FL Senate Committee To Vote Whether Or Not To Include Sharia In Judicial Process

The Florida Senate Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs will vote on, SB 58 - Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases, during a meeting on April 8, 2013, at 4:00 pm.

The vote will determine whether or not to include international law, in other words Sharia, into our judicial process.

Voices have been raised which would lead Americans to believe that having the constitution is enough to stop our government from accommodating foreign laws like Sharia.

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One example of such a voice is, Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland Church, in Longwood, Florida.  In his statement opposing the bill,  Dr. Hunter expresses his confidence in the constitution by saying:

“Existing law and judicial precedent have proved sufficient to deal with any concerns addressed by this proposed law.”

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His statement, although true, does not go far enough. We do have the constitution and we are governed by the constitution.  Sharia is a very dangerous, violent, brutal form of government that is totally incompatible with western thinking.

Florida pastor Dr. Terry Jones said, "There have already been examples of courts deciding cases based on Sharia law rather than on state constitutional laws.  A 2011 study on Sharia and American state courts, by the Center for Security Policy, identifies 50 appellate court cases for 23 states that involved violations against women and children."

"We must send a very clear message to radical Islam, and to the promoters of Sharia," Jones added.

We must ban Sharia and any other type of foreign law in the United States of America.  Anyone who desires to live here must be willing to be governed by the laws of the constitution and the laws of this land.  If that is not your desire, then there are many countries around the world that are governed by Sharia and many who have their own form of government then you are not only welcomed, you are encouraged to leave the United States of America immediately and go to the country of your choice to be governed by the government of your choice.

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