Ted Cruz’s Father Rips Obamacare: It Will “Destroy the Elderly”

There is no greater joy on Monday morning than being greeted by a passionate, rousing individual who, with their very words, instills hope and enthusiasm for continuing the charge against government encroachment on God-given rights and oppressive tyranny. Fast becoming a popular speaker on conservative issues, Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz, spoke at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. He ripped into the president's policies, declared Obamacare a destroyer of the elderly, and boldly stated, "this administration has both hands in your pocket, they're going to take everything you have."

Pastor Rafael Cruz, in his speech, asks where America's pastors are while the government is busy tearing down religion and the family unit. If anyone wants to know what a modern day patriot looks like, Rafael Cruz is a good example. Every time Mr. Cruz speaks, words to convey his passion and enthusiasm for liberty are lost.

Listen to his resounding address to this crowd who erupts in applause to his arguments.

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