Tea Party Patriots Rise Up & Reclaim What Is Rightfully Ours – Our Country

We have been called “Tea-baggers” and “Tea-hadists” from the left wing, but the real threat is from some of the establishment republicans. They will say and do anything to keep their little “club” a closed and private affair. As witnessed, we are attacked by RINO’s like Chris Christie and many other “moderate” republicans. They are the ones who have lost their way. They are the ones who are handing victory to the enemies of freedom!

2009-09-12-washington-tea-party-rally-173In 2010, the Tea Party made history and we took back the House of Representatives and it is because of the Tea Party that Barack Obama and his gang of criminals are held to account. However, it baffles the mind that RINO’s like John McCain and Chris Christie still don’t see us as a driving force in politics. Well every dog has his day and mark my words; they will have theirs.

Back during the first dark days of the American revolution, it wasn’t the soldier of a standing army that stood before the British, it was the common man, just an ordinary citizen farmer with his rifle; the militia member who went out to give fight to the British army which was the greatest power on earth at the time. He did it without question, because it was the right thing to do! Now we fight a new enemy, one that comes with a smile on his face, one that promises “Hope” and “Change.” Some of us saw this serpent for what he was and still do. But now instead of “Tories” we fight RINO’s and Democrat/Liberal/Marxists, but whatever the name, they are all the same – traitors and enemies of all we hold dear.

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Yes, I am proud to call myself a member of the Tea Party and I will do whatever I can to restore my country to its former glory. When I joined the Army over 35 years ago I took an oath, to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic and today I still live by that oath!

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What will you say to your grandchildren years from now if the enemies of this nation are allowed to flourish and take what is ours by right? What reason could you possibly give to explain how you allowed a small group of traitors to alienate and dominate you? Now is the time for all true patriots to rise-up and do whatever they possibly can to prevent the downfall of this great nation. The days of passive inaction are over, we must take an active physical role in preventing what is happening right before our eyes! Make no mistake, our enemies are well organized and extremely well-funded, but what they most count on, is your apathy; “I’m only one person what can I possibly do?”

You can go to town hall meetings; you can sit in at your local city council meetings, you can hold up a sign on a freeway overpass, but to sit idly at home yelling at the T.V. is not going to save you. I have done these things, and I never thought for a single moment that I was wasting my time or spinning my wheels.

In my last article, there was a person who wrote in the comment section and said “What are you doing besides getting paid to write?” Well in answer to that: No, I do not receive one dime for doing what I do, I put my name out there. I raise my voice, and hopefully I can energize others to also stand-up and do what must be done to save this great nation. If needed, I would stand on the barricades and hold the line, which is my commitment.

The 2014 elections will be one of the most important election cycles in this decade, because if we lose this one, if the line is not held and expanded….our enemies will prevail.

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