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate. VOTE THAD COCHRAN.”

That doesn’t sound like race baiting or the least bit inflammatory to me, nor did the Robocalling of black Democrats prior to the runoff as reported by The Blaze.

The Robocall was not attributed to anyone and said, “The time has come to make a stand and say ‘No!’ to their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president.”

Now isn’t it interesting that our old friend and supporter of Cochran, John McCain, doesn’t appear to have a problem with the lack of the Robocalls attribution, ala McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, which specifically states that all such campaign messages must be attributed to someone or some party. Huh – what about that Johnny?

Okay, so McDaniel lost and Cochran’s victory looks a little shady, but it’s not as if anyone could actually run the numbers to prove just how shady, could they?

Why yes – yes they could. The folks at FiveThirtyEight did so by each county in Mississippi and here’s some of what they found.

“Take Hinds County, where African-Americans make up 69% of the population, as an example. Cochran increased his vote total there by about 7000 votes from the first round of the primary and his share of the vote by a little over six percentage points to 72%.”

“McDaniel’s results, on the other hand, show a different pattern. If 30% of Cochran’s vote increase can be explained by the racial makeup of the county, less than 1% of McDaniel’s vote increase can. The result: Cochran loses a lot of votes. Instead of Cochran winning the runoff by two points, or about 6000 votes, he loses by a little less than eight points, or about 25,000 votes.”

Their study indicated the same pattern as in Hinds County for all 82 of Mississippi’s counties. This race wasn’t about getting out the vote, or fairness or race.

As Rush said, it’s about, “the Senate and those chairmanships and being in charge of the money that seems to have everybody in the establishment salivating. Not to change the direction of the country, not to reverse the course we’re on, but to simply ascend to the captain seat of it.”

It’s also about retaining those who will “play ball” with the establishment and they knew Chris McDaniel would not.

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